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  1. I have found that if I change the semi-major axis in the New Horizons Kerbin config to 13.6e+9 (still in orbit around Sonnah, the gas giant of which Kerbin is a moon in New Horizons), then solar panels will behave like stock. That is, a vessel orbiting the sun at around the altitude of stock Kerbin will have solar panels outputting the correct amount of electric charge.
  2. Hello, I am trying to use Kerbalism with the New Horizons planet pack mod and the amount of electric charge generated by solar panels is very very low, like 0.02/hr in orbit of Kerbin. The panel output is still very low, less than 0.1/s even in very low orbits of the sun. Without Kerbalism installed the electric charge generated by the solar panels is around normal. I have the following mods installed: CommunityResourcePack Kerbalism KerbalismConfig Kopernicus KopernicusExpansion ModularFlightIntegrator New_Horizons I did try modifying some of the New Horizons configs to increase the power of the sun but it didn't seem to have any effect (I don't really know how that works). I don't know much about how all these mods work but given the very small power outputs maybe Kerbalism is taking the semi-major axis of Kerbin's orbit around gas-giant Sonnah as 1 "AU" for the purpose of solar panel calculations? Anyways any help is appreciated.
  3. @Gotmachine Ok, thanks! I'll check that out. I've been having a lot of fun playing with Kerbalism. The new science system in particular adds a huge amount of depth to the game. You all are doing great work!
  4. I'm having a problem with electrical charge in high time warp. While warping at 100,000x the ship will occasionally go down to zero EC and the warp will be cancelled because the kerbals start to have climatization stress. If you mod your timewarp and use 1,000,000x the kerbals will die if you keep trying to warp. The ship is comprised of a Mk1-3 command pod and three hitchhikers with the TV and RDU running, 18 1x6 solar panels, and oxygen, nitrogen, food and water storage. The planner says there is enough electricity and the batteries stay full at 10,000x timewarp or lower. Something else I noticed is that at 100,000x the PAW for the solar panels will occasionally very briefly blink "Occluded by Vessel;" it happens too fast to say whether it corresponds to the loss of electric charge. Here's a link to a save game with the vessel in orbit around the sun: It is stock KSP 1.7.3 with no expansions and Kerbalism 3.0.2 and default config installed through CKAN.
  5. Hello, If my ship's vessel type is "Relay," it won't complete the probe missions in the contract pack. Using rename and switching it to probe will get the contract parameters to complete. I'm still using PBC 2.2 but I didn't notice this issue in any of the change logs. I have been really enjoying your mod. The tech nodes are really well thought out, and having a good new tech tree gives the game new life.
  6. So I upgraded Module Manager from 2.6.23 to 2.6.24 and everything works now.
  7. In 1.1.1 I was using Firespitter and FSfuelSwitchPatch.cfg, which I thought was Stock Fuel Switch but now I'm not so sure. However, when I moved everything over to 1.1.2, it quit working. I also tried Interstellar Fuel Switch in 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 and it didn't seem to work. I feel like I must be missing something simple here. What is everyone else using for fuel switching in 1.1.2?
  8. Would it be possible to change the effect for decouplers being destroyed to the grey-puff-of-smoke animation? It seems to me that the only things that should make fireballs are fuel tanks, engines, and crew cabins.
  9. Do your mining ships have a docking port? You could dock a little probe with some radiators. The new radiators draw heat from everywhere on the ship. Put a docking port on both sides of the probe, and you will still be able to dock to other ships.
  10. Try the Trajectories mod. It is really useful for landing on atmospheric bodies as well as for aerobraking. Just be aware that your craft will have to be stable during re-entry (i.e. no tumbling) for the prediction to be accurate.
  11. Thanks, NathanKell. I'll look at this some more. Although the main problem I have currently is that the game now freezes when exiting an automatic timewarp.
  12. So I worked around the problem (game freezing when reaching space in career mode) by uninstalling Kerbin 365, loading my career game, flying into space, recovering the ship, exiting KSP, and reinstalling the mod.
  13. I did! Of course, I had to send a ship down to low orbit to get him, and then send another ship to get that one when it ran out of gas. It's a good thing Kerbals are patient.
  14. Anybody else having problems with career mode? The game freezes when I get to space in a career game. It works fine in a sandbox game.
  15. So I finally landed and recovered a Kerbal from the surface of Titanus. Exciting! Challenging! 10/10, would burn up in atmosphere again.
  16. First off, thanks for the help cantab, I appreciate it. Yeah, there isn't really any other planet to compare it to. I was just thinking of flying planes on stock Eve. The atmosphere there is very soupy and planes make a lot of lift. On Titanus I had to skim the surface at 300m/s and pull parachutes in order to land. I start the game by browsing to the game folder and running KSP.exe. I just now tested one of the aircraft I used on Titanus on Kerbin and it worked normally. I also barbecued a couple of rockets both on ascent from and re-entry to Kerbin, and it seems to be working as expected. Just as an experiment I also tried deleting the physics.cfg file (my impression is that KSP regenerates this file if it is missing) and everything, on Titanus as well as Kerbin, still worked as before.
  17. I am using stock aero. The atmosphere on Titanus also seems thin from a lift perspective; whereas on Eve near the surface a plane with relatively small wings feels like it is on tracks, my Titanus planes have huge wings and still have to fly at really high AOA at speeds below 500m/s.
  18. First off I gotta say, this mod is really awesome. It's like having a whole new game. The question I have is, has anybody tried taking off from Titanus? The obvious first choice was a spaceplane, but even on the surface at 2km, I'm barely getting any intake air. The drag also seems kind of low for the pressure. My plane is basically just a big wing and it can't sustain level flight below about 400m/s. There also was no heating during re-entry. It's gonna be tough to get off this planet with a rocket. I've landed some pretty wacky contraptions and haven't gotten up more than a couple thousand feet. Once again, this mod is super, super cool. The stock system feels like a demo after playing New Horizons.