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  1. @MaxPeck You're correct, that was the plan. Unfortunately I rarely get time to play anymore so working on adding more stuff to the mod probably won't happen. I do hope to find the time to get everything update to the latest KSP version though.
  2. The animations are looking sweeeeet!
  3. Cheers, thanx for testing that. The workshop already supports OSE but there is a bug, a few missing brackets, if you replace the file GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/OSE.cfg with the file below it should work for you. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/dboi88/CSI-Cargo-Freighter/master/FOR_RELEASE/GameData/CoyoteSpaceIndustries/Freighter/OSE.cfg Development isn't dead per se but i'm not getting any time to work on it. I still hope to update this at some point
  4. Everything's fine my end. Nothing's changed with attachment nodes. Are you using alt key when attaching?
  5. Yup, update incoming. Latest Release v0.3.1 v0.3.1 Recompiled for 1.3.1 & updated dependencies
  6. It does reach space if you fly it right. if you're looking for a ship designed for landing on a moon I'd suggest you try the eagle mod.
  7. It's not supposed to land. It's not supposed to reach space. It has nuclear reactors.
  8. Oh I hadn't realised CKAN did that. I'll try and get a release out this weekend
  9. Apologies, i haven't yet had the time to even download 1.3.1 . I will get around to it. But this does work fine with 1.3.1 as is. So you can download and use without causing any issues. It's just a warning on first load and that can be ignored safely.
  10. Congrats on the release Buddy, it's looking amazing!!
  11. I'll have to do some testing on 1.3.1 and get back to you.
  12. It's fully automated. The old bug was with the old system that you had to turn on and off. You shouldn't see any options, just wanted to check an old part module wasn't still on something.
  13. Ok I'll have to do some testing. Do you have any options in any part menus to turn on weight balancing?