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  1. It sometimes messes up rendezvous when both vessels have a close Ap or Pe. It also isnt really dv efficient but fixing that is a little to complex for me. Gilly is also a difficult target because its elliptical orbit makes it hard to make initial estimations. Landing can also be a little imprecise at times.
  2. I understand what you mean, but no it does not take that into account. Now it checks the Dv needed for the burn and burns half of the fuel before the "official" time till the node and half after. might implement that later. Although my rendezvous script does allow you to choose in how many orbits to meet up with the target (although you'd need to know where to look because its not obvious where you should enter this option. I standardly set it to 5 orbits).
  3. I worked on this last year for a few months but gave up after stuff didn't work. This year I picked it up again and used my old files as a template. In total this probably took 2 solid months. I believe it can handle any kind of ship (but asparagus messes stuff up because its hard to calculate the Dv). What do you mean with periapsis kicks? https://github.com/Toukie/KOS/tree/master/GAPAPOV You can either download it as a zip or use GitHub if you're experienced with that. I just discovered that the current version has some errors after I tried to tidy the script. So for now use v.1.0.0 I'll probably fix it today or tomorrow. The readme.txt has more information about installing.
  4. It took me a while but my autopilot is finally finished. Download file here: https://github.com/Toukie/KSP/tree/master/GAPAPOV
  5. This spreadsheet is insanely handy: https://goo.gl/Wn03VL Anyways, it's the square root of the range rating (5k in command pods) * other range rating. ie. command pod has a 5k (5,000) rating and DSN level 1 has a range of 2G (2,000,000,000) SQRT (5000*2000000000) = 3162277 meters = 3.16 Mm
  6. The new scenario has quite a lot of relays, although I'm not sure if it's the amount you want/need.
  7. How will this cope with the upcoming 1.2 commnet?
  8. My 1.1.3 save has been stalling for a while now so nice time to start over again.
  9. When you want to have the LES on your ship but don't want to use decouplers because you want to dock you can attach a docking port to the top of the Mk 1-2 pod and an upside down docking port connecting to that. Now place the LES on top of the upside down docking port so it looks flush (for aesthetics you can slide it up a bit to hide the docking port sticking out.) Make an action group for abort that activates the LES and decouples your pod. Make an action to get rid the LES by setting it to undock and decouple the node and that it activates the LES. This way the LES will be launched away without effecting the rest of the ship and you will be ready to dock. Pic: http://imgur.com/a/Jt46F
  10. Laptop. Right, though I don't need a constant 60 FPS, ran KSP 1.2 and had between 20 and 30 FPS (with some pretty big ships, feels like 1.2 has been optimized or I am just not used to having no mods installed ) at launch which wasn't even that bad. Constant 40-50 FPS would be amazing.
  11. 720/1080 would be nice, 60-ish FPS would be nice.
  12. I don't need to play AAA titles but a normal/high setting would be nice for 'normal' games. Also how would you find a CPU that fits your PC, I compared the CPU from the video with a random i3 I picked here but how can I see that the i3 is better than the celeron (because of the MB cache?)?
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