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  1. It is already, that's how I found out about it. it's called "Retracting/vectoring engines, Critter Crawler"
  2. I'm guessing that's a typo for TweakScale, haha. Yes, I have TweakScale installed, but right-clicking the part doesn't show any menu at all. Second thing: There's a bug (I guess?) for the CritterCrawler that was present in the original version too, maybe you can take a look at it? The bottom attachment point, below the engine, looks like it's reversed, whatever you attach goes inside, like a cargo hold internal attachment point.
  3. AWESOME! I had lost hope that the turret light would ever be available again! Thanks a lot! I have to ask, is there any chance to make it compatible with Tweak Scale? It's kinda huge for a 2 seat rover.
  4. Hi, just installed this mod and will begin testing it shortly. A long time ago, (in a galaxy far, far away) there was a searchlight by @BahamutoD that was able to track the mouse movement or a target vessel. That would be nice to implement here as that mod was last updated for 1.0.5 (also contained a nice six legged crawler). A tracking searchlight would be a great addition to any vehicle working in the dark.
  5. Hi, When installing both the BIB and BIB Mods texture pack in CKAN, there's an error message that comes from the overwriting of the License.txt file. A workaround is to install one of them, create a copy, uninstall, install the other and bring the rest of the folders from the copy folder. Or you could just rename the texture pack License.txt file to LicenseTP.txt or whatever, haha. Cheers!
  6. Hello! I've used CKAN for a long time now, always worked perfectly. Thank you for your work! One thing it definitely lacks is a way to hide mods or mark them as "not interesting" or something like that and maybe even move them at the bottom of the list. Every time I want to play KSP, I first check out CKAN to see what is new and update whatever I have installed. The problem is that new mods don't always appear in the "new in repository" list. For example, a few days ago there were 520 compatible mods or so, today there are 539 and only 2 "new ones". There is no way to find out which are the rest of 17 other than going through the list. Having a way to "hide" unwanted mods would make things a lot better. I don't think I'm the only one thinking about this or facing this problem. So, is there any chance you would add this suggestion to the program? Cheers!
  7. Hi, the "Imgur Album" link in the first post does not work. Cheers!
  8. Hi! Any chance of getting the updates to CKAN? I really like the simplicity of this mod. In my theory, Kerbals have evolved from something like Euglenas. They feed mainly through photosynthesis but they also need simple food as supplement: snacks! They also need water, but they get it easily as a by-product of Fuel Cells.
  9. That happened to me during KSC trials, so for the radial ports connection I've used the engines to lift the module a bit and also raised the legs of the "hallways" to allow more vertical movement. Luckily it didn't melt the carrier underneath (blow it up I mean). So if it worked like that on Kerbin, for sure it will work on any similar gravity body. There was no need to lift the modules on Mun, so Minmus must be even easier. The carrier blows up however if you try to translate on gimballs with too much throttle. The clearance between the Sr. docking ports is enough that on Kerbin the carrier gets easy under the heaviest module (Refinery if my memory serves well) and gets pulled up for a connection. For the lightest module, on Mun, I had to hit the brakes and let the carrier levitate to the center and then raise the legs of the module, basically dropping it to dock. The carrier has a small gyro underneath, used mainly to help getting it horizontal after it's deployed, so I've used that when "levitating" to align and stabilize the carrier. Thanks! I've missed some steps in the documentation, I was too concentrated some times and forgot to take screenshots, haha. Maybe when I go to Minmus with this base system I will make some kind of tutorial. Though I'm guessing by that time it won't be stock anymore. KIS is a mod which makes playing a lot easier and nicer (like all mods). I wanted to keep things vanilla for those who don't want to get into mods, even though CKAN makes managing them a child's play these days. When the game updated to 1.1.2 it produced some error, so I had to do a fresh install and decided it's a fun challenge to do the base the hard way, before installing the mods. Also the mods I've used before aren't all updated, so I can't use the saved games from 1.0.5 and probably never will. Who knows what bugs they have now? Yeah, it's a lot of fun building complex stuff, especially when your choice of parts is so damn limited and you can't even scale things or chose tank contents. The design would have been better if I could have used the shielded ports, but TweakableEverything was against the "rules". Good thing all that dust from landing didn't get on the seal rings (again, use of imagination needed, hahaha)!
  10. Nice! Looks like I'm not the only one who got to this solution, using docking ports on the bottom of the modules to move them around. Pretty cool base you had there. The wheels are just bad now. No grip at all over 1m/s always drifting, useless in a lot of instances when they get "blocked" when other parts are around them even if they don't touch etc. And the landing legs! They too got the "wheel stress" and there's no more locked suspension. Also you can't control them individually anymore so my dropship looks like a hedgehog. I still expect the whole base to jump/launch when I switch to it every time. I can see it being droped from half a meter or so when the game loads it. Not to mention that before I could lower the base and lift it up again, now the legs explode. Interesting approach by Rune, however his solution leaves too much debris, hahaha. Good thing you can "Terminate" it in the tracking station.
  11. Sure! Let me know if it works. It's the first time that I use OneDrive. https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=32570FB13ED586E4%21118 - craft files https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=32570FB13ED586E4%21117 - savegame
  12. Hello everybody! Many months ago I was trying to put together a base in KSP 1.0.x and it was a nightmare. So I've decided to wait for 1.1 and do it again. So here it goes: Better viewed directly on imgur : http://imgur.com/a/ZEhFb
  13. Lately the game crashes constantly, it became unplayable. I've installed a RAM monitor mod, and looks like it's going out of memory at 4GB (I have 16). If i go back and forth from the launch to the VAB 2-3 times it crashes to the desktop. I found a link for http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/showthread.php/24536-Self-help-for-crashes-look-here-first-if-KSP-crashes but the forum says "you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:". How exactly is this forum working if the most important part is blocked? Do i need to blabla on some posts to change my rank or what? It's just stupid... I will uninstall the game and try to start fresh, maybe something went wrong when playing around with a few mods. If not, I will remove the game completely and forget about it for a few years because this stupid 32 bit Unity engine is now beyond annoying. Cheers!
  14. Hi! I'm currently trying your mod, it's close to pretty awesome. The only thing that is missing is working control surfaces on the wings and winglets. It doesn't make any sense for them to be there if they are not working in the first place. Maybe this has been addressed before, however I just don't have the time to read 20 pages to try and find it (sorry). I was so happy when I was building the plane and so disappointed at launch. So, if it has been answered before, can you please answer again in a few words? If not, are you considering getting them to work? Maybe this is what you mean by revamping? Cheers!
  15. Hello everybody! I'm not much of a reader of this forum and probably I won't be much of a writer either. Or who knows...? I have been playing KSP (sandbox only) since the release of 1.0, although I 've heard about it around 2 years ago, I think. The first month was pretty intense, thanks to Scott Manley (bowing my head) and "Docking Port Alignment Indicator" mod. I was playing from around 2PM up to 10AM the next day, going to sleep when I couldn't keep my eyes open for a few hours and then going at it again. Before falling asleep, just one more Scott Manley tutorial. Soon I couldn't even look at the damn screen, I had to go on a trip in the mountains for a few days to clear my eyes. I cleared my eyes, but my head was full of plans for a space station, a SSTO plane, a refueling station orbiting Mun with a refinery on surface or a base (with a refinery of course). After resuming the adventure, as things started to get more and more complex, the framerate dropped to 1-5 fps and continuing to play was simply frustrating. It was a pain in the "aft" to put together the base on Minmus and the cherry on top was after it was all done when some of it exploded right after loading from the KSC tracking facility. I had already used HyperEdit mod to erase the debris and auxiliary landing equipment that was parked near the base hoping for an improvement in framerate, but that was no help. So I "cheated" and put back the exploded module and never touched that base again. Good thing it wasn't manned yet when it exploded. Or "Kerbaled", I think is the proper term? I'm thinking of sharing some images of my concepts, but I need to summon the strength to play at 1 fps. The game is pretty cool, apart from a few things like "rubber" parts (especially the big batteries), not being able to use a triple or double adapter at both ends of a structure (it only attaches to one of the 2/3 ends, the need for struts even when parts should be "welded" to each other, parts not attaching even when they really should, lights not rendered if there are too many lamps, no options for rescaling/resizing aerodynamic parts or changing tanks contents to other substances and ratios etc. I know there are mods to solve some of these problems, but it's annoying having to update them every damn time so I'm playing almost stock, the only parts mods are BDynamics, Aviation Lights, SCANSat, Tarsier Space Technology and Mk2 Stock-a-like Expansion. Right now I'm playing a few hours a week, just trying out a few ideas now and then, waiting for 1.1 and hoping for a major performance improvement. I didn't see any release date or maybe I was reading too much between the lines? Anybody knows when it's coming out? Cheers! P.S. "Sodot A Aloh!" is Kerbish for "Hello everybody!".