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  1. Jeb, Bill, Bob and Valentina are leaving Jool and its 5 moons : (1000 m/s ejection from a 59000 km orbit around Jool) Next is Eeloo in 3 years 300 days.
  2. An ISRU setup pays back very very quickly for a large ship / large tanker : 1 ISRU mass : 4.25t, 2 Drillers : 1.5t, 2 gigantor + 2 fuelcells array : 1t, 1 small Ore tank : 0.5t, total is around 7.25t. This is less than 1 small Rockomax X200-16 tank (9t, 8t fuel)... During my Eve mission, it took only 30-33 days to refuel 7 Kerbodyne S3-14400 tanks (stock largest tanks) on the surface : Fuel Mass (with tank) = 7x81t = 567t
  3. I have a few questions, not a big problem just strange : I've sent Relay (communotron 88-88) Probes in orbit of each planet/moon.(stock game, tracking station lvl3, fixed power cost, draw pretty lines and 20ms refresh) When Additives Range is selected, Relay Probe of Dres, Jool and Eeloo have yellow (suboptimal) datalink. When Additives Range is unselected, only Relay Probe of Jool have yellow (suboptimal) datalink. (but Eeloo is connected to Jool) Is it normal ? (edits) When i look at network links more precisely, i see a lot of my outofkerbinSOI Relay Probes are connected to Kerbin through Mun Relay (communotron 88-88) or through Mun base (communotron 16), is it possible to have them directly connected to KSC Tracking Station lvl3 ? It seems they are loosing range efficiency by going through smaller antennas inside kerbin SOI. Same with my Moho Relay probe (communotron 88-88) it says it's connected through Gilly Driller (communotron16), but there is a Gilly Relay (communotron 88-88) Another strange behaviour : my Minmus Tanker says it's suboptimal (its communotron16 is connected to Mun communotron 88-88) but there is a Minmus Relay (communotron 88-88) just near it ! I've deselected 'draw pretty lines' it seems inaccurate and confusing lol. Same after remove/reintall AR Note : i'm using stockbugfixmodule antenna bandwidthfix, no known strange interaction here ?
  4. My 2 cents : I played the game without mod during one or two weeks, it was fun in the beginning, but quickly i thought there was a problem having only the stock speed and altitude readings. Installing KER was a big step foward, same with MJ : once you have the good tools you can do things you couldn't even imagine, it's also great when you want to automate well known steps. Thanks to KER and others mods, i discovered or improved my knowledge of rocket science, spatial navigation and astronomy : if you don't understand all these numbers you can't use it. Added to this i think rocket and spatial science is modern science and 100% computer related (even first V1 V2 had an automated part), pilot's role is to monitor and launch sequences.
  5. Bob landed on Pol, the 5th moon of Jool (note : suicide burn is a bad idea here, better stay <50 m/s, else an altitude bug will destroy the ship) Bob is on the way back to Vall to rendezvous the Main Ion Ship, there is a very good transfer window to Eeloo opened for 10 days. (next is in 43 years lol)
  6. In fact the Eve mission and the Gilly mission are two different missions : the Eve lander is designed for a Kerbin>Eve>Kerbin mission, with its own isru refuel on Eve and without interaction with other ship. During the first mission (Valentina ep1-2-3) i came through the fast path, i had to burn more fuel for insertion, i also lost a few fuel in inefficient manoeuvres and in the end the return module needed a refuel : i transferred fuel from the Gilly lander to the transfer booster and it was ok. During the second mission (Jeb ep 4-5-6) i learned from these errors ep 4-5-6, came through the slow path, burned less fuel and had enough in the return transfer booster (100% full waiting in LEO). No fuel were transferred, only crew between Eve and Gilly mission. The Drilling/refueling station is something i want to settle on the moon of Duna and Eve system, even i don't need them, i like the idea. (and i had contract related to this)
  7. Experience comes with planet/moon exploration : plant a flag>land>orbit (mun+minmus+duna+ike+eve+gilly and a kerbal is level 5) Skills increase with practice. (i guess)
  8. Californium 252 (19.8E+12 Bq/g - 2.6y) - Alpha and Gamma Rays, High Neutron Source Yep one of the worst when out of control or largely produced (or the best for military or small experimental science applications)
  9. Deadly Radioisotopes : Plutonium 239 (2.3E+9 Bq/g - 24ky) - Alpha and Gamma Rays, Neutron Curium 245 (6.3E+9 Bq/g - 8.6ky)- Alpha and Gamma Rays, Neutron Cesium 137 (3.2E+12 Bq/g - 30y)- Beta and Gamma Rays Iodine 131 (4.6E+15 Bq/g - 8.2d)- Beta and Gamma Rays Strontium 90 (5.1E+12 Bq/g - 29y)- Beta and Gamma Rays And many others... ALL of them are artificially produced and found in nuclear wastes.
  10. It looks like a real ISRU, there is mod for RSS/RO with a water electrolysis feature. Don't call it 'fuelcell reuse', fuelcells are meant for electricity production.
  11. Start from a higher parking orbit : slower orbit velocity will give your ship the time to do 50% of the burn before Node and 50% after, add engines to reduce total burning time (it'll reduce deltaV but it'll remain high), and use LFO when around a high/med gravity planet (eve/kerbin) or split the ion drives burns. And when using MJ execute mode, abort the last 5%, so you can adjust the final encounter without losing deltaV.
  12. Lol i've spent probably 30 min total time of burns and manoeuvres (thanks to time warpx4 for the ion part), if you think it's a waste of time why are you playing this game ? Relol, I clearly say it's LFO+Ion, Ion did more than half the job and nuke are useless, now where is your fast travel ? If Lfo+Ion combo can perform very well for a Kerbin-Eeloo travel, then this combo can perform even better for any other planet in kerbol system.
  13. @nalfz : I didn't have to use totally different trajectories during travel with my different ion ship, the ship followed the path defined by MJ, no problem. I needed small adjustments like with LFO engines. Using fuelcells if needed you can start an ejection where you want and fly a few km above the ground of a celestial body without atmosphere (for example Eeloo or Moho), this way you get oberth effect. In the end i had the very high deltaV and velocities that were promised, thanks to their high ISP. This said, Ion are clearly for high deltaV mission, i don't use them for basic mission, they don't like high-med gravity like Eve (mostly) or Kerbin and you need more planning of energy requirements and burn timings. They are highly efficient engines for the experienced navigator. LFO are very good complementary, when you need high thrust (landing or liftoff), and can do most of the classic missions alone. (including a Jool-5 challenge) Note : more recent and bigger Ion/plasma engines have good thrust and high ISP (and high electrical requirements)
  14. I've been using a lot of Ion engines recently, including tweakscaled ones, and didn't encounter any major issue. I had minor issues, like deltaV reading by KER, maybe because staging was a little complicated and i used a lot of octagonal strut to connect engines and tanks. All engines were running at full power and ship had enough acceleration ? (>1m/s2 and a first kick using a LFO stage is welcome if your ship is heavyloaded during ejection burn from kerbin soi) +1 for a higher parking orbit, and you can use fuelcell array (1 per 2 engines) when the ship is in the shadow Did you retry after quit/reload ? Did you retry by manually following the waypoint created by MJ (not execute) ? Did you install recently another mod ?
  15. Bob has landed on Bop. (after a small non-destructive flip due to a sloping ground) Next is Pol