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  1. Quick update....

    I designed (in my opinion) a pretty cool Mun base, consisting of three modules, which is assembled by a robotic arm on the surface. Programming the arm and testing took a couple of hours, and when I was happy with it and installed the arm subassembly into the shuttle, I found out that the KAL controler programs were not copied with the arm. That sucks, big time.

    Does anyone know if that is intended, did I make a mistake, or is it some sort of a bug?


  2. So finally, time to claim a badge I did not have yet - a commander badge for asteroid hunting!

    Last time I tried, there was a bug that made all of the asteroids 150 tons heavy. Not a good thing. This time around, I chose a small A-class, which was much, much easier to land.

    This one is robotics-free, I will probably amend that in my Mun missions soon :)


  3. Hello all,

    some of you might know me as an administrator of the v5 of the Shuttle challenge on the forums. After running it for quite some time, I passed it to another shuttle enthusiast and I took a long-ish break from KSP as a whole.  But in these home-staying times, I started playing a bit again, and decided to take part in the challenge, since I never properly flew some of the later missions. I designed a new orbiter, started to learn how to fly shuttles again, and I'm having a great time doing so.

    Also, I decided to create video reports of the missions, instead of just posting screenshots. I'm new to the whole video-editing thing, so it's really nothing too complex, but I decided to post it here anyways, to share my adventures, hopefully getting some feedback about video editing, and to spread awareness about the phenomenal Shuttle challenge, if you haven't tried it yet :) I highly recommend you to do so, it is, in my opinion, one of the best and most complex challenges around here.


    Now, to the shuttle missions.

    I've completed the first set of Kerbin missions:

    STS-1a and STS-1b - proving the orbit-worthiness (is that a word? :) ) of the shuttle and carrying a 40 t fuel pod to space:


    STS-2a and STS-2b - Deploying a keostationary comm network and recovering the fuel pod from the previous mission back to Kerbin

    STS-3 - Designing and deploying a space telescope to LKO - my first experience with the "new" robotics stuff

    STS-4R - Rescuing the crew of a stranded space shuttle

    STS-5 to STS-8 - Building a space station in LKO using your shuttle

    I hope you enjoy the videos, I will post more here as I finish the next missions, which will take me asteroid hunting into deep space, to the Mun, Minmus and various planets in the system.


  4. Ok, one mission down, plenty of them to go :) 

    This time I'm aiming for the stock badges for a change, my last go was with modded parts, especially heavy SRBs, since we didn't have them in stock game yet.

    Modlist and a few pictures of the shuttle in the spoiler:



    A few visual mods, a few informational mods (KER, Trajectories) and Mechjeb for its SmartASS and later on transfer window planner. No part mods.


    The orbiter, a twin-fuselage disign with two long Mk3 cargo bays and a short cargo bay just behind the cockpit, to be used as a service module of sorts.


    The launch configuration, orbiter, external tank/rocket, and two pairs of liquid rocket boosters


    A lot of engines. 16 Vectors (gimbal disabled) on the boosters, 7 on the external tank, and 2 Skippers on the orbiter


    Video report here - I opted for this format of reports this time, I hope it would be more comfortable to judge than a bunch of screenshots :)


    And a proof that the fuel pod is full:


    And now comes the question... Will I be able to land them both at the same time? :D Honestly, I have no idea.


  5. Alright, since we have a round two of corona incoming where I live, it's probably a good time to get back to KSP again, and while I'm at it, I could try and get the badges for the missions I designed and never have flown properly :)

    So, I'm learning to fly shuttles again, and I'm designing a shuttle to take me through the missions as fat as it can. So far I've completed the preliminary design of the orbiter:


    We'll see how it goes in a few days, and hopefully, I'll come around to claim a badge or two from time to time ;) 

    Nice to be back again,


  6. 5 hours ago, QF9E said:

    I was reminded of a comment you made when I was doing my Kerbin Shuttle missions, back when you ran the challenge:

    I have to admit, this answers my question quite completely :D I did not have an opportunity to have a proper look at the report yet, but I sure will check it soon, and send a few likes your way ;) 

    And, in my opinion, this one is firmly in the "skunkworks" territory, but I'll leave the honors to @sturmhauke :) 


  7. 10 hours ago, Jestersage said:

    Question: May I ask why the Cassini-Huygen challenge have the restrain of "a single R-12 "Doughnut" (left) for the Cassini probe and a single "Oskar-B" (right) fuel tank for the Huygens lander"?


    1) Why the fuel limitation?

    2) Why there's even fuel on the Huygen? To my understanding, Regardless of Galileo atmospheric probe or the Huygen, the lander does not have thrusters for deorbit landing, but instead realy on Cassini for trajectory, and use parachutes?

    Pretty much as the other guys guessed, the fuel limitations exist to make the player use gravity assists. The mission is of course possible to complete without any fuel on the lander, but I tried to not make it too difficult for players who are not that profficient in gravity assists yet.

  8. On 4/30/2020 at 3:37 AM, Speeding Mullet said:

    Great to see this challenge in its 6th iteration!  Sorry I've been totally absent from the forums apart from a little foray in August 2019 to Von Braun and Elcano Duna, so essentially haven't been around since July 2018.  I was diagnosed with MS last year and it took a lot of processing on top of a very busy career so I've missed out on a lot of looking, watching, and building and enjoying KSP in general.

    Keep building those shuttles, and stay safe everyone!  I'm still around, and will eventually do another large mission :)


    Great to see you around again, my friend :) 

    I can't say I know exactly what battling MS is about, but I wish you the best of luck, and of course, I'm looking forward to seeing your missions, since they've always been something special. I won't be the one awarding the badges this time, but I'll check the mission report for sure :)


  9. On 4/4/2020 at 2:14 AM, sturmhauke said:

    It is now my pleasure to announce a special award.You know him as the administrator of the previous edition of this challenge, but more than that he created many new missions, including two new celestial bodies and a new series of test pilot missions. He also had the longest-running edition of the challenge, at 3 years and 90 pages, and attracted many new recruits. It is my honor to present the Architect Badge to @michal.don!

    Oh, thank you very much :) It's been a while since I've been awarded a badge, feels good, not going to lie :D

    And i can see the thread is a few pages already, it seems that the transition went quite well!


  10. Alright, the transition was faster than I expected.

    So, After a long, long time, I pronounce the v5 of the Shuttle challenge finished, thank you @sturmhauke for taking the administrator seat and I wish you the best of luck with the v6, and thanks to all of you for participating - I'll be watching all of you in the v6 from time to time :)


  11. Hello there. It's me again.

    First of all, I'd like to apologize for not being around lately. The beginning of the year was quite busy for me, but lately it's been another issue - I got a proper case of "KSP burnout" - I haven't played the game in months (which would have been unthinkable before :) ), and haven't even visited the forums.

    When I came back and saw the new entries and people around here, I couldn't help myslef and felt ashamed - the shuttle community here is going strong, new designs and amazing mission reports are appearing here, and I am, simply put, not doing my part. A community as involved and amazing as this one needs and deserves someone who has the time, the enthusiasm and energy for running this challenge.

    So, after two years and a few months, 89 pages of over 2,200 entries (and with over 120 000 views, wow...) , I decided to retire as the challenge moderator, and let somebody else take my place, and create a v6 of this challenge.

    And, since he was so kind to agree to take on the challenge, this guy will be @sturmhauke, one of the most involved people in this community, who you all know so well.

    From now on, I won't be judging your entries (and I apologize to all of you who were waiting for the review for quite some time), but Sturmhauke will judge the ones in this thread and award you the proper badges before this thread will be locked and a new one, "Shuttle Challenge v6" will be started.

    So, big thanks to all of you, who shared your mission reports and great shuttle designs with me and with this whole community, it has been a great pleasure to run this challenge for you, good luck to our new challenge moderator @sturmhauke, and see you soon in the new thread. I hope and believe that you guys make it even more awesome than this one.



  12. On 12/15/2019 at 11:41 PM, QF9E said:

    I completed the STS-4 / STS-4R missions.

    I sense that the regular missions are getting too easy for you... :D But I love the fact that you create your own goals to fulfill during them, and even add a bit of a story.... :) As always, I have no reservations about your mission, so I'll go straight to the badge-awarding part... ;) 


    Good job!


    On 12/17/2019 at 9:36 PM, Togu said:

    I also ventured on a new mission, this time something simple, the STS-1T. :cool:

    And you did a great job as well! A bit on the easy side, but an important one, nice mission, and good job landing the plane too!



    On 12/18/2019 at 11:30 PM, QF9E said:

    Does this satisfy the STS-6T challenge?

    Well... Sorry, but in this case, this would be a "no"... I always try to encourage a creative solution, but this is not the intended goal of this particular mission, and I believe that this is the case I mentioned in the rules of the "Test pilot" mission:

    "An STS-or-Buran-looking shuttle+LV is strongly reccomended. You might not be able to complete certain missions with a significantly different design!"

    I hope you don't mind too much and it won't discourage you from completing the other missions. Sorry.


    On 12/21/2019 at 11:30 PM, QF9E said:

    I completed STS-2T, the dreaded RTLS abort.

    Yep, that's quite a bit of an overshoot :) But that's where the fuel reserves come in handy, so, no problem :) Good job, nice mission, another badge, you know the drill :) 



    On 12/23/2019 at 12:07 AM, Togu said:

    I have just completed the STS-2T mission.

    It looks like the end of december was quite the RTLS season... :) An impressive mission as well, it looks like you got quite far downrange, and still had enough boom in the tanks to get back. Also, a very precise landing!




    On 12/26/2019 at 6:28 PM, QF9E said:

    These 4 videos contain my mission reports for STS-5 to STS-8

    I was wondering how you managed to fit the hab segments into the shuttle... :) I'm not a big fan of sticking cargo to the exterior of the shuttle, but since this is additional cargo to the payload in the bay, flies up in a fairing, and ends up being towed behind the shuttle in orbit, I don't have an issue with that :) Again, the station is a great piece of engineering, and the shuttle flying through the ring is a great ending to this awesome series of missions!

    Very good job!


    On 12/30/2019 at 12:49 PM, QF9E said:

    I've made a second version of my STS-5T video, this time without watermark. I also think it is a better cut overall. I've removed the previous video form the thread.

    And of course you modified the mission again to make it more challenging :) I'm genuinely getting curious how you'll fare in the later missions at Duna, Jool and Eve... :) Good free return trajectory planning, and nice two munar excursions! Very good job!



    I hope I got them all,


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