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  1. @linuxgurugamer Hello sir ! Maybe it's the wrong place to say that, so i apologize in advance if i've made a mistake. I've seen you've got a LOT to do with all the mods you maintain. So, if there are simple, boring and repetitive things to do, maybe i can help ? To be clear, i'm not a modder and don't want to become one. But i've spent 20 years in factories (metallurgy), so i can handle simple, boring and repetitive things ! No money for patreon or any support, but there are so much efforts given in mods i'm playing with... I'd realy like to do something. Just PM me if you think there's something i can do. And, of course, thanx a lot fot all you've done for the community.
  2. Hi, sorry i didn't get any notification about your anwer. Well, i'll try with stock parts pack, and i'll try from different views. I mean, i managed to make a docking with those vessels, only one time, using the planet view, and went back to vessel view close to the nearest approach. Let's try again, thanx for the answer ! Tried with stock vessel : everything's ok.
  3. Hey, RSR back ? It's good to know that, hope it will come soon. Keep up the good work. No requests, just suggestions : Maybe you can look at the Kraken Science pack on KerbalStuff, there are realy good ideas (and fun) to make science parts. Well, propeller engines ? With your wings and cockpits, it could be realy fun to make some rusty planes. Weapons ? TAC Life Support parts ? Real Plume config (with black smoke !!!) ? RSR is a nearly complete pack, as i remember, so the old plane engines is perhaps the only thing "missing" in it. Not easy to modelize, as i can imagine. There's a lot of cool parts on other parts packs, and sometimes i think "well, it should have been cooler with some rusty textures !". What about the Rusty Textues fot Procedural Parts ?
  4. Hello, I hope i post in the right place. Well, as the title says, i've met the docking kraken. I mean, when i do the maneuvre, after the Hohmann transfer, when i'm near the closest approach, the target vessel explodes. I've made it with or without time warp, from low or high orbit, switched vessels, hello Kraken, goodbye Salyut ! I've found that this kind of Kraken is already known (wiki), but how do i send this beast back to its hole ? I play with a heavily moded KSP, my parts come from Contares, Tantares, BDB... I use Mechjeb as autopilot. It's pretty sad, i've spent 170 days in game, and i realy want to make this uggly space station... If someone can help me... And as always, thanx Squad and all modders !
  5. Contract pack and alien engine ? Wow, such a good idea ! Happy to see you again, the download is begining. Sorry for a sooooo long time; new PC, lot of things to do, lost datas, etc... RSR, always the best parts pack over the universe ? Let's look at this !
  6. Any luck writing the CFG file to get RSR antennas to work in RemoteTech?

  7. @Stone Blue, i've made the .cfg patch. If i understand, this patch shall be within the parts' folder. I've tried, but it doesn't work, something's wrong with what i've done. I've made a copy of another patch, from another compatable pack, and renamed, changed the numbers to match the ones of the antenna i'd like to play with, respected the typo... I've started a new savegame, nothing. Before bothering someone with sending the file, i've noticed that the antennas in RSR are in the "utility" folder instead of the "science" folder. Category in the .cfg file is "science". Could it be the cause ? Thanx if you or someone else would be patient enough to help me. I realy want to give a little thing to this wonderful parts pack, and perhaps, later, give a little help to players and, why not ? to modders. I don't have enough money to donate, and i've spent so many wonderful hours with so many mods in so many games... I'd realy like to give something back, at least with my brain and my good will...
  8. It's for the Rusty Star Rocket (https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1240/Rusty%20Star%20Rockets), there are only 2 antennas in, so it will be limited first, but i'd realy like to give it a try, even with unrealistic ranges first. Yes, there are .cfg files. I've just looked at the .cfg files (Rt and RSR), and i think i could do something with. I mean, the true scientific method : make a copy first, tweak, try, mess, fail, retry, explode, have a headache, drink coffee, retry, and at the end... maybe... One day... I think i understand how the structure is, even a stupid noob like me should be able to make something. Thanx for the answer, i'll tell you if it works in a few... years. Maybe for KSP 5.3 ?
  9. So let's wait and hope. Thanx for the quick answer.
  10. Hello. Won't you post a picture ? A cute yummy mushroom ?
  11. Hello. First thanx for this mod giving much more challenge and immersion to the game. So much that i can't play without it. There's a parts mod i realy love, but it isn't RT compatible. Is it realy difficult to make an antenna compatible with RT ? I would like to do that for myself (only !), and if it works, PERHAPS share it, with all the required authorizations. I mean i'll give it to the author if he wants to include it in his parts pack. As i don't undersatnd anything about licenses a.s.o., i won't do anything disrespectful to the modders' work. So if there's a tuto or anything that can help me, thanx in advance if someone can give it to me, or any advice ! My programming skills are realy low, and i'm definitely not a modder, so i'll be very careful regarding respect to the modders and their work. If the RT compatibility needs real skills, just tell me and i'll play... with other antennas. Cheers !
  12. Yes, you can ! From SRB to Nuke...and beyond !
  13. Santa was late this year ! Thanx !
  14. ...and it's out ! Ha ha !!! Thank you sir !
  15. Good to know ! I find the design realy good, i realy like the way you treat this stuff. One thing i think about everytime i play Kerbal with RSR, is tech tree and/or contracts. I'm not a modder in any way, but i've played a looong time with orbiter2010p1, so .cfg files and things like that are not totaly unknown for me. And i think i have some good and fun ideas... If you find it interesting, i can look around about the tools needed to do so, and if i can manage to make something good enough to play with, i'll send it to you if you agree. RSR's story shall be written !
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