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  1. I finally got around to updating my dev install of BDB and a lot of my parts, mostly Titan, look "rusty" are those deprecated parts that I should replace in my builds with the new ones?
  2. OK, so does anyone know a way to hack the power sources to add more juice? I tried tweaking the persistence file and the part.cfg but that went nowhere.
  3. Hit me with a 60FPS 1080 AAA Unity game. Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.
  4. That it takes all 6 slots of a cargo storage unit to set up ONE experiment?
  5. Just did a little testing. You can not inchworm with the claw. It does not provide control to the arm once you decouple the shoulder. My test rig was mated docking port jrs(DPJ) triple servos rotated 90 degrees each when attached to simulate the Canadarm2 wrist, telescoping cylinder, servo and then repeated the design in mirror fashion down to DPJs and then stuck a claw on the backside of the last port. The claw did work to grapple but would not provide control as I previously stated. I was how ever successful with moving the arm from DPJ to DPJ on the same base object just like the real arm does. Working on the launchpad is flimsy and bouncy but it did work.
  6. I'm working on a station and I'll be needing an RMS shortly. My computer does not handle large part counts well so how are you guys building arms in a conservative fashion? I have both DLC and use mods so pretty much all options are open to me. A specific question is how do you terminate the end? What are you using for a grapple? Is it possible to do a Canadarm2 which can inch worm across the structure? Are there any mods that use the breaking ground code to do minimal part arms? I'm not afraid of IR but all the minimalist arms I've found are way out of date. Thanks all, Birdog
  7. I'd like to make a request for the eventual Saturn rebuild. Quarter and half size S-II tanks. I just read somewhere that there was a plan to upgrade the Saturn V with a full diameter third stage at some point and the short tanks would be awesome for that.
  8. At first I was against nerfing the upper stage engines, but I just delivered a fully fueled S-IVB to a 160x150 orbit with a Blk2 SM, AARDV can and fully fueled LEM on top in a 2.5x stock system. I'll run with the new settings.
  9. To give me an idea of the vector to aim for at launch and to time my launch otherwise I have my original question. I just used a station in orbit. I didn't launch a new probe.
  10. My Launch vehicle had just 100 m/s left after ejection so I had to get it very close to perfect or it would not work. I'm flying a BDB Titan IVB with a Probes Plus Cassini/Huygens on it with a 2.5x scaled system so it's very close to a perfect scaled model.
  11. I want to aim for Jool, thus I need to direct my trajectory appropriately. Since I'm flying a gravity turn my launch time is important too.
  12. I ended up using the station to plot the track, switched to the launch vehicle when it was below the node and then flew a gravity turn. When I was exo-atmospheric and closing in on a circular orbit I used mechjeb to plot the actual node and then flew that. I have a deep space correction burn of 185 m/s in a year or so that will plop me into an equatorial plane and drop my Jool PE to just above the clouds.
  13. I've got a station in a parking orbit. How do I see it's plotted trajectory from my launch vehicle?
  14. Because a parking orbit is not how it's done IRL with outer planet probes. Also the way the booster is designed and the fact that I have my reaction wheels nerfed to hell and back, I won't have near enough RCS to rotate anything but the Centaur and I will have wasted a fair bit of the second stage's propellant if I release the Centaur. I'm all for mods so if you've got a mod solution that will work, lay it on me. I already have KAC Mechjeb and KER BTW.
  15. I'm going to be flying a gravity turn because my booster(BDB Titan IV/B) has a t/w<1 at several points in it's ascent profile. My en route maneuvering budget is going to be very small. I'm trying to put Probes+ Cassini/Huygens into orbit using the proper booster but the Centaur will have bleed it's propellant off fairly quickly. Brute force probably won't work.
  16. I'm looking to launch to Jool direct from the pad with no parking orbit. How do I go about plotting the node so I have an aim point once I clear atmo? Mods are an option.
  17. I would kill for a scienceless career that doesn't involve F12.
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