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  1. There is no quick save and quick load in real life. At least we have the orbiter functioning. Hope they figure out what really went wrong with the lander and why comms was lost. It just needs "more boosters"!!! LOL
  2. @Mopoii Thank you for the mission images! They look awesome, must've been a fun mission! I bet ISRO would love these images too! Its so dark inside those craters on the poles; considering such a shoe-string budget, lets hope Chandrayaan 2 is successful!
  3. ISRO launched Chandrayaan 2 (chandra=moon, yaan=vehicle) aboard a GSLV- mkIII on 22nd July. Youtube link here. Unmanned Orbiter-Lander-Rover mission to Moon/Mun's South Pole. All upper stage modules should be be solar powered, Orbiter must be in a low, circular and polar orbit. Lander (Vikram) carrying the rover must land in a crater near the south pole. Rover (Pragyan) should be housed inside the lander and must have a drill and seismograph.(EDIT: surface exploration & science parts) For those wanting a challenge: As it is an ISRO mission, budget should be as low as possible! Chandrayan-2 will utilize the Oberth Effect for raising its apogee through multiple burns, to conserve fuel and thereby launch costs. Concept : Animation Video by ISRO Chandrayaan 2 Official webpage Realism mods such as RO, other aesthetic mods, mechjeb, kOS, KER, etc are allowed. Stock entries are also welcome. Take it as a challenge and try to replicate it OR simply just have some fun doing it, totally up to you guys! Feel free to post your screenshots, crafts, ideas, suggestions and comments. Enjoy!
  4. For anyone having problems with identifying the direction the ship will turn when looking at the torque vector, use the "right hand rule" (or right thumb rule). Make a fist with right hand with thumb popping out, now, if you put the fist in such a way that the thumb is pointing in the same direction as the torque vector (red arrow), the 'curl' of the other 4 fingers represents the direction in which the ship rotates. Check this more info and images:Right Hand Rule Great mod, this should be stock IMHO. It becomes frustratingly hard trying to balance RCS and engine torque without this. Thanks @m4v for the mod and @linuxgurugamer for the fixes!
  5. Here is the youtube link of the livestream by Doordarshan. First 25 minutes is like a pre-launch program about history/achievements of ISRO, past PSLV missions, objectives etc. Beware of different accents and some hindi here and there! Good job ISRO! Way to go!
  6. Here is a news report detailing the mission and here's ISRO's twitter account with more info. The CARTOSAT-2 satellite weighs 714 kg and the remaining 103 satellites together weigh about 664 kg and will be launched aboard PSLV(Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) on FEB 15th, 9:28 am IST(3:58 UTC/GMT). The previous record for most satellites in a single launch is held by Russia with 37 satellites. We should start a challenge here if we haven't done so already! Its like a school bus dropping off children at different stops! Lets wait and watch how this goes.
  7. Of course dude! Be careful with the spicy food though!!! I'm guessing "poppadoms" are what we call papad/papadam here?!!
  8. Well I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the livestream. The variety of crafts reviewed was nice, a car, a VTOL, a few jets and an ssto space plane! That's a nice healthy dose of KSP! And some pretty good background music too! Thanks to @Mycroft and kryranos!!
  9. Thanks, I got the twitch app to get a notification of the next livestream. I may not be able to view the full stream live because of the time difference (IST is +10:30 hours of EST which makes it 1:00 am here!!) but I'll definitely try to be online at least for the first hour. See ya there guys!
  10. Oh i missed the review of Starborn, anyone have a link to the replay of the steam?
  11. Thank you. I like the idea of having a nice manufacturer name with my crafts. I'll try to spruce up my KerbalX page and get some more crafts uploaded.
  12. 10t payload Stock SSTO: https://kerbalx.com/NickestNick/StarBorn My Stock Sukhoi SU-30mki Replica : https://kerbalx.com/NickestNick/su-30-MKI Also with stock missiles : https://kerbalx.com/NickestNick/su-30MKI-armed
  13. Another Indian KSP player here, was wondering the same thing, anyone tried replication Mangalyaan/MOM yet?
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