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  1. Several mission completed in one? Nice As I can see hubble already deployed, I suppose you already completed STS-3 in the previous versions of the challenge? The rescue looks pretty smooth, good job! If you already completed the STS-3, here's your badge: As the skunkworks badge goes, it is really rare to be awarded. So far, I have only awarded one. And while your autopilot is indeed impressive, the STS-Jool 5 seems even crazier to me. Maybe it's because I have zero experience with writing autopilot scripts, but I think it's not skunkworks-worhty yet. This is much better than five hundred screenshots in an album, thank you for that I especially loved the four launch sequences running simultaneously. Great looking station, precise flying, and a badge for you, commander: Of course the missions flown in previous versions still count, I was just confused by the missing badge in your signature. Sure, I flew most of the shuttle missions in carreer mode, too. Some of them got quite expensive, but at least it helped me build some infrastructure both in LKO and beyond. Pretty much all engines are ok, maybe except for some horribly overpowered engines from mods. LV-N is completely fine. Michal.don
  2. Yes, the transition from LKO to deep space is really demanding, on both design and piloting. Congratulations on making the first step The mission looks fine, and the giant LRBs are just terrifying Just a small question - how did the payload deployment go? It looks it doesn't have that much ground clearance, did it drive through the cargo bay ramp, or was another method in place? I did not see that in the screenshots. Anyway, great job, and here is your badge: Michal.don
  3. Oh, why fly 5 shuttle missions when you can fly 7 of them I like the station design, and the extra-curricular activity of two added flights, so here are your badges, sir, and you are cleared to take your shuttle interplanetary! Michal.don Looks like we're all going to get a lesson in space engineering soon, looking forward to it
  4. Any type of lander is ok, as long as it doesn't decouple anything and can be reused. Creativity is encouraged Yeah, mr. Von Braun certainly did not lack imagination....... The lander is intended to stay at the outpost, and possibly be reused later - that is why the single stage is required. I'll add that to the OP, thanks
  5. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Like you said, the part doesn't affect anything, so your mission can still be counted as "stock", if you like. But in my opinion, modded missions are not inferior in any way to stock, I don't know why all you guys avoid the modded category like plague And finally, some good news - A NEW MISSION is available, and we're going back to Duna in Duna STS-3! All the specs are in the OP, and if anything is not clear, don't hesitate to ask. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the challenges this mission brings. For the newcomers to the challenge, I'll have something for you that doesn't need you to complete the first Kerbin missions soon. A small spoiler - a preview of a new series of badges for a whole new series of missions: What could they possibly be? Michal.don
  6. I don't see why not, as long as the station is properly big, and assembled in four shuttle flights, go for it
  7. Not boring at all - routinely executed missions, and a beautiful station as a result, that's the way to do the shuttling Congratulations, a well earned badge for you: And now the real fun part comes - how far will you be able to take your shuttle? Time will surely tell Michal.don Yes, mods that only affect visuals, and do not add parts/change game behavior do not prevent you from getting the stock badge, if that's what you are aiming for
  8. What's your favorite rocket engine?

    Just the part count. Or do you think NASA's computers can run the launches without lag?
  9. I'm glad to see that my verdict on your previous mission did not discourage you to continue in this challenge This time you certainly got it right - that's the orbital assembly I'm talking about. Nicely flown, a very precise orbit, and an impressive telescope. Just to be sure - is the telescope stock? I don't recognize some of the parts. If it is stock, here is your well deserved badge: Congratulations! Regarding the imgur issue - nah, it's not just you.... I know the feeling too Michal.don
  10. Sorry, but there is a similar issue as with hoio's entry: I don't see the actual "orbital assembly" happening. Just going on an EVA and extending the panels is not enough. The MMU must pick up the arrays from the shuttle cargo bay and transport and attach them to the telescope. So I can not approve your mission, I'm really sorry. Hello, and welcome to the challenge! It seems that another huge shuttle joins the club Quite an original design you have, I don't recall anyone other using such big fuel pods on the wings, or this type of engine mounts over the wings. Good job designing and flying, here are your badges, and I'm looking forward for more! Great job! I think this is the first time anybody did STS-2b and STS-3 together, but this is a textbook example of how it should be done Great telescope design, I especially like the shutter. (@hoioh and @Alpha 360, if you're not sure what I meant in your reviews, take a look at this vide, this is how the orbital assembly should look like) Anyway, great mission, and well deserved badges: Michal.don
  11. Yeah, from my experience, the larger the shuttle, the trickier it is on descent. Well flown mission, nevertheless, so a badge for you: Hello, and welcome to the challenge! You definitely succeeded in making a quite realistic looking replica. It looks very nice, despite almost all the screenshots happening at night. I'm looking forward to seeing your shuttle take part in the more difficult mission. As for the landing, it almost ended on the runway, so this time, I'll award the commander badge. But the next time I'll be more strict, so try to land it in one piece And for the next report, please, upload all the pictures in one imgur album, it's much easier to review that way. Thanks! Sure thing! Here you go: Regarding the STS-3 though... As the album is not sorted, I can't really see what's going on most of the time. But it seems to me that you are not attaching the solar panels to the telescope, but one big part with both the solar panels attached to it. I'm sorry, but that's not the way it's supposed to go. Maybe the rules are not absolutely clear, I'll take a look at them and possibly re-phrase. But the thing is to attach 2 solar arrays to the whole telescope, not buld the telescope from two parts. I hope you won't be too mad at me (More reviews coming soon) Michal.don
  12. And this, my fellow kerbalnauts, is how a combination of utter madness and brilliant engineering looks like I'm thoroughly impressed - at your shuttle and "small orbital outpost" design, the payload deployment method and hardware, and by the fact you just by the way landed on Ike twice, too Just curious - have you tried a "direct entry" on your way back to Kerbin (without the braking burn)? Could your shuttle survive that? Regarding the KJR, Speeding Mullet considered that to be modded entry, but since the autostrut function could replace the mod, but I'm still using it, too, I'll award you the "stock" badge. And I don't want your badges not to match Congrats, really great job! Michal.don
  13. Oh, if that is the case, than I'm gladly awarding you the appropriate badges fir STS-1a, STS-1b and STS-2a - wear them proudly Good job, commander! Probably not in STS-2, but I'll design some sort of probe launch mission along the lines of your suggestion. There's a whole new tier of missions coming soon™ , as soon as I get the new badges for them
  14. Oh, my favourite idiot agency at it again, and they certainly did not disappoint A great mission report as always, and nicely flown! Here's your badge, and I'm getting scared wat kind of emergency will result in a rescue in STS-4 And things are getting bigger! Good job on designing a new vehicle, I'm sure you'll learn how to handle its quirks soon. Nice re-fly of the STS-3, and congrats on completion of STS-1b: Yeah, it's not easy to design a system where CoM doesn't move significantly in relation to CoT, we've all been there. I'd recommend to look at other's designs, to see what kind of things work, and then try to design something similar yourself. And, if you want to make your life a bit easier, you could slap some engines on the ET to balance the thrust a bit. Hmm, an interesting idea. To be honest, I did not consider these missions yet, because if you can go to other planets in your shuttle, just sending a probe seems almost too easy. But I might have an idea, thanks for the tip! Michal.don
  15. Yep, pretty impressive To be honest, I expected the telescope to be larger, but to be fair, the size is not specified anywhere in the rules. So, kudos to you for stuffing all the hardware in the cargo bay, even with the MMU's "limited" functions A commander badge for you, and good luck with the rescue mission! Yes, I don't see any reason why not. And, as you said, the inclined orbit makes it even more difficult, so go for it Michal.don