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  1. The fuel cell got goofed up then. It should be just hydrogen to be compatible with other mods.
  2. The fuel cells burn hydrogen. Both in this mod and BDB among others.
  3. @CobaltWolf Dmagic literally just dropped a huge overhaul to Scansat. Is that going to break BDB integration?
  4. BadS update. Did that long standing bug with the big map in Kerbol ReKerjiggered get fixed?
  5. I must have borked something on my end. My Apollo CM parachutes cross over each other instead of pulling outward. Net result is the chutes overlap visually. They function fine so it's just an appearance thing.
  6. @dmagic This is apparently still an issue because I came here looking for answers on why my big map doesn't work in Alternis Kerbol. I had this issue with 1.7.3 and thought if I upgraded to 1.8.1 it might fix the problem. Still no dice. I will try your workaround of scanning Jool and the Sun next and report back. Do you need any logs to help track this down? I am running the current release version of Scansat. Followup. I've got a sat in orbit of Jool and had just started to get a scan of Sun but burned up. I now have both of those in the big map celestial body drop down but not Ke
  7. right click on the SM and enable the fuel cell. Depending on if you use a certain optional patch or not it burns MP or works like a normal cell and reacts H2 with O2 and outputs water.
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