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  1. It only lists Titan as built. Keep in mind this is only a catalog of in-service equipment or equipment that is ordered and will soon be in-service. After I have scanned all pertinent info and returned it, I'll request the 63-64 edition. We might find the info there. Could you go back to your original source and see if they have anymore to add? The index does show a reference to the S-3D on page 517 of the 61-62 edition.
  2. There is Titan stuff. I'll look into that. The cite may be the 63-64 edition. I can try to get ahold of that one next.
  3. There is no mention of the S-4 in this edition. This is the 64-65 edition. It does have both the MA-2 (LR105-NA-3, LR89-NA-3, LR101 package) and MA-3(LR105-NA-5 etc) there's a notational MA-5 which is the standard Atlas SLV version of the MA-2 package. I can get some scans possibly tomorrow or later in the week. @Pappystein
  4. IIRC, for one of the proposals, the S-IVB was used to kick the whole stack to an extreme elliptical (Lunar distance at AP) orbit, then transposition, purging, checkout and the SPS was used to give the final kick at PE to eject. That way they had an abort option in the first week. Funny you bring that point up. On the same mission, they reduced the S-IC retros. They discovered that the stages didn't separate as far as expected and concluded that if just one of the remaining retros failed, they could have a collision, so they reinstalled all the retros.
  5. I was just looking at that the other day. The fairings had a wider angle on them(22 degrees vs the original 15) and the 4 outer engines were farther apart(420" vs 396" center to center) to fit the extra center engine and those were on 154" centers. https://drive.google.com/file/d/11LQDF5lF8ZvM4yuXpqyn7M6yg1KoyvED/view?usp=sharing Page 22 of the document/page 34 of the PDF file
  6. @Pappystein I just walked out of the library. I FINALLY have the book on order. It'll be here in a couple weeks.
  7. So the hold isn't working. It's getting canceled for some reason. I'm going to have to physically go to the library and talk to them.
  8. Hold off on the praise. I'm curious to see what happens. It was listed as a periodical with a dozen different versions and didn't give me the option of choosing which year(s) I wanted, so I have no idea what will arrive. I do have a fallback position, being an Indiana resident, I can get an IU library card and IU Bloomington has the volume in question. I should be able to have it sent up to the closest IU campus...I think..
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