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  1. Mission: Resupply Munar Surface Operations Control Launch Vehicle: Firedance IIID Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral Today, we're sending the 'food barrel' to the Mun. Also, I have excellent news! My finger is FINALLY healed, and it no longer hurts to type!
  2. Lauren - I Flyby 2 It's that time again: Lauren - I has encountered Moho again, and has made a discovery at the North Pole.
  3. Oligarch 2 return Maldin returns to Munar orbit, and both him and Nauki return to Kerbin. Grace - XIII Mission: Launch the highly ambitious, but highly profitable Grace - XIII Launch Vehicle: Firestorm III - MHUSS Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral Our first ever 'Grand Tour' mission lifts off from Kanaveral.
  4. Oligarch 2 EVA 2 and 3 Maldin heads off to name some craters.
  5. Oligarch 2 landing and EVA 1 After arriving in Munar orbit, Maldin undocks the Surface Excursion Module, and attempts a landing.
  6. Oligarch 2 launch and Munar orbital insertion Mission: Launch two Kosmonauts to the Mun, for science. Launch Vehicle: NK-1 Crew: P1 Maldin Kerman (Commander and SEM Pilot), E1 Nauki Kerman (Flight Engineer). Agency/Launch Site: Metkosmos/Kaikonur Kosmodrome An enourmous Metkosmos NK-1 lifter thunders into the sky from Kaikonur, carrying Kosmonauts to the Munar surface for the second time.
  7. Alright then, @SBKerman, I'll put together a list of the major lifters. Expect that in the next couple of weeks, and I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  8. WHOOP! I literally jumped out of my chair when I saw this was back. Great job with Daring 5.
  9. Does anyone have an opinion on anything they'd like me to tweak about Crossed Fingers? Like the kind of information I give about the missions, or the kind of screenshots, or if you'd like a bit of narrative.
  10. Munar Surface Operation Control Node 1 Mission: Launch a new docking node to MSOC Station. Launch Vehicle: Firedance - IIIA Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral A Firedance - IIIA lifts off carrying a new-generation space station module (thanks, CxAerospace!) to Low Munar Orbit. Munakhod 1 Ops Mission: Drive Munakhod 1 Agency: Metkosmos It's been a little while since I put anything about Munakhod 1 up on Crossed Fingers, so I decided to reassure you all that she's okay. Seriously, though. Stay tuned to learn what our brave little Munar explorer is sheltering from. All will be revealed. Tomorrow. Or the day after.
  11. Hello everybody, it's me, NotAgain, again. After gettoing somewhat of a positive reaction to quite a number of my pictures, I've decided to share a selection of the best with you. I probably won't update this as much as my mission report (check my signature for the link), but I'll try and keep it at least weekly. So, without further ado, have some pictures, you wonderful people. Grace - VII looks fantastic during launch on an Etoh Heavy. Korabl 14 witnesses a sunrise in orbit of Kerbin. The Sentinel Scientific Orbiter silhouetted against, you guessed it, Sentinel. A Munar arch. If you look closely at the base of the arch, you can make out the speck that is the Blue Anchor - Firedance VI Munar Roving Vehicle. Bill Kerman's standing on top of the arch. The crew of Oligarch 0D, Metkosmos' first crewed Munar mission, on EVA as they leave the Munar SOI, heading home.
  12. Does anyone know if this'll function on 1.2.2? 'Cause I love the look of this, but my career save (and the one I use for my mission report) is flatly refusing to cooperate with 1.3.0.
  13. Scratch the 'concise' bit, then.
  14. I like the Eggyolk's design. Concise, yet functional, and visually appealing.