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  1. None that I'm aware of, that's why I was asking, I was kind of hoping it might change soon, I think quite a few of the KSP players would be eligible for the position
  2. Yeah, real life can sometimes be a proper pain in the rear end, I hope you are doing well despite the heavy workload you are struggling with right now. Good luck with your project and don't forget to take care of yourself and treat yourself a bit from time to time
  3. I don't post here too much lately, but I'm still keeping an eye on this challenge.... @sturmhauke, when real life permits, I'd suggest you take a look on this, I believe this one might very well be "Skunkworks-badge-worthy" Awesome job! Michal.don
  4. As the title says, I'm just curious, if anyone of us space nerds took it to another level and answered the call
  5. Quick update.... I designed (in my opinion) a pretty cool Mun base, consisting of three modules, which is assembled by a robotic arm on the surface. Programming the arm and testing took a couple of hours, and when I was happy with it and installed the arm subassembly into the shuttle, I found out that the KAL controler programs were not copied with the arm. That sucks, big time. Does anyone know if that is intended, did I make a mistake, or is it some sort of a bug? Michal.don
  6. Shuttles are cool, indeed It certainly takes a bit of time to build one, so hopefully you'll have the time after you pass your exams STS-9 - Capturing and landing an asteroid back on Kerbin
  7. So finally, time to claim a badge I did not have yet - a commander badge for asteroid hunting! Last time I tried, there was a bug that made all of the asteroids 150 tons heavy. Not a good thing. This time around, I chose a small A-class, which was much, much easier to land. This one is robotics-free, I will probably amend that in my Mun missions soon Michal.don
  8. Hello all, some of you might know me as an administrator of the v5 of the Shuttle challenge on the forums. After running it for quite some time, I passed it to another shuttle enthusiast and I took a long-ish break from KSP as a whole. But in these home-staying times, I started playing a bit again, and decided to take part in the challenge, since I never properly flew some of the later missions. I designed a new orbiter, started to learn how to fly shuttles again, and I'm having a great time doing so. Also, I decided to create video reports of the missions, instead of just posting s
  9. Space station finished, the video is about 7 minutes, I had to cut out probably an hour of dancing around with the shuttle/station/MMUs/payloads. A plus of a twin cargo bay shuttle is bigger capacity, a minus is a lot more docking Michal.don
  10. Thanks! I have to say, after a while off, my piloting is pretty bad, but boy I'm having fun! I've already completed STS-3 and STS-4, too, so more video reports coming soon
  11. Alright, I have the answer: yes. But it takes several attempts and it's really difficult, so I won't be landing anything even close to 80 tons ever again STS-2a and STS-2b completed. Report here: And now it's time to learn robotics for the telescope. Michal.don
  12. Ok, one mission down, plenty of them to go This time I'm aiming for the stock badges for a change, my last go was with modded parts, especially heavy SRBs, since we didn't have them in stock game yet. Modlist and a few pictures of the shuttle in the spoiler: Video report here - I opted for this format of reports this time, I hope it would be more comfortable to judge than a bunch of screenshots And a proof that the fuel pod is full: And now comes the question... Will I be able to land them both at the same time? Honestly, I have no idea.
  13. Good to hear that, hopefully there will be one or two out when I finish the existing missions And I heard about the Factorio/KSP combining mod as well, but I don't thgink that's neccessary, both of the games are pretty time-consuming on their own, so...
  14. Yeah, work and stuff are the worst... And I also played some other games that I've owned for quite some time, like Factorio - that's another addicting one.... and, in advance, I have to ask - are there possibly any new missions coming soon? Michal.don
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