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  1. Orbiter has been doing it with the Pluto system since before KSP was even a thing. I would assume principia's issues are because the core engine is a hack job and it's just running on top. Not a programmer so just a guess.
  2. Why are you guys coming up with these convoluted hack job ideas? The simplest solution is that they used the clean slate and started with n-body from the get-go. Principia shows that it can be hacked on top of the original game so why couldn't they integrate it from the beginning with the sequel?
  3. Squad is not making KSP2 a different company is.
  4. Great spreadsheet. "Small" issue: The system scale modifier does not change the min/max distances at all. It does update the orbital parameters but that's it.
  5. I'm getting a error with the material bay saying "cannot run experiment; science module full" what's that all about?
  6. Just goofing off with Procedural tanks, I can get an identical sized stage that masses about a third as much with 1000 m/s higher Dv at twice the ISP and half the thrust. This is simply replacing the tank part and keeping the thrust structure accessories and guidance.
  7. I'm ok with the dry mass being high. That makes it Kerbal. It's the fact that Ox Is 4 times too dense that is weird. There's an LH2/O, LF/O and Mono version but no LH2 version in the public branch. If there is an LH2 in the dev I'm gonna have to switch.
  8. I just discovered an oddity. I want to make a nuclear S-IVB with an LH2 burning NERV. I realize that just removing the oxidizer ain't gonna cut it. I intend to make a patch to give me an LH2 only tank so I wanted to figure out how much additional volume to have and I started comparing the real stage to the BDB one. Most numbers come out to be about 25% of IRL except for the mass fraction which is the kerbalized number. OK so far, not a problem. The oddity is that the Oxidizer tank IRL is about 19.4 times larger by volume than the BDB one while the mass is only 4.6 times higher leading to a density in game of 4.2 times denser than LOX. So if I added the BDB Ox volume to the LH2 volume I would still be way short of having enough propellant to match, let alone exceed the J-2 performance. It looks like I need to derive the proper scaled volume for an LH2 only stage and then patch that in.
  9. Actually, it's exactly like other games. They made it, you bought it. End of story. That they have had any free updates is an act of goodwill on their part and not something any of us are entitled to.
  10. Where did the idea that a game you paid for, should continue to get free updates for ever, come from? Back in the day, a Tuesday IIRC, you bought a game and that was it. You might be able to buy expansion packs or a sequel, but the original game never changed.
  11. Is there a way to actively cool the Saturn upper stages so that they become storable? I'd like to build Baxter's Ares, and that requires an S-IVB to be fully fueled for 2 years.
  12. KSP, It's not just a game... @CobaltWolf which Apollo 11 are you recommending me to watch?
  13. I must have missed it, but what's the story on the insulated F-1s? What purpose does it serve?