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  1. Does anyone know how to get mechjeb to stop rolling your rockets? I have force roll turned off but that does nothing at all. Using current version of mechjeb2
  2. Cool! Can't wait to use this mod on my new save game!
  3. The screenshot was taken at the end of pumping between the two tanks which is probably why that looks weird. I can pump fuel between both tanks manually, but the engine will not automatically take fuel from the tanker I am connected to for whatever reason, you can see that with the fuel gauge by my engine.
  4. Crossfeed is enabled on every single part that has it as an option.
  5. Crossfeed is enabled on both docking ports and decouplers, and I already have the external tank set at highest priority.
  6. I have a small manned craft that docked with a large fuel tank in orbit to help it on it's way to the mun, but I am having an issue. When I docked with the tank I cut the fuel flow from my much smaller main tank hoping to just use up the external tank first, but I was left scratching my head when I noticed there was no fuel flow at all. After some research I learned that fuel flow is disabled through heatshields on higher difficulties(or if you select the option in the difficulty menu) but I never selected that option at all. I can manually pump fuel from the external tank to my main crafts tank, but this is a pretty poor fix as I will have to constantly do this. Not sure if this is by design or if it's a bug as I do not dock spacecraft that often. Any help? Mods: Mechjeb, Near future construction/solar/electrical, Hanger extender, Tweakscale, Mk-X spaceplane parts Output Log link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1qDuzVZhABqEtNjRS37U-Y04RUotTDRCr/view?usp=sharing
  7. I got a video showing me not being able to click the heading option after noticing that it had switched me to level, then a few minutes later being able to select the option again. https://youtu.be/N_zVWpe2HIw ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I do have a theory on both how this might occur, and potentially how I may have found a fix. All of the flights I have been using this mod for have been to the north pole, my base is slightly past the point at which the navball/camera freaks out because you are passing right over the pole itself, I think that this navball movement(which changes the heading) might be whats causing this glitch. As for the potential fix? Well, I decided to use the waypoint navagation option to bring me back to the runway, and once I put the coordinates into it and activated it I decided I might as well see if I can select the heading option again, and I could! Maybe messing with the waypoint navagation fixed it? IDK. Going to have to do some actual testing with this as I wasn't really paying too much attention.
  8. Why was the original static pipe system between sockets removed? It's been a long while since I played with this mod and was just curious.
  9. I am having an issue with the mod, it won't let me select the heading option in Cruise Flight Controller after using it for a previous flight. Sometimes closing the menu for the mod fixes it, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes turning on/off the master switch fixes it sometimes it doesn't. Quicksaving and reloading doesn't work either. KSP Version 1.7.3 Mods: AtmosphereAutopilot, KAS, KIS, Kerbinside, Kerbal Konstructs, Infernal Robitics, Trajectories, Tweakscale, Vessel Mover, Planetary base, Vessel Mover, Waypoint Manager Output log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gPgQ38dIR7sEKy79BDhLioxJut4qX9cF/view?usp=sharing Edit: Sometimes the heading option becomes clickable again, randomly.
  10. This mod is great, thanks for keeping it updated!
  11. Doesn't just happen in symmetry mode, exact same thing happens when you move more than one individual part in the editor at the same time. I have 6 different parts not using symmetry and I get the same effect.
  12. How much of this mod has changed?? It has been a long time since I messed with IR and I'm noticing that my game lags out crazy hard when moving more than 1 robotic part in the editor at the same time. That never used to happen with older versions of IR. Using the parts outside of the editor has virtually no effect on performance(at least with the craft in the video) at least. Mods being used: Atmospheric autopilot, kerbal joint reinforcement, IR Next, Mechjeb2, SuperfluousNodes, Trajectories, Tweakscale, VesselMover.
  13. I noticed while using this mod that some parts of my craft would randomly shrink when launching from the VAB and SPH. Deleting the mod did fix it though.
  14. Figured it out, as soon as you target something it begins making passes at it for you to attack/ai to attack.
  15. How do you get your aircraft to loiter around a specific area? The AI flight computer is an absolute mess and constantly tries to make my aircraft nose dive. Do I need some sort of radar?
  16. After messing around with my game I tried out saving the game(not quicksaving), then reloading and that seemed to have fixed the issue.
  17. I lost control of a probe going around the sun on career mode even though I have the Comm Network option turned off. Do I still need to worry about distance in career mode even though this option is not enabled?
  18. I started a new game, and eventually found something to scan. Thought that the surface features would be alot easier to find. Thanks for the tip