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  1. Brainlord’s Petition to Change the EULA

    Seems like a reputation grab to me. Side note, why all the fuss? It doesnt matter. You'd find a lot of your personal information is stored on the internet. Your IP is globally visible. How do you think personalised ads work? And mods were always at the mercy of Squad, they just took the liberty of asking before merging it into the game.
  2. struggling doing Large TD-25 Decoupler test mission

    Maor boosters. Seriously. Sounds like a TWR problem after a stage separation.
  3. You'd be travelling 6.685 astronomical units. That's not too bad, seeing how Jool is about one quarter of an AU from Kerbol. There are two problems. 1. KSP does not show the apoapsis of your craft if it is about 1.5x the distance of the furthest celestial object from the ingame Sun and 2. The delta-v requirements are just, no. The thing is, getting there and dropping off the payload (the orbital speed up there is only about 17m/s if I remember my old planet packs right) is the easy part. Slowing down is harder, because at that point the launch vehicle would be huge. Gravity assists will kill you. And then theres the timewarp factor. Edit: turns out I misread the OP and its actually 1969 Gm away. So about 12 AU. That shouldn't take up much more DV but will take up time.
  4. landing on the mun

    I took the Kerbal X to the Mun, and plenty of others can say that too. For the number, about twenty.

    Please read the challenge guidelines before submitting a challenge. In other respects, what are the rules? Does it have to get to orbit? Does it need to be fully reusable?
  6. Orbital Re-encounter

    Might want to look in the settings file, turning it up manually. I don't know which setting in particular it is though.
  7. Glitch? Please help!

    Which recover button are you both using? The pause menu one, or the hidden one behind the altimeter you press with the cursor? I know the pause menu one can be bugged.
  8. Can't confirm as of yet. All I know is RT to go backwards, LT to go forwards. I usually experiment with the sticks and look at the prograde marker on the navball (in target mode. Helps if you think your drifting). Youll have to get used to the inversion, check your controls in case something has screwed up. If its not regular, and it inverts only every now and then, please tell us.
  9. Kerbal Space program on console is written in unity, it says so when the game starts. As for when it updates, they'll get there eventually. They'll want to have to port the version, as they are different games in essence. And that's after testing 1.4 and the Making History expansion. I wouldn't push them, they have a lot of stuff on their hands with the PC version seeing how that's a larger player base.
  10. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Seems good so far.
  11. Hi all, This is a challenge meant more for the newbies however given what I did the other day it might also be interesting for the experienced as well. Basically, perform a rendezvous maneuver with two crewed craft in a new career save in as little amount of launches... Without upgrading the tracking station. (Fulfill the Contract Explore Kerbin - Rendezvous). Rules: 1. Open a new career save on Normal Difficulty (you can have any G-Force or CommNet options on, doesn't really matter). 2. Never upgrade the tracking station. 3. No mods allowed. 4. KSP 1.3, 1.4 or enhanced edition allowed. 5. Cancel velocity of the two crafts within 2.5km of each other. Scoring: Number of total launches required to achieve rendezvous is the scoring. Might come up with a better scoring system because this technically allows rendezvous at the second launch. Lowest score gets first. Please post evidence of all launches and their highest achievement, as well as the resultant rendezvous. Also name each craft. Example Scoring: Six craft: Hopper I, Hopper II, Hopper III, Stayputnik, Hopper IIIA, Hopper IIIB Score: 6
  12. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Update your browsers and your computer if you haven't already.
  13. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Just did, I restarted my browser by the endless aaaaaaa is fine.
  14. Weather Chat Megathread

    http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2018-02-13/tonga-cyclone-gita-category-four-causes-widespread-damage/9425298 Seems like Tonga has been hit hard. Fiji is next apparently too. In other news, the power is largely back on minus the internet. And its raining now which is great.