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  1. RYU AZUKU99's post in Rover just floats in place when decoupled[Solved with MM patch] was marked as the answer   
    A user by the name of OHara recently commented on the bugtracker with a temporary solution in the form of a module manager patch. He wrote:
    "We can avoid this problem with a Module Manager patch
    @PART[*]:HAS[#PhysicsSignificance[1],#attachRules[*,*,1,*,*]] {
        @PhysicsSignificance = 0
    On four parts that could become root parts (FL-A5 adapter, cubic strut, octagonal strut, and BZ-52 radial attachment) but which got special treatment, this removes the special treatment.
    'PhysicsSignificance' seems backwards as a name; when it is set to 1 for a part, KSP lumps that part's mass into the parent part, and doesn't simulate physics for the PhysicsSignificance=1 part. For thermometers, that means new players don't need to worry about balancing the mass of every thermometer, which is nice for a game. But I would have expected the structural pieces have their own mass."
    I used Notepad++ , copied and pasted the bold text into a new file and saved as a .cfg, then placed it into my gamedata folder. Worked like a charm!
  2. RYU AZUKU99's post in Rover just floats in place when decoupled[MOVED] was marked as the answer   
    After deleting all mods and doing a full stock reinstall of the game I have determined that the bug is from the actual games(most likely a robotics part) NOT from mods. I will move my issue to the appropriate thread.
  3. RYU AZUKU99's post in (fixed)Lost control of spacecraft around sun, but comm network is not enabled was marked as the answer   
    After messing around with my game I tried out saving the game(not quicksaving), then reloading and that seemed to have fixed the issue.
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