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  1. Back again, this time wondering about Kerbol contracts. In a typical career game, do you go to the Kerbol System?
  2. Normally I don't like bees, but I can see myself really liking this.
  3. Hello everyone! I am currently working on adding some custom contracts to BH (for use with Contract Configurator of course) and was wondering if most people play with unmanned-first tech trees or kerbals-first (like the stock one). Here is the poll: The current Todo list can be found at =========================================================================================== @Motokid600 Use Sigma Dimensions. A simple division problem will tell you the scale factor you need, and once you have that just modify Rescale to use it.
  4. Something that I believe few have noticed is the similarity between the Dynetics lander and an older concept floated by General Dynamics...
  5. I can't wait to see all the progress you're sitting on, just waiting to perfect and show us!
  6. I was playing my save with ExplorationPlus when some quirks of the planet pack im using halted my career due to the contract generator. The Brownish-orange planet is the homeworld, and after completing the initial contracts for the moons, NextUnreachedBody() tells me to flyby Destiny (the big/whitish star). This is an issue given how early in the career it happens (the closest you get to the stars before this is "escape kerbin"). I eventually managed to exclude those two stars, but then it gave me Kerbol, which in this pack is very very far away. (blue orbit in the next picture) I then installed ProgressionParser to get the progression list: [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 0 is Armstrong [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 1 is Lua [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 2 is Ash [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 3 is Sun [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 4 is Destiny [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 5 is Fate [LOG 13:27:05.118] [ProgressionParser]: Body 6 is Kerbol [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 7 is Verna [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 8 is Drohze [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 9 is Dynasty [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 10 is Janus [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 11 is Lond [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 12 is Eterna [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 13 is Talon [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 14 is Tau [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 15 is Tribute [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 16 is Hydrus [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 17 is Hydron [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 18 is Scaythe [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 19 is Scindo [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 20 is Gateway [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 21 is Kohm [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 22 is Eidos [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 23 is Ansia [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 24 is Proxim [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 25 is Jade [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 26 is Vasto [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 27 is Voss [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 28 is Fury [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 29 is Anger [LOG 13:27:05.119] [ProgressionParser]: Body 30 is Rock It seems to do the moons of the homeworld and the two stars before leaving the solar system for the kerbol system. It does not return to the starting system until Body 16. Is there any way to reorder the list of unreached bodies so that I at least visit all the planets in the solar system before leaving it? if not, is there a way to generate a repeating contract for each body in a manually defined list?
  7. Why aren't you using the revamped UA120s? The rust signals they will be removed in the next update.
  8. The falcon 9 is more than 2.5x wider than the RD-191 (12'2" or 3.7m) and when scaled to KSP size comes out to be 2.31m as opposed to 0.90m for the RD-191.
  9. Isnt 2.5m a bit big? The real RD-191 is 1.45m in diameter and for KSP you usually scale things down.
  10. Terminal Velocity Arrest took a bit longer than anticipated...
  11. KSP 1 almost certainly won't, KSP 2 won't at launch and might never have it. It all depends on if Unity supports it and if the gains are worth the changes needed.
  12. Out of curiosity, has anyone had issues with passing through the terrain on all bodies other than the homeworld when upscaling using SD? Landing on moons is now impossible for me no log messages at the time of impact other than the explosion ones once i hit sea level.) I believe SD is the culprit as people who use the planet pack I have without SD report no issues and removing SD fixes it. Log
  13. Does anyone know if its possible to use RenderTextures with PopupDialog, CactEye or TST-style? All the examples I can find the place a "live" feed in a GUI window use IMGUI.
  14. The most likely culprit is your file paths being wrong, but just to be sure, upload Nok.body.log (found in KSP Root/Logs/Kopernicus, where KSP root is the folder with the game executable in it).
  15. As far as I can see its all in the PQS node, and so right now I am drafting a PQS page for the wiki. There is a lot in it (the wiki hasnt had a PQS page until now, just PQSMods) so it may take a few days but it is being worked on. I havent found the specifics yet but I am collaborating with Gameslinx to find out.
  16. Put simply, PQSMods are what turn planets from blank colorless spheres into what you see in the game. Everything from colors to overall terrain to ground scatters to mountains to craters, and many more things.
  17. Hello, everyone! I and @cwongmath are the maintainers and main authors of the current (and hopefully final) iteration of the Official Kopernicus Wiki. Currently we have every one of the main nodes except for PQS as well as 5 or 6 PQSMods, HazardousBody, and a few more things. To speed things up, we welcome community contributions (which have been sparse so far). If anyone has any knowledge on any PQSMods or sees room for improvement, please please please make a PR and try to lend a hand. We do have some general stylistic guidelines which I will try to bang together into a nice readme over the next few days, but it boils down to a few things: Use a proper code editor (Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code w/ mdlint are preferred) Use a git client. NO WEB EDITOR. Spaces, not tabs. 2 spaces per indent. Each page shall consist of a Title, example config (see existing pages for what the structure should be), and a table containing all field names, the associated datatype, and a description of what it is/does. The Kopernicus source code is your best friend here. If in doubt, copy/paste an existing page and change everything around. Don't worry if you cant do a whole page or if you arent sure if the formatting is perfect. As long as we can tell you put effort in, we will make up the difference. To start off, fork this repo, make the changes, and make a PR to kopernicuswiki/dev (to be created soon) and we will take it from there. I am available for questions/clarification both here and on Discord as DeltaBoлk#6973. I hope to hear from some of you soon and happy worldbuilding!