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  1. On every new install of kerbal, I always go into the input menu and swap the yaw (q,e) with roll (a,d) and vice versa. I suppose its mainly because its mainly a rocket game vs a flying sim. but ALL my planes have rockets lol.
  2. been getting burned out as well, I play Halo Online as my secondary game. Waiting (patiently) for 1.1 as I like to make VERY big SSTOs and at 100 plus parts it is laggy the entire mission, and forget about docking to a space station.
  3. 1.8 is nice but was hoping for tiny things like being able to use tweakscale on all the parts. as of now you can adjust the wing sizes, but not the corresponding control surfaces. same with the schramjet. how do I get the mk2 ramjet into 1.8?
  4. im only on page 6 but had to comment on this amazing series, this is so much fun to read it makes me feel like im binge watching a favorite tv show. Seriously this is better than most TV
  5. I made a spaceplane with a tantares lander in the cargo bay on a moving docking port. This allowed for much easier docking and releasing of the lander. I went to duna and back both on sub prime transfer windows. On kerbin orbit I had over 9000 delta V. Made it back to ksc on fumes Mods used:OPT, Tweakscale, Fuel switch, Tantares, adjustable landing gear, lithobrake, infernal robotics, and Mechjeb
  6. My spaceplane that I am launching is a beast. On its own power it can achieve orbit and land 3x. I have spaceplane mods and a nuclear expansion mod so my plane only uses liquid fuel. My goal with launching it from a rocket is that I wanted to escape kerbin soi so I can maneuver to duna and fly there AND return to kerbin. This is what I came up with dont know why I cant upload pics so heres a link https://goo.gl/photos/6Bk35oju4E7o5GaX7
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