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  1. What life support mod do you use?
  2. How do you guys get Starlifters to orbit? I'm using a hybrid of one for a Kerbin - Duna transfer ship.
  3. Hey Roverdude, would it be possible to include an inline parachute, some tiny radial decouplers and a shock absorber in the next update?
  4. You might try my rover design: USI Sounding rockets 0.35m inline probe core, kerbal foundries mini wheels either side, Squiggsey space research micro RTG. Some high-gain antenna.
  5. Has anyone else had the issue were there are files missing from KSP 1.0.5 when you download it?
  6. I'm just wondering, what will be the next craft in the pack, and when will the next release be? Thanks in advance.
  7. Can we use USI Asteroid Recycling Technologies? Or is that cheating?
  8. I'm having a bit of trouble with Kerbinside: I recently installed it and, on my first test run, I selected Everkrest as my launch site, all seemed fine until physics load-in, when the screen went black except for the UI, and the g-force indicator went first to 6G, then straight to 15G, all this without me touching a single key. I attempted to revert to the SPH and then all I got was a view of space, with the KSC nowhere in sight, and when I re-loaded the save and I got the space again. Any Ideas??
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