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  1. Unfortunately I'm away from my regular rig at the moment. I was envisioning a basic truss that can have an end plate extended out horizontally with a couple of pistons, handy to place a counterweight on for balancing. Maybe a piece more like a gantry crane would fit for making those fine adjustments for attaching modules. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gantry_crane Was just trying to figure out is a dedicated piece would be more useful for fine tuning adjustments from a static position rather than trying to maneuver with wheels.
  2. Caught some of last nights stream, looking forward to getting my paws on this, just have to wait as I'm away from my rig at the moment Was thinking it may be handy for a horizontal extension, ====! -> ____------! If that makes sense. Just for convenience and to minimise part count, a large power module (a reskinned counterweight with power texture scheme), and an automated control (a thinner counter weight with in built antenna and a couple of construction lights on top). Shaping up to become top of my mod list as base construction is one of my major distractions in ksp.
  3. Any plans for a master pack of all the USI mods (especially the vehicle mods) or will you stick to individual releases?
  4. Having worked on personal projects, it's always a long list I'm sure it will be worth the wait. Hopefully I'll have better luck balancing vtol craft with the new 1.2 fuel balancing... so many HB wrecks around Kerbal Mission Command
  5. I wouldn't be surprised if the Honey Badger doesn't get a bit of a rework to fit in with all the other USI packs. While I enjoy using it, it's starting to look a little dated compared to the newer USI inventory. Of course only Roverdude would be able to confirm. The Orca command pod looks great, can't wait to see the other parts
  6. Came here looking for a solution because I am encountering the same problem orbiting Minmus. 1.1 with no mods installed.
  7. Just picked up the latest version, looking good I see you've halved the capacity of the Karibou Wheeled Storage to 10k (for most cargo) But, the other two inline storage units (Karibou Wheeled Storage (Short) and Karibou Adapter Plate) seem to have been halved as well, down to 2.5k and 1.25k respectively. Given their apparent volumes from the model size the Wheeled Storage is 4 squares long, the Wheeled Storage (Short) is 2 squares long and the Adapter Plate is 1 square long (the white tile design on the upper storage bay) did the two smaller units need to be halved from their initial values? The radial Karibou Cargo Tank has a capacity of 2.5k and is roughly the same volume as the Adapter Plate.
  8. I was really thinking about other planets and/or moons other than Kerbin, sorry if I wasn't clear. Are all planetary destinations eventually going to need a shift swap system ferrying the initial band of settlers back to Kerbin or brace for mutiny? Should the difference in planetary parameters (gravity/ temperature/ atmosphere) affect the homesickness? The more unlike Kerbin the quicker they get homesick.
  9. I appreciate the micro-management would be a bit of a nightmare Looking forward to the release so I can see how it works in game. When setting the Habitation rating on the Karibou in the example if you got the other passengers to take a long walk, or just dropped them off and went for a quick spin, would it then reset the Hab rating to the 9.3 month mark? Of course you'd need to do that for each Kerbal in the rover. Any thoughts about the effects of being planetside as opposed to being in orbit or in transfer? Or are Kerbals just inherently homesick?
  10. Would you even need to place the larger habitation in orbit? Building a large tent city by the side of the runway and walking your Kerbals to it and then back to a spaceplane for getting them into orbit should work the same.
  11. I came for the rocket science I stay for the Sims in Space I wonder just how far the interaction of Kerbals can go? Additional stats to reflect introversion/extroversion (need to be alone or with others), additional types of Kerbals beyond Pilot, Engineer, Scientist, Tourist to ease Homesickness such as 'Family'. Kerbals that just don't work well together. Probably not at the harder mechanical edge of space exploration but social interaction and the long term psychological impact of isolation stand to be the big limiters of deep space exploration.
  12. I think the issue is more one that I've become used to shallower game play. It didn't twig that the various cargoes had varying densities (and therefore significant differences in mass). 20k of Fertalizer is only 23.2 tons in a 2.5m Kontainer while the same volume of Metallic Ore (the default pattern so the one I'd been testing my designs on) is 113.2 tons! It's all part of the learning process Though the capacity of the Karibou Wheeled Storage at 20k is the same as the Kontainer (2.5m) which looks twice the size.
  13. I've been enjoying tinkering with the Karibou Are the numbers associated with it tied down or still open to a balance pass? The cargo capacity of 20k for the wheeled storage unit seemed a little high (not to mention axle breaking in higher g ) - although the capacity/ weight and impact rating of the Mk2 Kontainers (the hex shaped ones) seems to be superior to the heavier Kontainers. Rapidly finding your suite of mods becoming essential to my enjoyment of KSP, especially for base building. Stellar work
  14. Thanks for the response I don't know how I didn't make the connection between Habitation space and the Workspace/Living space section of the 'Efficiency and Load' page on the USI Wiki. I take it they will be related or are they intended to be separate? I can throw in some additional MKV Inflatable Logistic Modules for 4 additional workspaces and consider them to be 'rest and relaxation' areas. As to additional module assets, I suspect your stirling work on the Karibou Expedition Rover will fill many of the gaps in my base building desires
  15. Looking forward to the implementation of crew space as a factor to the morale of Kerbals. Will you plan to add modules that represent 'entertainment' facilities to increase the time before a Kerbal starts looking for things to dismantle?
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