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  1. DeltaDizzy's post in Taking long time to switch from flight to map view? (1.7.3. modded) was marked as the answer   
    Always happy to help if I have a solution.
  2. DeltaDizzy's post in Moving Kerbin Breaks the KSC [Kopernicus] was marked as the answer   
    You cant just change the reference body in the cfg like that. You have to do this:
    @Orbit { //put stuff here, but ReferenceBody MUST BE "Sun" } PostSpawnOrbit { @referenceBody = whatever you want it to orbit }  
  3. DeltaDizzy's post in Can you help, please? was marked as the answer   
    1. Log into Steam
    2. Right-Click Kerbal Space Program
    3. Click Properties
    4. Click Local Files
    5. Click Browse Local Files
    6. Install into Gamedata
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