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  1. My math shown in Matt's video is conclusive proof that the performance shown in Hazard's video is not even close to possible with stock parts and gameplay. If you prefer less math based evidence, many individuals have responded with other evidence that Matt did not include in the video. 1) These are screengrabs from his build video, showing non-stock part statistics https://i.gyazo.com/c60328274503fb372594f993567f43cf.jpg https://i.gyazo.com/39602996f945f3770dfed6bdb6bc380d.png 2) During his landing in another video, he clearly has fuel consumption off during a landing burn https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlMbG4fUmRA&feature=youtu.be&t=479
  2. It's stock, and there are explosions.
  3. I took my 6 ton electric prop assisted Eve lander with the command chair, and made a version with the lander can. Reached orbit from sea level with a launch mass of 10.220 tons. If I find time this week i'll see how much improvement I can make on it.
  4. Since the ion glider to orbit challenge was closed, I wanted to point out that this isn't completely unimaginable. I managed to reach 19,193 meters from the top of a Kerbin mountain in v1.1.3. I don't see how it is possible to reach orbital speed, but I would hesitate to declare it impossible. Can we figure out how to get ion gliders to orbit? If not, how high is it possible to go?
  5. The return craft from my Eve deep sea mission was in the 5-6 ton range. I used a command seat because that's how I roll, but one could redesign using the same concept and still have a very light design. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Tk73lZTwR6c# Ascent is around 8 minutes, I'm too noob to link from time on my phone.
  6. I am an Eagle Scout and work part time as a membership executive for my local council. I also direct the STEM program during summer camp.
  7. I do not, I also don't know to read apparently. Thank you.
  8. Having an issue getting this to work in 1.2.1 Simply put, the mod shows no signs of being present despite being with all the other mods in the Gaemdata folder. I am probably doing something incredibly dense, would appreciate any assistance.
  9. I made a reusable two stage design using a propeller driven first stage. https://youtu.be/LSWMLkek_OE?t=752
  10. This is my third Eve SSTO, and my fourth reusable system. I have a bit of a problem =) I was not aware that you had the idea for the asteroid as well! Im surprised, as I thought I was pretty far out of the box on this one. On a side note, the horizontal landing helped with the design because I could mine from the front of the craft.
  11. SME has a copyright strike on this in Germany because the public domain music I used sounds similar to a performance by a different orchestra. I filed a dispute, and based on experience, they will take a couple weeks and then release the claim. Once this is done processing, it will be a muted copy of the video for my German friends
  12. Single stage to Eve and back. Some rocks hurt in the making of this film.
  13. I am currently two parts into my Eve colonization mission. Praise the purple giant. https://youtu.be/IXZNxzSTivk - Establishment of mining bases on Minmus, Gilly, and Eve, plus an SSTO Eve spaceplane https://youtu.be/LSWMLkek_OE - Electric prop cargo plane, plus a fully reusable prop/rocket orbiter system
  14. 0/10, I don't know anyone sorry
  15. This mission covers Bill's first forays in stock prop engines. The largest unresolved issue remains rapid descent. Right now I have to fly into a deliberate stall to descend without the props ripping out of the bearing, or go through the tedium of manually decreasing the trim on all 8 engines.