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  1. I normally don't use RW. But mechjeb drastically overshoots the mark and yo-yos, wasting fuel and time. That's an MJ problem though.
  2. The BDB contracts are confusing me. I want to do the one titled "Aim at another planet and miss". I can't accept bird because it says the pre-req may only have 6 offered/active BDB contracts at a time is unmet. I have 6 offered and none active. Even when I cheat and accept one and then using F12 I complete it, it now says that's met, but it's still not usable. I click off of it and come back and it's back to unmet. What gives? She does fly as good as she looks, although the RW torque is way too high. It's unusable by hand. I had to keep toggling it on and off because MJ can't use only RCS to aim and RW is too strong for hand flying. I do enjoy full manual docking looking out the left hand window. I don't even have SAS on.
  3. Just worked my way up to Gemini. Wow. Great models with great features. I can't wait to see if the Gusmobile flys as good as she looks.
  4. I have not unlocked any guidance other than smartASS at the moment. I kind of have to hand fly it using the Surface modes. I didn't have a problem with Mercury-Atlas. I think it's just the light upper stage with the fairing. It's just touchy to fly, as it should be. Unrelated note. This is the first time I've encountered BDB contracts. Most of them are locked. The ones that confuse me are Lithobraking, aim at another planet and miss. I have all the prereqs met, yet they won't let me agree to them.
  5. I'm 100% that this is a PEBKAC error: I've been away for quite a while. I'm running the release version of BDB on 1.10, 2.5x stock system. Currently trying to launch Ranger 1 on an Atlas LV-3A. I get up to about mach 2-2.5 at around 10-12km and it just falls off it's tail and breaks up. Kinda like real NASA rockets did... So what am I doing wrong? I'm leaning over gracefully and I'm probably somewhere between 30 and 45 off vertical by the failure point. Mechjeb nor myself can keep the nose centered in the velocity vector at max Q. Finally got past the danger point. But it was a close thing. I think I need to lower the booster auto jet G force to 3...
  6. The fuel cell got goofed up then. It should be just hydrogen to be compatible with other mods.
  7. The fuel cells burn hydrogen. Both in this mod and BDB among others.
  8. @CobaltWolf Dmagic literally just dropped a huge overhaul to Scansat. Is that going to break BDB integration?
  9. BadS update. Did that long standing bug with the big map in Kerbol ReKerjiggered get fixed?
  10. I must have borked something on my end. My Apollo CM parachutes cross over each other instead of pulling outward. Net result is the chutes overlap visually. They function fine so it's just an appearance thing.
  11. @dmagic This is apparently still an issue because I came here looking for answers on why my big map doesn't work in Alternis Kerbol. I had this issue with 1.7.3 and thought if I upgraded to 1.8.1 it might fix the problem. Still no dice. I will try your workaround of scanning Jool and the Sun next and report back. Do you need any logs to help track this down? I am running the current release version of Scansat. Followup. I've got a sat in orbit of Jool and had just started to get a scan of Sun but burned up. I now have both of those in the big map celestial body drop down but not Kerbin which is at 100% scan on two different map types.
  12. right click on the SM and enable the fuel cell. Depending on if you use a certain optional patch or not it burns MP or works like a normal cell and reacts H2 with O2 and outputs water.
  13. My problem isn't the skirt sticking. Mine's aerodynamic. I was using a Heinlein phrase to describe the stack swapping ends at max-q. About 2.5g which is a touch before staging. If I stage early I lose control authority and the same thing happens. So in my career, the Atlas failed and the Titan went into service instead. So far I have yet to get a Mercury into orbit. The Titan 1 is just short of making it.
  14. I'm aware of that. I should do that too just for testing as you explain.
  15. That's a good point. But the reason I ask is because it takes me 20 mins to load KSP so testing things is tedious. I was merely wondering if someone already had tested it.
  16. Is this forward compatible to 1.7.3?
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