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  1. Ive used the USI suite of mods for life support, how does kerbalism compare?
  2. Prepping to jump back versions, can you guys give me a quick rundown for the best practice when installing JNSQ and what companion mods I should be putting in as well?
  3. OK thanks for the reply. Been trying not to jump back but JNSQ seems hard to pass up. Haven't delved into non stock systems yet so I'm excited to start building for a new frontier.
  4. Possibly stupid question but I haven't been able to find an solid answer yet. Want to stick with KSP 1.9x but Im also wanting to dive into JNSQ and test myself. So far it looks like a no with the hold up being Kopernicus not currently working with 1.9. Has anyone had it successfully working with the latest version of KSP?
  5. I was wondering if it would be better if they added a way to scan for them that tied into the anomaly system. That way you could plan missions out and even attempt to land near a positive signal.
  6. Didnt want to bug before the Making History exp dropped, any chance on getting an update for the plugin?
  7. did a little tinkering and figured it out. I'm in heaven, thanks for this great app
  8. perhaps a stupid question... does the plugin need to be dropped into the gamedata folder of ksp or into the main ksp directory, I do notice that there is a plugin directory already present in the main directory that is empty thanks again for all your help
  9. Thank you so much, cant wait to jump in and work with this. Appreciate the update
  10. Kind of jumped the gun on purchasing the custom control pad app from frozen pepper software because I saw that it had KSP layouts in it. The app works it just doesnt get any of the telemtry data to the app because it appears the mod to do it hasnt been kept up. I have some mild programming knowledge but haven't attempted to make mods before myself. Can anyone point me to the best approach to get started or where the best resources are for creating mods. I know this sounds like a newb asking for advice situation but I really want to get this functional.
  11. Oh my god, just came across the app and bought it because I saw the KSP layout. I’m hoping I didn’t jump the gun. Is there still support for the latest versions of KSP. I’m at work right now so haven’t checked what ckan says. Hoping for the best, been looking for something exactly like this.
  12. Great tutorial, saw it a while back just didn't grab it at the time. About to dig into planes a bit heavier so this will come in handy.
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