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  1. Ah, that explains that Just wondering - how does the stock d-V calculator handle the rotating engines? Is there an issue with the calculation, or does it work fine, regardless how the engines are rotated?
  2. Wow, it seems that during my absence I forgot the size of shuttles some of you fly here The engine pod design seems to be working fine, I'm just curious - what engines are those? I don't recognize them, are they from a mod? Regarding the missions, there are no complaints or questions on my part, very good job! Well, in this one, I do have some complaints. While the sats are placed equidistantly, they are not placed in a geostationary orbit (which is the important part here). So, I can not award you the badge for this mission. However, if the sats have enough juice in them, they c
  3. I have to admit, my first thoughts were "OH-MY-GOD-SHUTTLES-ARE-GOING-TO-LOOK-AWESOME!!!" yeah, and then we also have some other stuff there.....
  4. We're building massive winged contraptions here and flying them to Mun and Minmus... I don't think practicality is the name of the game here
  5. I'll leave that up to you, you can pick one of the screenshots from the mission, or take a new one just for this purpose - as long as the picture is pretty and has Minmus in it
  6. Oh, I don't know how I could miss that... Sorry about that, your entry is hereby promoted to the commander level! Michal.don EDIT: And you get to choose a screenshot to be shown in the mission profile in the OP, which one would you like there?
  7. So, after a long time, I'm back to reviewing your entries. Let's get to it Glad to see you managed to resolve your reentry difficulties and got the shuttle safely to the ground! The aesthetics are properly mad, for example the curved-glued-together ET, and your machine seems to have lots of excess d-V to go pretty much anywhere it pleases, I'm curious how far you'll be able to get in the missions before a redesign is neccessary. The d-V numbers from the screenshots are a bit weird, but I suppose that's caused by the jet engines. So, congratulations, here's your first badge:
  8. That's what I call "perfect timing", check the OP in the challenge thread Keep up the great work, your new design is looking really great!
  9. Aaand since I'm back, there is a new mission for you guys, We're going to Minmus! The Minmus missions will not be as difficult as the Duna/Eve/Jool ones, by far, so I expect you to impress me with great designs of the payloads I know I promised the new missions a long, long time ago, but hopefully, there will be a few of them in a much more reasonable timeframe than usual And we're slowly, but steadily approaching "The big thing" we've been building towards the whole time. So, send my regards to the little moon, and have fun, the mission is in the OP right under the Eve missi
  10. First of all - big thanks to you for taking over the challenge for a while, you did a great job here. I really, really appreciate it I'd like to welcome all the new pilots that came here while I was off - I was watching what's going on around here, but I didn't post too much, so I feel an official "welcome" is only proper I hope you all had, and will have a great time designing and flying shuttles in this challenge! So I guess we're back to the usual, you keep building and flying all these awesome shuttles, while I review the entries and award you the badges. I'm looking forward t
  11. In these particular missions (STS-1a and STS-2b), I chose to allow their completion in the same flight with other missions. In most cases, it was the 1a+1b combination, since it's test flight + cargo, which sounds reasonable to me. Most folks completed the 2b mission solo, since pretty much all the following missions require some sort of cargo bay modification which would interfere with the cargo pod. But if somebody, let's say, recovered the pod after releasing the CommSats for STS-2a, I woudln't object. Since you're the one running the challenge now, I'm not going to tell you how to decide i
  12. Yeah, that could be confusing to newcomers... I deleted the "minor thread announcement" thing, and rather mentioned you in the OP as the boss for now Carry on, nothing to see here
  13. Welcome back, it's really nice to see you around again I haven't been very involved on the forums (and in KSP, in general ) lately either, but I'm always watching what's going on here. For the time being, @4x4cheesecake has agreed to take care of the challenge (and he's doing a wonderful job). But worry not, the challenge is still going, even if the number of new entries is a bit low at the moment. I guess everybody is playing with the new robotics stuff, it looks pretty awesome Great to see you shuttling again, Michal.don
  14. I don't have the solution for the missing contracts, but for getting new kerbals I use the "create kerbal" option in the cheat menu, without feeling like cheating at all. I also like the random name generator and always shuffle through the names until I get one that's funny/cool/whatever... Yes, the new kerbals come for free that way, but I always disliked the stock approach, where you need to decide if you want to upgrade two KSC facilities or hire one lvl 0 kerbal for the same amount of funds... Michal.don
  15. I'll give it a shot, when I have a bit of time, I always had a soft spot in my heart for shuttle stuff.... Michal.don
  16. Found one on my first Minmus crewed landing in the playthrough. Went looking for it on the greater flats, since there are no scatters, and got it about two kilometres from my lander (noticed it from about 700 m distance). Maybe I just got terribly lucky, but they do indeed exist... Michal.don
  17. Well, I'm on sort of a "KSP holiday" at the moment, haven't started the game for a few months to be honest, but I'm really looking forward to this - finally my shuttles will have proper robotic arms... And I have to say - I'm a bit surprised by the amount of negative reactions here. There have been more free updates (and substatntial ones, too!) in the last few months than most of us expected, and a lot of people are very angry about a DLC that adds a lot of additional content and possibilities to the game, for what I feel is a very reasonable price (even in my part of the world, there'
  18. Alright guys, a small announcement regarding this thread. Since my time has really become a problem for the challenge, I'll take a bit of a break. Don't worry, the challenge will continue, It just won't be me doing the reviewing for the time being. I asked @4x4cheesecake (if you've been here for a while you surely know him ), if he would be willing to take over the thread for a while and I'm very glad that he accepted - the challenge will be in very good hands. It's not a reboot just yet - I intend to come back in a while, when (and if) my time issues get sorted out a bit.
  19. Alright, the "day-or-two" took me a week again... I should really reevaluate my time estimates This mission was a bit for you - I guess the aerospike-vector combination is not the easiest to handle in different atmospheric conditions. And watching the munar surface ballet with the external tank was really amusing Other that that, I'd like to say I like the base design and the compact cargo-packing as well. Very nice mission, and a well earned badge for you: Sure, your shuttles are always very welcome here no worries, take all the time you need
  20. As usually, the definition is quite vague, to not limit creativity - so a rocket-powered rover is fine by me Yes, any means of transportation to Kerbin is fine, including a mini shuttle. I don't have the time to check your entry right now, I should be able to get to it in a day or two. Looking forward to seeing the next one too, though! Michal.don
  21. Well, it's a bit against the whole "reusability" thing, but let's call them a part of the LV instead of the orbiter then
  22. Ok, time for another round of reviews. The delays are becoming quite customary, and I'm sorry about that. Good job on finishing the last "Kerbin" mission! The "nuke pod" idea is really neat, nice piece of engineering on your part. And by upsizing the LV a bit you got a really powerful machine with a lot of potential, and still room for more upgrades. I'm getting curious how you will perform in the next missions. Here's your badge, congratulations! One scheduled Hubble mission, and one to cover up for serious mess-up, where have I seen this? The MMUs are really
  23. I'm sorry to hear that, but I understand not everybody has fun doing this thing, and when your script works so well, it takes a bit of the fun from flying the missions. Nevertheless, if you do any more missions with your shuttle, even if they are not related to the challenge, let us know here - I'd love to see the script working in yet another circumstances Michal.don
  24. Nice one again - I love the idea of an on-orbit attached docking port and the following assembly One issue I have with the bideo report though - could you please include liftoff and ascent next time? Or, at least, a few short clips of the significant parts of them? I won't make you re-fly this mission, but I'd like to see them the next one. Thanks! And, regarding the reentry/descent - the script makes it look soooo easy Especially the second one, the map view shows really well how the script beutifully gets the shuttle home - I think this is approaching the Skunkworks territory quite fa
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