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  1. I have to admit, I have no experience in regards to atmo/phantom force exploits in the game (I usually just build rockets ). Could somebody please briefly explain what's going on here and how that works? If that's deemed as hijacking the challenge thread, I apologize and will ask the question in a different thread. Michal.don
  2. Not exactly mission reports, but surely two of the best things I've ever read on these forums: It hasn't been finished (yet?), but still, absolutely worth reading. First part of a trilogy, the first two parts are complete, the third one is still in process. I thing the "Something of the Kraken" is my favourite thing around here, have read it multiple times Beware, this comes with some serious reading time, it's properly long Michal.don
  3. Thanks for the clarification, I guess we'll see the record broken several times in the near future then....
  4. I should have made it clearer, I specifically meant the "largest thing we've tried to reenter" bit. Of course Starship would be much heavier when reaching LEO, but it seemed to me the reentering mass would be quite similar. But then again, in some cases the Starship might reenter and land with significant payloads (crew?) and become the heaviest thing ever reentered with significant margins.
  5. I'm not sure about that - do we know how heavy the S20 is? I believe the "final" starhip will be around 150 t, but what about this one? Will it still beat the 80-ish tons the space shuttle had?
  6. Alright, glad to hear they are not building a leaning tower of Boca Chica...
  7. Is it just a weird camera angle, or is the tower slightly leaning to the right? I really hope the first one....
  8. I have to agree with the JNSQ recommendation. It's based on the stock system, so it feels familiar, but rearranges the planets a bit and adds a couple of new ones. It's a bit upscaled, so the rockets look and feel more realistic. It's harder to get anywhere, but not as hard as in RP-1. In combination with a life support mod, it makes planning an interplanetary journey a complex undertaking, but still the "fun" amount of complex, at least for me And the planet pack looks absolutely stunning! I don't think JNSQ is compatible with 1.12 just yet, but I thinks it's more than worth it in the older versions as well, I think my current JNSQ build runs on 1.8.1. If you decide to give it a go, let us know how you feel about it Michal.don
  9. None that I'm aware of, that's why I was asking, I was kind of hoping it might change soon, I think quite a few of the KSP players would be eligible for the position
  10. Yeah, real life can sometimes be a proper pain in the rear end, I hope you are doing well despite the heavy workload you are struggling with right now. Good luck with your project and don't forget to take care of yourself and treat yourself a bit from time to time
  11. I don't post here too much lately, but I'm still keeping an eye on this challenge.... @sturmhauke, when real life permits, I'd suggest you take a look on this, I believe this one might very well be "Skunkworks-badge-worthy" Awesome job! Michal.don
  12. As the title says, I'm just curious, if anyone of us space nerds took it to another level and answered the call
  13. Quick update.... I designed (in my opinion) a pretty cool Mun base, consisting of three modules, which is assembled by a robotic arm on the surface. Programming the arm and testing took a couple of hours, and when I was happy with it and installed the arm subassembly into the shuttle, I found out that the KAL controler programs were not copied with the arm. That sucks, big time. Does anyone know if that is intended, did I make a mistake, or is it some sort of a bug? Michal.don
  14. Shuttles are cool, indeed It certainly takes a bit of time to build one, so hopefully you'll have the time after you pass your exams STS-9 - Capturing and landing an asteroid back on Kerbin
  15. So finally, time to claim a badge I did not have yet - a commander badge for asteroid hunting! Last time I tried, there was a bug that made all of the asteroids 150 tons heavy. Not a good thing. This time around, I chose a small A-class, which was much, much easier to land. This one is robotics-free, I will probably amend that in my Mun missions soon Michal.don
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