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  1. Well, hello everyone! It would appear that I've gotten myself a copy of RSS/RO/RP-0 (in 1.1.3 for some obscure reason), and started a career mode. That may have been a mistake, but I may as well document my escapades, so, without further ado, here I go SCREAMING THROUGH THE COSMOS! Aridia - 1 Mission: Provide a nice fireworks display, or maybe send back some valuable data. Launch Vehicle: Aridia 1 Launch SIte: LC - 1, Cape Canaveral Date: 8/1/1951 Aridia 2 and 3 were practically identical missions (except Aridia - 3 only reached 61km due to a spin-stabilisation failure), so I shan't bore you with them. Aridia - 4 Mission: Get to space, and prove that in-flight staging is feasible. Launch Vehicle: Aridia 2 Launch SIte: LC - 1, Cape Canaveral Date: 6/3/1951 List of orbital Launch Vehicles (WIP) List of Kerbonauts (WIP) Class 1 (The Original Eight)
  2. Resupply Compilation 1 So, I said a few posts back that I would start putting all the more boring missions (like re-supplies, course corrections and rover driving) into one compilation every couple of weeks to give you more exciting missions. This is the first installment. Explorer - Matchstick 5 Mission: Go to space, and look out of the window. Launch Vehicle: Matchstick 1A Crew: S0 Moedith Kerman (Commander) Agency/Lanch Site: ANSEB/Great Ez Kape And here we are, the last flight of an Explorer - Matchstick 1, carrying Airenia's first spacefaring scientist, Moedith.
  3. HMF - 23 Mission: Collect Node 1 for OrbLab 2, which is adrift. Launch Vehicle: Prometheus III 122K Orbiter: KSS Lionheart (OV - 2) Crew: E1 Bill Kerman (Commander), P1 Malin Kerman (Orbiter Pilot), S1 Elity Kerman (Mission Specialist), S1 Jaline Kerman (Mission Specialist) Agency/Lanch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral Today we launch a new crew up to OrbLab 2, and finally chase down that errant module. Also, Grace - XIII finally left Minmus for Duna:
  4. Blue Anchor - Firedance XIII landing and unpacking Mission: Land at Beyrl Foster Station and deploy the verious bits of new equipment. It's time for BFS Ex - 1 to land, Nelrim to get busy building rovers and RTG arrays, and Tannica to do pretty much nothing.
  5. To: General Secretary of the Kommunist Party and Benevolent Tyrant of the Metarian Union, Irina Kerman. From: Director Sergei Kerman, Metkosmos. Re: The new R-5B and R-3A Launch Vehicles. Good morning, General Secretary. I'm sure that you're familiar with the new launch vehicles that my agency have been operating recently, namely the R-5B and R-3A (you certainly should, you signed the authorisation papers). Anyway, we're having some serious issues with them. I have practically every department of my agency (apart from finance) cursing them to high heaven for some reason or another. Even Yuliya from Public Relations is complaining! She says that they're uglier than a Lelreg's behind (whatever that is), and the she presented me with a letter from a two-year-old kerblet asking what she'd done with the "nice, old rockets". Honestly, I have to agree with the bloody kerblet. The new boosters are too big for the old umbilical towers, too powerful for their own good, are giving us trouble with the core stage engines, they're unwieldy in flight, and nowhere near as cost-effective as they're supposed to be. They are, also bloody ugly. Nasty, squat machines with no elegance to them. I've written to you directly because I'm hoping that you'll listen to your old friend Sergei, and because I know you have the power to requisition the funds and raw materials to continue operating the R-5A and R-3 lifters from somewhere. Those boosters may have been more expensive than the new ones, but they were far more useful, not to mention controllable and sleek. Your childhood friend, Sergei. To: Director Sergei Kerman, Metkosmos. From: GenSec Irina Kerman. Re: Your rocket troubles. I can't begin to tell you how happy I was to hear from you old friend, I was beginning to think that you'd been quietly transfered to a salt mine. At least your letter gives me an excuse not to read about the latest conspiracy our lovely head of intelligence has come up with. I can certainly get you the materials to re-enstate your old lifters, but not without an excuse. After I took power from old Vlad, the party have known that they have the power to destroy their leader if it suits them. I know that some of our more conservative friends can't bear the thought of me, a woman, in charge, and they're just waiting for an opportunity to bring me down. I won't make it easy for them, but if they suspect me of cronyism, everything will go to mulchville pretty quickly here, so I can't help you without an excuse. Making up an excuse isn't a particular problem, but I know you, and whatever I tell you to do, you'll do. You're not the sort to quietly shelve a project. The only way I can get you the resources, though, is through a BIG project. I know that the DPK missions are still on the drawing board, but, if you want those rockets, I'll need you to throw caution to the wind, and put Metarian Kosmonauts on Duna before Greenwood 3's DAV lifts off from the surface of Duna. I know this is asking the world, but it'll keep both of our butts out of the salt mines. Good luck, my friend. I hope to speak to you soon. Irina.
  6. OrbLab 2 Node 1 Mission: Expand OrbLab 2 in such a way that I can finally make it worth the money we spent on it. Launch Vehicle: Firestorm V Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral [Insert witty remark here]
  7. Blue Anchor - Firedance XIII Mission: Fly a crew out to our Mun base. Launch Vehicle: Firedance IIIC Crew: Commander E1 Nelrim Kerman and Mission Specialist S0 Tanicca Kerman Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral It's been several months since the KSA have been to the Mun. It's high time we went back.
  8. Sorry, no update today, as I'm sunk in work. I'll try again on Saturday.
  9. Bonus update! HMF - 22 Mission: Launch two new Geostationary communications satellites (and succeed this time). Launch Vehicle: Prometheus III 122K Orbiter: KSS Dauntless (OV-7) Crew: Commander E1 Pepe Kerman, Orbiter Pilot P1 Duddas Kerman, Mission Specialist E1 Wensie Kerman and Mission Specialist S1 Ludvey Kerman Agency/Launch Site: KSA(On Behalf of the Kerbal Space Exploration Council)/Kape Kanaveral Today, we jam amongst the stars. And launch a couple of geostationary commsats.
  10. Blue Anchor - Black Lancer X Mission: Launch a new crew to Munar Surface Operations Control in anticipation of the upcoming Mun landing Launch Vehicle: Black Lancer 2 Crew: Commander P1 Matdred Kerman, Mission Specialist S0 Karen Kerman (and more?) Agency/Launch Site: KSA (with a transfer from the OAA)/Kape Kanaveral Matdred and Karen head out to MSOC.
  11. That was the most Bad-S mission I've seen in a very long time. That Triti's quite the character.
  12. Oh, mulch... Question: Did the NewShip lose an engine during re-entry this time?
  13. Looks like Tuesday evening updates may become a thing... Grace - XI Mission: Investigate Duna's poles for the first time. Launch Vehicle: Firestorm III - MHUSS Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral Another Duna probe is sent aloft on a Firestorm III, this time it's a stationary lander. Grace - IX Mission: Send a new rover to Duna to unlock yet more of its secrets. Launch Vehicle: Firedance IIIA (ACUSS 3rd Stage) Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral We finally launch Intrepidity's sucessor, Tenacity. (I swear, @Hotaru, I'm not stealing your names! This was, believe it or not, a coincidence!) Grace - XII Mission: Return some really valuable rocks. Launch Vehicle: Firedance IIIC Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral We embark on our most ambitious Duna mission yet: an attempt to discover rocks.
  14. I too have reservations, Kathelyn... That seems like an awful lot of boom for a fairly small tin.
  15. I am in no way disappointed. You updated the thread in spite of adversity. Looking forward to Mars.
  16. Ike 2 Mission: Experience some serious de ja vu, and launch another Ike lander. Launch Vehicle: R - 6(O) Agency/Launch Site: Metkosmos/Kaikonur Kosmodrome In the (disturbingly likely) case of emergency, there's a second, identical ship a few days behind. Grace - X Mission: Probe Ike in an explosive fashion. Launch Vehicle: Prometheus III 050 Agency/Launch Site: KSA/Kape Kanaveral We're going to deliberately crash a little probe with a lump of Plutonium aboard into a moon for science and funds. It doesn't get much more 'Kerbal' than that. Also, for those wondering where Grace - IX is, we discovered a problem with her on the launch pad, and had to roll the mission back to be fixed. Also: Whoop! 300 rep! Thanks, everyone!
  17. StrutCo 2 Mission: Send another commercial space exploration probe out to its destination (Duna). Launch Vehicle: Etoh Heavy B Agency/Launch Site: KSA on behalf of StrutCo/Kape Kanaveral StrutCo make another interplanetary foray.
  18. I love SpaceSheepTwo. Do you mind if I use it in my mission report? (Obviously, I'll give you full credit.)
  19. This is my Etoh Heavy launcher, basically three etoh cores strapped together with an LV-909 or Belle upper stage. It can put three or four tons into orbit, and send several hundred kilos to Duna, which is what it's doing in this image. (The Grace - VII Duna mapping satellite.)
  20. I'd love to know what's wrong with asparagus staging. It's not exactly cheating. The real-life Delta IV Heavy sometimes uses it, if I recall correctly.
  21. Just to warn you lot, as term starts tomorrow for me, it's unlikely that I'll be able to post very frequent updates, but I'll try and get something up at least once per week.
  22. Am I the only one that sees Tintin's Moon Rocket here?
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