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  1. Just wandering - how are the "unfolding" girders made? Is a part from mods required, or is there a way to do this in stock game? thanks, michal.don
  2. Yes, I'm aware of that But even when retracted, they tend to burn rather quickly..... Anyway, I just tested another design for the transporting purpose, and it behaves much better - I'm capable of aerobraking enough in just three orbits, which is much, MUCH better, so I might give this a go... Thank you guys very much, you helped a lot. michal.don
  3. Yes, I should have thought of the aerobraking before putting the Gigantor panels on my vessel - my bad Ok, thanks, I'll give it another try with another tranport vessel better suited for the job. michal.don
  4. So, I decided to make a little update for those curious about this, or even those thinking about building something similar. I placed my refueling station in 85x83 km orbit, built a nuclear-powered tug for moving the refined fuel from low minimus orbit to the station and sent the first round of fuel from surface of minimus to orbit to meet the tug. The ships docked and I managed to do the transfer burn from Minimus to Kerbin orbit with periapsis about 60 km for aerobraking just for about 250 m/s of delta-V. So far, everything went great. What I didn't expect was the ineffectiveness of aerobrak
  5. I've heard about the Oberth effect, but I still don't know how important that is - does it save 1, 10, 100 or 500 delta-V on a journey to Duna? But a good point with the aerobraking - I didn't think of that, and I believe that it helps save lots of fuel. So it looks like my refueling station will float in a LKO, thanks guys, you've been really helpful, michal.don
  6. That's the altitude that I prefer for my space stations as well - mine are at 125 and 150 km orbits. And I'm aware of the advantages of these orbits when it comes to rendezvous and docking. The thing I'm concerned about is the fuel transfering and transfer burns (when leaving Kerbin SOI) efficiency, that aren't involved whed building a space station.
  7. Hi guys, I would appreciate your opinions on my problem. I'm currently building a refueling system for my ships and SSTOs on Kerbin orbit. The refueling ship is quite huge - about 100k capacity of LF + Ox. The fuel itself will be delivered to the ship from my mining and refining operation on Minimus, that is already operating. I have also already figured out the way to deliver the fuel to my "gas station" from Minimus. The thing that remains uncetain to me is the ideal location of the refueling ship. How high/low should the orbit be? I've figured out some of the pros and cons of hing and low o
  8. Hi, is it possible to try this challenge in 1.04, or is it limited to 1.02 because of some changes in aerodynamics that happened in later versions, which make the challenge easier now? thanks, michal.don
  9. Well, it's not much, but it's my first "share-able" base - mining and fuel refining colony located at Minimus flats. Put together on the site by two small moving rovers (you can see them attached to the monopropellant tanks on the left). Next step is building a refueling station in high Kerbin orbit, and a tanker capable of delivering fuel there. And maybe a lab or more living quarters, who knows. What do you think? http://imgur.com/yonBv1h
  10. Ok, thanks for your advise, I'll see what I can do michal.don
  11. Ok, I'm starting to accept that I won't do it all in one go But I don't really know in which ways the planes should be different for each of those missions. More/less wings? Thrust?
  12. Well, that's some bad news.... I figured out the oxygen thing, it should be covered by RAPIERs in closed cycle mode. But I would like to solve it without the hyperedit mod, I just don't like the idea of "cheating" this way.... Anyway, thanks for your advice, michal.don
  13. Hi guys, I started trying various designs of spaceplanes and SSTOs recently, and became quite comfortable with my ability to get something to LKO and something else back to the spacecentre in one flight. The next logical step is building a plane capable of refueling and going to other planets. However, I have no idea how planes behave in other environments - Duna has lower gravity, but very thin atmosphere, which I suppose will make flying much more difficult, and Eve the other way around - lots of gravity, but a thick atmosphere which could produce much more lift. What is your experience? Doe
  14. Thanks for the offer, but the thing is that I'm pretty much capable to build a ship that gets me where I want to go (it's not that far usually, I'm still a beginner), but unlike the ones displayed on the forum here, mine are much worse looking But if I stumble across a problem I'm not able to solve, I'll ask here, thanks
  15. Hi guys, I've been playing KSP for several weeks now, and discovered this forum last week. Since then I've been looking especially at the crafts and bases you guys built and the challenges section. So I decided to join and maybe try some of the challenges, and maybe share some of my desingns (if I manage to build something worth sharing reeeeealy far in the future ). Until then, looking forward to seeing your designs and hearing about your space adventures, Michal.don
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