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  1. Hello, I really think that you should try to port this over to kopernicus, as this pack looks great, and I want to be able to play with it. Good luck!
  2. I can't wait for this to be compatible with kopernicus! Good luck man!
  3. This mod looks amazing! I can't for it to be ported over to kopernicus! Good luck!
  4. Yeah, I have the same question. This mod looks great, and I'd love to see it revived. Good luck!
  5. This mod was great back when it was compatible. It would be really nice to see it revived. Good luck ice!
  6. Hello, mod looks great, can't wait for compatibility with kopernicus! Good luck!
  7. Hey, this mod was great back when it was more active. Are you planning to get back to it, as it is simy awesome! Good luck!
  8. Hello amarius1, I really recommend for you to revive this mod, as it is just amazing. I understand that you are currently revamping Kerbol Plus, but when you have the chance, you should work on this mod. Good luck!
  9. Awesome mod! Really stockalike, good luck on further development!
  10. Hello, this mod looks amazing, very stockalike, with whatever there is so far, and I would really like to see some compatibility so that I can download it. Good luck!
  11. Awesome mod! I can't wait for compatibly, then it's an immediate download! Good luck!
  12. This mod is awesome. I will wait until I get confirmation that this is compatible with 1.0.4 though. I had this mod in .90 and I loved it! Good luck!
  13. Hey astronomer, I've had this mod until ksp 1.0 came out, and compatibility broke. Are you planning (or already developing) compatibility with the new versions of both ksp and kopernicus because this was an essential mod for me. Good luck! - - - Updated - - - *astrogamer sorry
  14. This is one of the best planet mods out there: just the fact that your main goal is to make it stockalike means that you really want to make the game more fun for people like me who prefer stockalike mods that don't change the game- just add to it. Good luck on further development of this wonderful mod!
  15. Awesome mod! Finally somebody brought back this mod! Good luck on further decelopment, as this has made my day.