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  1. Hey, great mod! looks and works great but one thing about the 3D models of those aircraft... Are they actual yours or did you get them from here? Not to say that i care much, just a heads up to certain T&C's you may have to apply with for some of these models. If they aren't yours, i don't mind much so long as you get them in game and have them work, the work that you must of put in to get them converted to work with KSP and the new config files is great effort. if they are yours....0_0 goodness me you are good with those 3Dmodels! just remember to check for any small print. But still, great work on the mod, Keep it up!
  2. [1.3]Aircraft Carrier Accessories

    hello all, great mod overall, with great potential as well! the only bug that i have encounter thus far is that on final approach with the tail hook down, the tail hook will return to its undeployed state and refuse to redeploy until i am past the carrier. This tends to happen in the last 10 seconds of approach but if i have the nerve to land and try a no arresting stop, the hook will come back down at the last second and snag a wire. Not a massive bug but still something to maybe look at.
  3. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    hullo, thanks for the update about the rules, i generally try to stay within their guidelines but sometimes i do miss some things! i include the quote because that give the person a notification that i have said something in return even if they are on another topic the can see the notification. p.s: link = gone
  4. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    Hello, friend of mine sent me a set of naval plane attachments that contains airbrakes, arrestors and a cable that originally came from infinitedice's boat pack. link for the download off google drive:inapplicable ps. i have not checked if these still work after 1.1/2 so no promises. sry, forum rules!
  5. Search And Rescue

    very happy to see this mod! good work as always @TMasterson5! (why is it that just as i start to move off kerbal to do other things like arma, great mods like these come and drag me back into it?)
  6. [1.2] VesselMover Continued - v1.5.1.3

    good work here is all that i see! nice touch with the help box, will stop the posting of numerous "help me" comments.
  7. [1.2.x] Real KSC in KSP Dev Continued

    got it. Hey guys: don't let this guy animate things ok?
  8. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    the separating of the deck? don't think i did anything fancy, just worked on one part until the part i needed was in the other mesh, then moved to the other mesh to fix it. i'm on a camp till next saturday so will not be able to do much until then so.... here it is, the lift has a small attached ramp that i couldn't seperate: (Blender file)
  9. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    Finally, something I beet @SpannerMonkey(smce) to! i made the hanger as big as possible because, well, it's kerbal and i want to put B 52's in there( hangar is from under the deck overhang to about a few meters above water level). texture program is currently flagging up the anti-virus and just generally disagreeing with windows 10 so i can send it to you for finishing if you want.
  10. Aviation Cockpits (New prop cockpits)

    do you get a message when trying to load the craft? if so can you tell us what it says or post a screenshot
  11. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    ist in the works but the models is basically finished let me know what your think!
  12. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    beat me to the VLS system! Good job thought, they look much better than my concept idea. most of the things that i will be "trying" to make will general be with cargo hays, hangars or any kind or interior space, so i may work on the carrier hulls next.
  13. [1.1.3] Large Boat Parts Pack

    good to see these new parts! the thing people may need for use of this part is infernal robotics to allow their crafts to have a nearly nonexistant wing span to fir in the bay due to the fact that none of the craft i make have such a small wingspan. may flip thisidea round as and underside ejector for your mini sub when attached to a docking port.....hmmmmm i made a "concept" idea for the VLS system for the sub hull and got permission from @TMasterson5 to use his launch tubes and missiles in the part. the only problem was that my experiment to cut holes into the plane on top either resulted in a narrowing tube or a blocky hole cut into the plane. once i have gotten this thing to work i may do more things for this, mostly they will be hangar pieces or VLS systems in the ships. either that or an actual hangar for the carrier parts. as for your spinning prop problem, i started editing an old B52 mod to give it animated bay doors.......except the bay door acted like a helo blade in the animation skills still need a bit of work.