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  1. The struts should disappear once you undock.
  2. Cheers. I still have trouble understanding dumbing down LEGO-style construction, like, it's still there.
  3. The only reading currently is in engineers report in VAB. No sign of it in flight.
  4. Shockwaves definitely used to affect Kerbals at least. https://youtu.be/lKfjo0s0lgQ
  5. You don't need docking to get to Duna and back.
  6. I posted it a couple of times already in various threads (and I learned it from one of early dev posts I think, or maybe it's in keybinds options IDK) yet it continues to slip away from people's attention. Come on devs, we need a deep tutorial on control scheme ASAP.
  7. It's called evolution. A person who learned how to operate a Ford Model T would have trouble in Ford Focus. With that said, while middle pan is unintuitive for horizontal setting because you still have to move up and down to go forwards and backwards, the middle click to focus is absolute blessing. The rest of the controls are pretty much identical.
  8. I never thought I'd have to ask such thing but... I'm out of ideas. Of course the maneuver node never shows where it's going to end up, but that's the least of my problems. I know I have to burn retrograde-ish but the trouble is... none of the online tools gives me a clear answer. The phase angle I get from one is different from the transfer window time I get from the other. It says it should be a 1200m/s burn to get me on collision course, and I'm glad because I only have like 1250, but I can't figure out the timing. I'm on Year 10.
  9. Yeah speaking of those... I'd very much like to see more keybinds editable. I'm one of the few who's ever confused by default RCS keybinds and i like to have them exactly on the numpad. ...not only it doesn't save for whatever reason, so despite having it set up I still have to use HJKLwhatever, but also it looks like some of the camera movements are locked to the numpad as well.
  10. So is your whole post. White text on white background on white theme. Anyway, I wanted to ask how to access most of the editor tools like quotes, code box, lists etc, on mobile, because swiping definitely doesn't work. Unless I have to use old [-quote]
  11. "hold prograde" Bahahahaha. That's my rockets laughing as they refuse to stick to the prograde marker despite having gimballed engines, reaction wheels etc. My perfectly symmetrical, strutted Mun rocket? Few seconds after liftoff it will start turning south without any input. Others? Even after that gentle push eastwards, it will start veering off to the sides, often leading to flip. Male cow excrement. There's no reliable ascent profile.
  12. You should be able to do so by right clicking on a docking port of your target.
  13. Yeah but the RAM. If I see right, it's eating up nearly all of what you have. Also going at x3 warp isn't helping either. Maybe that's causing the low framerate, not the GPU. However, such low utilization is weird and I have a feeling that it may be related to some nvidia settings rather than something in-game. I see two cards in that task manager as well.
  14. And for that reason, whenever I launch something I point the camera straight into sky. Makes launches more smooth.
  15. I don't even want to remember how unstable it was in early alpha. .,.what?
  16. No. Unreal isn't better than Unity in the same way as mazda isn't better than toyota or Mac isn't better than Windows. they all have ups and downs and it's up to the user (in this case, the developer) to decide which one better fits their needs. besides, that late into development, it's pretty much impossible to change the engine with other result that another 5 years in production.
  17. Exactly. People are already not believing what they're saying, so saying more won't change a thing. 3 days until stats in TOTM, we'll see if what you're claiming is true.
  18. Bet you know better than CM what CM should and shouldn't do, go tell them. ¯⁠\⁠_⁠(⁠ツ⁠)⁠_⁠/⁠¯ Nah, I play because I like to play. If bugs happen, I screenshot and report the next time I start the game - I don't purposefully turn it off to send feedback through the launcher lol. That happens even with games that are considered finished, past-1.0. KSP is no exception in that regard. It's a game, not a devtool. Hunting as such is for internal beta testers. Have you learned nothing from the last 3 years? Lists, plans and such never lead anywhere good. You hear performance and stability improvements in every single dev post, so that's a priority. Done, next! I encountered plenty of very good community managers that didn't shot every single bit of information there is. I don't think their job is to poke every single dev every day with "hey dude what are you working on, I need every detail because a bunch of people are impatient" Same can be told about many other games, so? How's that related to what the CMs are doing? Even if you know, that ain't gonna speed up the process of waiting, patch won't come quicker or have more features because you know it. There's a finite amount of bugs. People will run out of reports eventually. That may result in lower player count. Pure guess: every single thing in the game is moving, there's only one static object right now - the sun. So misalignments happen. Would a communication help fix it? Doubt it. Opinion™
  19. And yet you didn't quote the bit from the same wiki, just a little bit higher up In the Tracking Station, it is erroneously said to be tidally locked. It however has a solar day that is approximately 20.83 Kerbin days longer than its year. Has anyone checked the actual rotation in the tracking station, by, i dunno, focusing on the planet and timewarping?
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