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  1. @Quoniam Kerman I believe this will just make AVC believe that the plugin is compatible but it still won't work. You need to recompile the DLL to change the version requirement for Kopernicus to actually work. I've done it myself, but I only use for Spectra; wouldn't dare to test with any mod that actually changes the planets.
  2. @jbarry39 The update will come when it does. There is no timeline and requesting an update can only make it take longer.
  3. It's fine to create a new save without Kopernicus, you will simply lose some of the features. Existing saves will break because Kopernicus replaces the deployable solar panel module with it's own implementation. Safer to wait for an update and keep playing on 1.7.1 in the meantime.
  4. @Beale Love the mod! Only issue I'm having (perhaps this is just me) is whenever a craft name has * in the title, KSP always asks if I want to overwrite when saving. Seems to be due to the fact that * is translated to _ in the save file name, so KSP tries to confirm because the two are different? Would it be possible to add an option (like "R" right after the ] instead of/in addition to "*")? I didn't try ~ yet, but I'd assume it's the same thing. Thanks for updating and improving this mod to 1.7.1
  5. @Calvin_Maclure @lordcirth It disabled the Kerbalism signal system but still uses the RT signal status for science transmission (although the transmission rate is flat). I don't believe background EC usage is modeled in this case either.
  6. @theSpeare This was already discussed 1-2 pages back. Currently the only use is to get science from samples faster or for suicide missions. This may or may not change in the future, at @ShotgunNinja discretion.
  7. No, variance per Kerbal is a function of their name, not their traits. This doesn't work, the total comfort values are limited between 0.1 and 1.0. If they add up to more it will simply be capped at 1.0. @Iso-Polaris I had the same issue as you regarding stress (and also radiation). I wanted a way for both of them to go down in perfect conditions. In the end I had to recompile Kerbalism with some changes to achieve this.
  8. @MaxRebo You could try launching a copy on the launchpad without solar panel (or any other part the generates electricity) and see if you can replicate the issue. If so, try removing the parts one at the time until the issue goes away. This would allow us to pinpoint the source of the problem to a single part. Since this only happens in the foreground it is possible it is an issue with the other mod rather than Kerbalism in which case you might want to check the thread for that mod or see if the problem persists after removing Kerbalism. @Majikthyze Try adding this at the end of Kerbalism/Support/CxAerospace.cfg @PART[CXA_GymHab]:NEEDS[FeatureComfort]:FOR[Kerbalism] { MODULE { name = Comfort bonus = exercise desc = A treadmill designed to permit exercise in zero-g is included. The crew will love it. } MODULE:NEEDS[FeatureReliability] { name = Reliability type = Comfort title = Treadmill repair = Engineer@1 mtbf = 36288000 // 4y extra_cost = 0.25 extra_mass = 0.05 } @tags ^= :$: comfort: }
  9. @theJesuit Kerbalism dynamically calculates the volume and surface of parts that don't have a hard-coded configuration. This might be what is causing the issue although I can't confirm. One solution would be for you to hardcore the values in the part configuration. You can take a look at GameData/Kerbalism/System/Habitat.cfg for some clue how to do it (although you will need to figure out the volume and surface yourself). @The-Doctor Some experiments are useful to do in a lab, but a temperature reading from Duna shouldn't yield more science if analyzed around the Mun or a surface sample from Minimus create more science if looked at in orbit of Kerbin rather than on the ground (which it does in stock). It would make more sense to have experiments that are conducted in the lab itself not simply an analysis of results from other experiments.
  10. @The-Doctor I agree that having an on-site science lab would allow us to generate more science from soil samples (whether this holds for other types of samples as defined by Kerbalism would be debatable). In my comment I was refering to the stock mechanic where a sample is worth more if analyzed in a lab in orbit than if returned to Kerbin. One would expect that the KSC already has a lab and therefore there shouldn't be more science generated from the same sample in orbit. If we want to properly replicate what you are referring to, we could simply create a new experiment that can only be done in the science lab.
  11. It is somewhat out of thin air. The KSC would be much better prepared to analyze any sample than any orbital laboratory could be. There isn't really a reason why this should create more science if analyzed than if it is simply returned to Kerbin. In nhe end this is a matter of balancing realism and gameplay.
  12. @Zombie_Striker @The-Doctor I'd agree with both of you that the current science lab are of limited use (other than suicide missions or to simply get science faster) . @ShotgunNinja A simple alternative might be to make returned samples only yield 50% of the cap, the rest can only be generated by analyzing this sample in a lab. I tried implementing this in the modified version of Kerbalism I play with and it's relatively straight forward. Let me know if you want me to submit a pull request.
  13. The antenna ranges in Kerbalism are fixed and not impacted by the tracking station level. There is also a minimum connection rate to allow for data transmission if I remember well, but I thought that was set to 1kb/s. Anything below that would only allow for telemetry (aka control).
  14. Not sure but I think this should be 2.65. Otherwise the CryoXmed and CryoXBig are the same mass.
  15. Won't this double-count the electrical usage when using the antenna to transmit? You might need to zero out the electrical requirement in the antenna module.