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  1. So far, of all the mods I have tried, the list of working mods is as follows: ...
  2. I have tried a bunch of mods and not a single one has worked, does that help? I am assuming that there is something significant under the hood that has changed which makes previous mods incompatible. I just went back to playing the current release and will not bother with 1.3 until the mods I like to run are all working.
  3. Hey, thanks! I will try this out as soon as I can. -update: IT worked! Thanks again
  4. So, Remote Tech has been updated to a new version, and the seti config which adds the extra base stations does not appear to work anymore, any advice on how I can get my extra base stations back?
  5. The only hard and fast rule I play by is... If Jeb dies, I have to start a new game.
  6. I am having the same issue with this pod. I tried a fresh install of KSP with nothing but this mod and its dependencies installed and the problem, while slightly less annoying, still persists. The giant external things is coming from another mod, but the underlying issue is a bug with this pod I think...? EDIT:Never mind, I am seeing things... Still messing up, but I cant seem to find anything that could be causing the issue. A little more info for RoverDude, maybe helpful maybe not... Anyway, doing some more testing with the debug panel up, the things in the cockpit get all glitchy when the message "[Log]: [AsteroidSpawner]: No new objects this time. (Odds are 1:2)" pops up in the debug log. I have no idea how the things are connected, but they somehow are??
  7. I had a good one this weekend.. In a new-ish career I decided to send Bob on a flyby of eeloo, during the process I ended up sending him by jool and duna as well (lucky positioning, zero planning XD), well, after the grand tour, and 17 years in space, bob is ready to come back home. I get my encounter with Kerbin, hit the atmosphere and decouple everything only to notice that I had forgotten to put a heat shield on the pod... *facepalm*.. Of course Bob dies in a firey explosion, so I reload the quicksave I made before decoupling and try to figure out how to save Bob... I ended up, via trial and error, finding the lowest point in the atmosphere that I could take bob without blowing up, using the leftovers of the craft as a disposable heatshield of sorts. This maneuver managed to slow the capsule enough that his ejection from Kerbins SOI maintaned an orbit that was between Duna and Kerbin. So I slapped together an unmanned rescue ship and managed to get Bob and all his juicy science back to kerbin. All told, Bob was in space for around 25 years, and returned with just shy of 3500 science. Mission Accomplished!
  8. I have put landers on every body in the system, but that is really not much, the real accomplishment was when I managed to make orbit from Eve. I have managed to do this once... Once...
  9. As I was reading the contract this is what came to my mind as well. Now this might be something I will try in sandbox just for the sake of doing it!
  10. These small glitchy areas are all over the place, I found a tiny bit of tundra while driving a science rover around KSC for example. I am pretty sure zarakon hit on the cause in his post above.
  11. I have been playing KSP since about a week before they added the mun. I was exposed to KSP via a forum post somewhere where a guy was doing some SRB challenge, and as soon as I saw a video of the game I knew I had to have it so bought it, since it was only $10 at the time... I have to say that, gaming wise, it was the best $10 I have ever spent I think...