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  1. Hello again my friends, sorry for the slight delay - I'm afraid a busy ime is coming, so I might not be able to check this thread as often as I would have liked. Great to see another of your reports - I have to admit I absolutely love the story-telling, and your style when most of the kerbals running the space program are a bit incopetent and problems are to be expected Also, thumbs up for the Hubble mirror reference So, a well earned badge, commander Regarding the autopilot rules: I still did not figure out a way to phrase the rule exactly. So, for the time being, I'll decide each case as it comes. Generally, pilot aids like mechjeb target for gravity turn are A-OK, complete autopilot to orbit is a no. Michal.don Edit: that being said, I correct my previous verdict, and award @G'th a badge for his great mission: And I hope to see more!
  2. @Alchemist, @Bottle Rocketeer 500, @G'th, thank you for your opinions. I thought about it a bit as well, and I decided to change the rules regarding autopilots - they are way too strict. As Alchemist said, the rule should encourage manual-ish piloting, so pressing space, going for a coffee and returning to a shuttle in orbit is not possible. However, I'm not sure where to draw the line, and how to exactly phrase the rule. I'll take some time to think about it a bit more, but if you have a suggestion how the rule should be, your advice is much appreciated. Thanks, MIchal.don
  3. I'm still not completely certain I understand, so to be sure, this is how the STS-1b and STS-2b MUST be completed: STS-1b takes the full fuel pod to orbit, which MUST be precise enough. The tolerances are stated in the OP. Then the shuttle leaves and lands. STS-2b performes rendezvous with the pod in its orbit. Shuttle docks with the full fuel pod, deorbits and lands. That's it, one flight takes the fuel pod up, another lands it back down. I hope it's clear now, Michal.don
  4. Thanks for sharing, a nice replica of the shuttle, and nice mission! As you said yourself, one of the rules is a hand-flown launch without MechJeb, and that indeed is the only thing preventing you from getting a badge. I might change this rule though - what do others think about allowing a "gravity-turn-helper" by MJ? Hello, and welcome (back) to the challenge! A nice stock replica of the shuttle! The mods you use are fine, and since you don't use any part mods, I gladly award you the appropriate stock badges. Congrats! Just one thing - you still have to complete the STS-2 comm-sat mission before moving on to STS-3 (Hubble) I'm afraid I don't understand - which shuttle do you mean? And there isn't any refueling going on in the missions. Could you explain a bit more, please? Michal.don
  5. I must admit, I really like this one, a beautiful, elegant design! Especially the wings - are those beauties procedural? About the FMRS performance hit - I have no idea, I never played with the mod, unfortunately. Anyway, a great mission, here are your badges: Michal.don
  6. Landing the fuel pod is the STS-2b mission, but first, you have to complete the STS-1b. Nice looking shuttle! Do I suppose correctly it's completely stock? Or are there any hidden mod parts that I did not notice? If the shuttle indeed is fully stock, here is your badge! Michal.don
  7. Hello, you got the tank to the orbit allright, and your shuttle looks great, but unfortunately, the orbit is not within the tolerances stated in the rules - for orbits of less than 1999 km, the difference between periapsis and apoapsis must be less than 100 m. So I unfortunately can not award you the badge. And, when you try again, please don't forget to take a picture on the launchpad, and at least the SRB separation. Thanks! Michal.don
  8. Good job, looking forward to seeing the mission! And, I noticed a mistake on my part - I accidentally awarded a wrong badge. My apologies, here is the correct one: Michal.don
  9. Threads of the Month: October

    I can't describe how much I love the logic of this statement
  10. Congratulations on the successful mission! Here is your badge, and good luck in the next one Il n'y a pas de quoi! Yup, like Alchemist said, you're not limited in any way in redesigning/designing a new one. Many folks design a new shuttle almost every mission, and I'd be surprised if you managed to pull off an interplanetary mission with a starting design for STS-1 Michal.don
  11. Gliding? In a space sim? I never thought I'd be doing that, apart from reentering a shuttle.... But I had a great time, it was fun doing something new. My ususal design approach is KISS - "keep it simple, stupid!" , which probably comes from my old computer suffering horribly whenever part count approached triple digits. My new computer handles larger crafts well, but the habit survived. A plain and simple craft, 26 parts, and pretty decent numbers - ratio of 26,526, and lowest descent while in controlled glide of 1,750 m/s. And the craft is capable of landing in water. Now I think I might put KJR back in my install, and try to do something large, and maybe with procedural wings, and see if I could push those numbers just a tad higher. Thanks for the challenge, Michal.don
  12. Michal.don's "Falcon" space program

    So, after quite a few frustrating hours, I have some good news, and some bad news. Let's start with the good - I succesfully integrated another payload on the booster, got the rocket to the launchpad, refueled it, launched the payload to LKO and landed the booster a few kilometres from KSC. That's good, right? Yes. But the bad news - my video software stopped recording after cca 6 minutes, whis is roughly when I started integrating the payload..... So I guess I'll try to do it all again, but all I have for now are two pictures of the launch, to show off my design in work: The launch itself is a pain in the rear end, too, because I have to activate several action groups in the right order in about half a second, so the "tower" leans away from the rocket, the rocket detaches from the pad, and the engines start and SAS activates. Thank god for Action Group Manager, I had to reconfigure those several times so the focus stayed on the rocket, and not on the tower/launchpad, which resulted in severe explosions. So, hopefully, a video comes soon. Michal.don
  13. Hello :)

    We've all been there, the holy trinity of chutes/comms/solar pannels Welcome to the forums!
  14. Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Oh... no... DON'T YOU DARE!!!
  15. Wow, a great looking machine, and a reusable booster for the first entry - you don't see that every day! Your entry is deffinitely worthy of a commander 1-a badge, which I gladly award: But, as you said, you'll have to modify or redesign the shuttle for the later missions - I'm curious what will come next! Looking good so far - good luck on the landing! Michal.don