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  1. I just returned to the game having not played since 1.5 and noticed the same exception spam According to some info from the Contract Configurator git hub issues (https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/issues/672) it is caused by some AGENT definitions not having a title attribute which was introduced in KSP 1.2 for localization. I fixed the exception spamming in my game with these 2 steps: 1) Manually editing and fixing the persistant.sfs save file for all current and completed contracts 2) Adding a small ModuleManager config to fix the AGENT definitions that cause th
  2. I've been putting together my own contract pack, and i'm not sure if i've found a bug in CC or in KSP itself relating to progress nodes. It would seem that the progress nodes are not picking up whether a particular 'achievement' has been earned by manned or unmanned vessel. For example, I created some test contracts on clean installs of KSP 1.4.4/1.4.3/1.4.2 (but i stopped there) to confirm if this was being caused by another other mods - so these installs have only Contract Configurator, Module Manager, and my test contracts installed. A contract should be able to have a requirement
  3. It's a common courtesy, for the huge amount of free time and devotion the modders give to this community, shouldn't need to be a rule For an update on any mod-related release schedule, please read this wiki page to know when to expect an update: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Valve_Time
  4. Hi there, i'm getting some issues with 2 of my installed ContractPacks: BaseConstruction (I have posted the errors related to it in it's own thread), and UnmannedContracts. There seems to be a few errors with your contracts as follows, all relating to minmus Below is the snippet from my KSP.log showing the errors with UnmannedContracts. Also, pressing ALT+F10 shows CONTRACT_GROUP[spaceTuxGroup] in red, meaning disabled, i'm assuming due to these errors. (Though I do currently have 3 of the grand tour contracts available for inner planets, outer planets, outer planets and moons [i have also see
  5. Hi there, I am also finding that none of the missions from this pack are being offered, there appear to be a few errors in the contract configurations which is causing exceptions to be thrown by contract configurator. I have only 266 of 275 contracts loading from the packs I have installed, there appear to be issues with both the BaseConstruction and UnmannedContracts packs. Here is a snippet from my KSP.log showing the errors being thrown regarding BaseConstruction, however I do not fully understand what I need to do myself to fix these contracts, so i'm hoping you can roll these into your ne
  6. Regarding my previous post, after spending a few hours more scouring over google for solutions, I have proven Einstein's definition of madness wrong (trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results). I have no idea, what has happened, but the IR button is now available in the toolbar. I have just deleted and redownloaded both the toolbar mod, and IR. This did not fix the issue, button not available, same exception spam. I deleted the toolbar-settings.dat file. This did not fix the issue. I removed all mods except IR and toolbar. This did not fix the issue. I created a new s
  7. I'm having the same problem i've found others to be having where the IR button does not show up (and debug log is spammed with exceptions from IR), but there seems to be no solution except to remove blizzy's toolbar mod. Is there any way to force infernal robotics to use the standard AppLauncher icon instead of blizzy's toolbar? Adding some option to the IR config.xml file? Currently, when adding any IR part to a vessel, my KSP log gets spammed with the following exception inside the VAB (we're talking as many exceptions as my CPU can spew per second): [EXC 16:41:30.815] NullReferenceExcepti
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