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  1. Personally, I like seeing other people compiling a mod I've worked on because I'm selfish and editing other people's toys is easier than making toys of my own. For waiting time, I'd feel comfortable waiting for a few days. Maybe a week if that's what feels right to you. It looks like GPLv3 (the licensing for the source code) is pretty permissive. Personally, I'd attribute credit to the previous OP (ethernet) and reply to the main topic with a link to your new thread. Just make sure it doesn't have the same name as the previous version to keep confusion at a minimum.
  2. I believe KSP keeps a list of the possible Kerbal types (i.e. Pilot/Engineer/Scientist) within the vanilla game that is used to generate new Kerbals (such as by KerbalRoster.GetNewKerbal(Crew). Using mods that add in additional types (such as RoverDude's USI collection or maculator's Colonists! mod), it looks like KSP updates the record of the possible types when rolling random Kerbals. That is, types such as Geologist or Quartermaster appear in addition to Pilot and Engineer. Does anyone know where that information would be stored and how to access it? The KerbalRoster and HighLogic classes don't have anything that is obvious. Some background regarding my application: I want to be able to convert Kerbals from one occupation to another, but I'm not sure what mods someone may or not be using. For example, I want to change a Scientist to something else. In vanilla, the only options would be Pilot/Engineer. But if there are mods present, something like Geologist would be available, so Pilot/Engineer/Geologist. I think there are two approaches, but I'm not sure which is best: 1) Create a Module Manager plugin to add/subtract classes called in a module. This options seems like more overhead for me but is definitely doable with what I presently know. 2) Implement the logic to check the available Kerbal traits in C# so I don't need to explicitly know what traits are being used (I can delegate it to an iterative loop). This seems like the more "correct" solution, but I'm not sure if it's possible. Thank you!
  3. The Civ Pop Mod Curse of rotating authors has struck again! I'd love to continue support for this mod but unfortunately I don't have the time to commit to it. Or sadly even playing KSP. Regarding the missing files (BackgroundGrowth.cs, UnloadedVessel.cs, and AssemblyInfo.cs), they are WIP classes/files I was testing some stuff in that I ended up scrapping. I couldn't figure out how to tell Monodevelop not to include them so I was trying to manually erase them. Guess I missed a spot in the .csproj file. A quick-n-dirty work around would be just create a blank class of the relevant name and recompile (targeting the correct .NET Framework version). If someone would like to continue this, I would be very grateful. I tried to make the license as permissive as possible and mark up the code so others could continue (and possibly learn) easily. I'm a mechanical/hardware engineer by day so I'll admit some of the code may not be up to coding standards...but I tried to keep it human-readable. Again, thank you to everyone who helped me with my first foray into modding! Some notes for anyone who wishes to continue this mod: You don't need to be a modding wizard. I'm certainly not. DebuggingClass in the .cs files is what I use to store the static variables (such as civilian class names, mod name, etc...). The myWindow object isn't called anywhere unless I'm debugging something. All of the art assets are in a folder together. I ran into trouble trying to catalog them into the appropriate folder. The Community Documentation is a godsend. Use it. Love it. Update it. FixedUpdate -> Unity's physics-update, does not require part to be in the active stage Update -> Unity's update. Does require part to be in the active stage The distinction between FixedUpdate and Update was initially lost on me and the cause of much frustration. Code should be human-readable and executable. When those conflict, err on the side of human-readable. Saving yourself 2 minutes writing can cause headaches down the line when you forget what that piece does. If you have any questions (CivilianSpawnGrowth can get a little gnarly), let me know. I'll try to answer.
  4. @Jiraiyah It will not grow via docking (immigration), but you can still grow via spawning without issue (but you will need a single "seed" Kerbal).
  5. @Jiraiyah, @Kerbas_ad_astra, The previous update (0.0.5) should make the game start-world agnostic. Github is calling my release Source Code. Not really sure why. Download it and there will be two folders inside: Source and GameData. Source has the source code, GameData has everything you would need for this mod (CRP, MM).
  6. Version 0.0.5 is up, with 1.2.0 compatibility. You can get it here. Background processing is still WIP; haven't had a lot of time to delve into it.
  7. @Jiraiyah no problem. USI can be a little complicated but not too bad. Just have to keep track of the moving parts. When I play with it, I find RoverDude's Wiki invaluable(if you're not already aware of it). If you find any problems, let me know so I can fix them.
  8. @Kerbas_ad_astra That's a great idea. I had no idea I could do that. I'll add it in when I'm able to work on the mod some more. Thank you! @Jiraiyah I think I got you. Out of the box, this mod doesn't include a life support system (but it does support them). So you could have Kerbals hanging around indefinitely and their number would only increase over time (up to crew capacity limit for Civilian quarters), similar to Jeb in my current sandbox game. As of yet, there is also no background processing on my side of crew growth, so who you send will be who arrives (and even when it is supported, no Kerbals will spawn without a "seed" Civilian). If you use USI Life Support, the 1.2 patch will have a few changes to the drills and such so that ISRU can be made closed-loop, using the USI modules to create Fertilizer. Otherwise, how are you keeping your current Kerbals alive with USILS? @richfiles I know what you mean. First it was Offworld Trading Company and now it's setting up events with BattleCON and making a character-select box. There are too many projects to do! That's a great idea for the upgrades, though! I saw it in the release notes but didn't consider the possibilities for this mod!
  9. @Jiraiyah the stations should be self-sufficient (or nearly so). It is about 16 supplies/Kerbal/Kerbal day, right? Right now, I believe I have the habs set up for 100 days at maximum capacity. I think the green houses are sized to keep up with a maximum of 50 or 60 Kerbals at the largest size per Greenhouse. You will still need to bring in either supplies or mulch + fertilizer but you should have plenty of time to do so (about 3-ish months). If you notice something off, let me know!
  10. @0111narwhalz Do you mean the .version file? In my tests, it seemed like that was ignored (I had set the minimum version to 2.2 and it loaded the plugin).
  11. My question for you guys isn't technical programming this time, but general mod-keeping. When do you guys release your 1.2-compatible versions? If you put it out before 1.2 officially drops, how do you keep issues between it and someone playing 1.1.3 from happening?
  12. Errors? What errors. My code is perfectly functional the first time, every time. It just tends to have some bonus, unexpected features that the compiler can't comprehend. Thank you! I didn't realize there was a version 1.2 forum. Time to do some reading on my lunch break!
  13. @JPLRepo I am actually the author. I just happen to be a very inexperienced author. I'll try recompiling when I get home tonight. I didn't see anything about .NET changing from 3.5, so to recompile for the latest KSP version, would there be anything else I need to do other than reference KSP 1.2's dll's (e.g. KSPUtil, KSP.UI, cSharpFirstPass, UnityEngine...)?
  14. Hey I'm trying to figure out what broke in my mod during the update to KSP 1.2.0 but I'm running into a wall. None of my part plugins seem to be loading. I've just downloaded the current version from GitHub (version 0.0.4) that I know works with 1.1.3. The only changes I've made are to the GameData/CivilianPopulationRevamp/CivilianPopulationRevamp.version and CRP.version files. In both, I've changed it to: { "NAME":"Civilian Population Revamp", "URL":"https://github.com/maanderson22/CivilianPopulationRevamp/releases", "DOWNLOAD":"https://github.com/maanderson22/CivilianPopulationRevamp/releases", "GITHUB":{ "USERNAME":"MAAnderson22", "REPOSITORY":"CivilianPopulationRevamp", "ALLOW_PRE_RELEASE":false }, "VERSION":{ "MAJOR":0, "MINOR":0, "PATCH":4, "BUILD":0 }, "KSP_VERSION":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":2, "PATCH":0 }, "KSP_VERSION_MIN":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":1, "PATCH":2 }, "KSP_VERSION_MAX":{ "MAJOR":1, "MINOR":2, "PATCH":5 } } Example of an error for a part (both are present in the part's .cfg file): [LOG 18:56:17.097] PartLoader: Compiling Part 'CivilianPopulationRevamp/Parts/DockingPorts/CivieDockingPort/civieDockingPort/civieDock' [ERR 18:56:17.102] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'CivilianDockGrowth' [ERR 18:56:17.103] Cannot find a PartModule of typename 'KerbalRecruitment' Is this normal operation at this point (mods disabled for 1.2), or am I seeing something unique to my mod? Otherwise, does anyone have any ideas why this would happen?
  15. @DStaal Wow all that's stock? I've been "manually" editing the resource amounts using Part.RequestResource(string resourceName, float demand). Do you know which class that is in and/or some keywords/what it's called so I can look it up?
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