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  1. Hello! Sorry to bother you, but I'm inquiring about the Kopernicus mod you made a little while ago, All These Worlds. Do you have any plans to update it or continue work on it, as I sent an atmospheric probe there Galileo-style yesterday and it immediately slowed down to less than 10 m/s on contact with the atmosphere. Oh, and solar panels generate next to no power inside the atmosphere.



  2. Hi!

    It's me, NotAgain, again. I'm the one who built the little shuttle for the STS challenge, and I was wondering if it would be possible to add another category or even a whole other challenge for small shuttles, as I'd love to try some other missions, but other than STS - 4/4R there isn't much the Half Mun can do. I'd suggest adding a dry mass limit for the orbiter alone of 25 tons, though I'll leave that up to your better judgement.



    1. Alchemist


      First of all, I have to clarify that the challenge levels are on participant, not shuttle basis, that is you may use multiple different vehicles and swap them between missions.

      Second, while Half Mun really has very limited payload storage capabilities, most of the challenges (with exception of STS-3 due to a very specific payload) don't explicitly require mk3 payload bay and can be completed with 1.25m diameter payloads (if a payload is required at all).

      By the way, STS-2 doesn't strictly require particular payload subassembly, allowing for custom payloads, therefore it could allow very small satellites deployed by a very small shuttle. So, if you manage to deploy 2 satellites that will then reach KSO (and with some form of gyrostabilization, if you go for commander level) from your ship, it would qualify.

      As for mini-version of challenges, that is actually an interesting idea. The payload deployment missions may get different payload specifications for different classes of the shuttles. I'll discuss such an option with Speeding Mullet, when he's back.

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