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  1. Great report, thank you! Also, your shuttle just looks so... elegant, for a lack of a better word Interesting station design as well, and I have to admire the prefect gliding to the runway, again. Awesome job, and a well deserved badge: Congratulations, and happy potato hunting Nice A shuttle this big makes it almost look easy, but landing an asteroid is no easy task at all! Good job on the last Kerbin mission, here is your badge, and I wish you good luck going interplanetary! Michal.don
  2. I'm glad you understand my reasons. The numbers I see in your screenshot are pretty wild again, so I'd like to know the stats of all the engines you'd like to use - I have to keep an eye on you for now Thanks! If this is just to avoid the bug/kraken/whatever that is, that's completely fine Yes, jets are allowed. I don't personally use them, as they bite too much into the payload capacity, but they are completely fine according to the rules That's.... interesting I have not met this kind of kraken yet - mine usually just explode stuff, yours are much more creative - rearanging parts and adding solar panels Michal.don
  3. No problem with that, at all Just one thing - to complete the STS 5-8 for commander level, you have to land the firt (last?) one on the runway, too Impressive piloting by the way - precision landings from that high inclination are pretty tricky. So, until you finish the station building, here's the badge for the rescue, congrats! Michal.don
  4. This is why I want the MH entries be considered stock. I don't want people to not be able to use these parts which reduce part cound and make designing a shuttle more comfortable, while bringing no serious advantage. But yeah, about the engines. I'll have to add a few lines to the rules anyway, because of: This.... This is the first time I consider banning a modded part neccessary, and while I really don't like that, I don't see any other way to keep the challenge fair. To put that into perspective - the first one has a thrust of 10 NERV engines and 2.5x the ISP, the latter has the thrust of a Mainsail while having almost 10x the ISP. 10k m/s dV is enough to take you to Duna from LKO, land, take off again, burn back to Kerbin, circularize in LKO without aerobraking, go back to Duna, land again, go to orbit again, and return to Kerbin and land. In one stage, with decent thrust ad reasonable safety margins. So, @wrench-in-the-works, I'm really sorry, but I won't accept any more entries with those engines - It would not be fair to the other guys, because these engines make the missions too easy compared to the conventional chemical ones. I hope you'll understand, and design a new awesome shuttle to complete the rest of the missions I'll sure take a look on that soon as @hoioh said, the badges have the shiny golden stars Tha main diifference indeed is a requirement of a precision landing in every mission, and usually the mission objectives are a bit more challenging (more complex payload, higher/inclined orbit etc)
  5. I just found out that Vladimir Putin announced a series of lunar and Mars missions - unmanned mission to Mars as soon as 2019 and manned missions later on, including search for water near lunar poles. English article here: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2018/03/15/vladimir-putin-promises-launch-mars-mission-hunt-water-moon/ I found out in a Czech article, which I won't link here, since 99,9% of you wouldn't probably understand a word of it anyway Does anyone have more detailed info on this? Michal.don
  6. Thanks - I asked because of the latitude criteria for qualifying for the "commander" badges. It's certainly fine to expand the outpost from the previous mision, as long as all the conditions are met. Would you mind sharing the specs of the engines? 10k m/s of dV is quite a lot, even for very efficient engines. Thanks! Good job, that's a very good looking telescope Great work with the MMUs, and a pinpoint landing, so a commader badge for you, congrats! Despite the report is a bit too brief, it looks you assembled the station without much trouble. It certainly has a lot of RCS fuel, and I'm gessing the third mission brught some science probes to the station? Congrats, here's your badge, the only thing missing for the commander level is landing at KSC - isn't it time to try that? Hmm, good question. I haven't given that much thought, but I think I'll consider entries with DLC parts "stock". But I welcome other opinions, and might reconsider. In the meantime, you're more than welcome to build a DLC part shuttle, the worst that can happen to you is a change of badge category later on Michal.don
  7. Seriously, what's going on there with the oddly shaped trajectories? I can't figure out what they mean, and they look rather unconventional. Other than that, nice mission, and a nice first module addition. A few questions though: What is the latitude of the base? I can't see it anywhere in the report. And, over 10k m/s of dV on your shuttle? What kind of engines is that? It almost seems like magic.... Looking good Michal.don
  8. Congratulations on completing the missions! NIcely designed, nicely flown, despite the few-years-wait until the fuel station comes Here's your badge, and hopefully, I'll have some new missions soon: If that is the case, I think it's ok to place you into the "stock" category. Thanks for the clarification! Aah, payload CoM issues, I've had plenty of those, as well Other than that, nicely flown with probably a little "overkill" shuttle, I'm looking forward to seeing your Munar base, soon (And, yeah, the trajectories look awesome!) Michal.don
  9. STS Replica losing control during reentry

    Well, that's the problem with most shuttle replicas in KSP - if it looks like the shuttle, it flies really bad. The three "vector" engines weigh 12 tons, while the rest is pretty light, so the CoM is really close to the back of your shuttle, which is hard to counter. If you want your craft to look like the shuttle, it might help to spam some reaction wheels in the cargo bay, or even some "ballast" to the front part of the craft to move the CoM forward. If you do not insist on creating a faithful replica, adding a fuel tank in front of the cargo bay should help a lot - it worked for me, at least. Not saying it flies like a charm, because it certainly doesn't. But it's pretty stable during reentry, while still looking quite similar to the original thing. I hope this helps, Michal.don
  10. Tiangong-1 Re-entry

    heh heh
  11. You might want to wait a bit with the Duna base.... Because, reasons..... I'm definitely considering more advanced transfers, but I don't want this challenge to steer too far from it's primary focus - shuttle and payload design. But it's very possible something along those lines will appear, hopefully soon Welcome back! If I'm correct, you completed the STS 1-3 in the previous version of the challenge, is that right? Nice shuttle design, even though the use of Mk2 fuselages as wings quite surprises me - isn't the thing excessively draggy? And I'm curious, how does the LRB separation work on the mini shuttle? There is not a screenshot of the separation, and it seems to me the boosters are pretty sure to hit the wings of the orbiter..... If you do have the screen, could you share it too, please? Other than that, nicely executed mission, and here is your badge. Congratulations! (I assume both the shuttles are stock, If I'm wrong, please let me know) Michal.don
  12. That's a lot of mods Ok then, looks like I was correct when I awarded you the modded badge. Good luck in the next missions, Michal.don
  13. Before I design the new mission, I added a link to a shuttle discussion in the science and spaceflight section of the forum to the OP-reading/watching materials. If you have several hours of time, be sure to check that out
  14. STS Shuttle discussion thread

    A lot of interesting information through the whole thread, despite the discussion becoming a "bit heated" later on I just wanted to say thanks to all of you involved, I really learnt a lot, and discovered some points of view that did not occur to me before. I'll probably link this topic in the Shuttle Challenge, maybe some of the shuttle enthusiasts over there would be interested in all this. Michal.don