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  1. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    Just reading through the guidelines to catch up on anything important, but this caught my eye: 4.3 Users under the age of 13 Users under the age of 13 who reveal their age or face may have their messages/photos removed and accounts closed for privacy reasons Didn’t this use to be 18 years old? And if so when and why was this changed?
  2. Where do you live?

    Aussie here coming from Brisbane. Haven’t moved in my whole life.
  3. I'm back to playing KSP people! None of my old mods (aka LSS) will be updated so do whatever you want with it.

    I'm not going to be playing very often but I'll try and be a little more active from now on :)

  4. I'm not exactly sure what "otaku" will do (don't ask)
  5. Threads Of The Month: June!

    It's been almost two months and this hasn't even showed up in my notifications... I wasn't expecting to get close to ToTM... thank you @kerbinorbiter for notifying me of this. Also thank you moderators for this!
  6. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope. Also... very interesting names you guys have XD @kerbinorbiter
  7. News update: T2 isn't dealing with SP mods anymore https://support.rockstargames.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009494848?flash_digest=6e8cd105bcd89bfaf7c0f042e2e37ef32e5f610d
  8. What is the user above you known for?

    Known for being in my notifications every day
  9. Basically GTA money that you can buy using IRL money. $8 million in game is like $108 AUD atm
  10. Standard issue. A major one went down a few days ago, and there's a couple minor ones shutting down in fear.
  11. Under Australian and many other countries, including the US, law, if one accepts a legally binding contract, e.g. An EULA, it can be illegal to break this contract. Half of the GTA crew I'm currently part of have been talking about this and we all agree that what Take Two has done is perfectly legal and Open IV is basically illegal under the EULA. Of course, I doubt any of us are lawyers, so if you happen to be one please PM me and I'll remove this post. EDIT: I reread your post. I'm going to go and confirm this before anything.
  12. I've personally had to deal with the kill on GTA modding, and while my fellow Nodo crewmembers aren't very happy about the modding situation in Online, killing a mod like Open IV is plain idiotic. I'm not completely sure what this change in tactics brings for KSP (especially since apparently under T2's EULA modding their games is illegal), but for now I think modding KSP is safe from these changes. I will not bring in how modding brings in money for many games, or how this tactic has changed reviews on many of T2's games, as this may cause unnecessary discussion in this and other threads.
  13. Ask the Mods questions about the Forums!

    It's been happening since I joined the forums. Its probably because there's only one device allowed in the "Remember Me" field.
  14. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for not banning in a thread for banning.
  15. ZooNamedGames' Let's Play Series has Started!

    I'm just gonna warn you now, if you are gonna play GTA V, 1) play GTA Online 2) get the next gen version (Xbox One/PS4/PC). Not many people these days enjoy last gen versions of anything, GTA especially.