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  1. Could it be a hint to the game getting closer to release??
  2. People like videos, I like pictures, there's no need to load anything in another window/tab or waiting until youtuber describes things... Anyway. Top left, vertical/horizontal button. One could say this implies existence of sph, but by the looks of it (the footage with procedural wings) it's the same building, the background doesn't change. What could more likely happen, is the construction orientation change (along with perhaps better controls fitting horizontal/vertical construction) and I guess where it sends the craft for launch, runway or the launchpad. Of course you could probably choose, but by default something made in horizontal mode would go to a runway. But we can't do that anywhere near Jool, again, so...
  3. I wonder why they didn't for 5 years since acquiring the franchise.
  4. Oh here we go again. Making the planets pretty much undrivable. Yeah, great. Turn off the collisions though, and you're left only with visual obstacles that add nothing to gameplay. Exactly, you said it. In alpha. You remember how KSP looked in alpha? With water being a hard surface and all? Moving on with the sentence.. Rockless regolith as far as the eye can see. Sand dune. No rocks! your bumps, that are by the way not made by the terrain itself because that still has rough edges and sudden changes in slope inclination, stop being rendered few hundred meters away from the camera. Uhuh. Oh this again, can't be bothered to respond to this, AGAIN. Next! Oh yes you are, your whole post screams that. See above. Yeah you do. All you and many other people very much like to compare KSP2 to modded KSP1, and I wonder, if it doesn't look like your beloved mods, are you even going to buy it? Because it looks like no. KSP2 devs wouldn't, and shouldn't compare their game to mods, ever. That just creates more problems than solutions. You can, but stop demanding that the game looks better than other modded game. By the way, what any of this has anything to do with Jool? Get a room and make your own thread for complaints.
  5. Sure. But any furthee maneuvers would need to be done at minimal thrust %. My last trip with a xenon engine around these parts, with two gigantor panels, required me to keep the engines below 14% thrust to avoid running out of power.
  6. People are so focused on visuals that they're forgetting that these, as presented by KSP1 mods, can be added by others. Kind of. What cannot be done, is the improved performance, features that aren't present in KSP1 - or exist in mods but work only just, being still limited by KSP1 capabilities. There's the question on parallax being so often mentioned that it became boring. I noticed that there's a very jarring LOD difference sphere around the vessel, to keep the performance somewhat stable. Something that is not needed in the second game.
  7. We're getting Dev diaries and S&T (and feature video rarely) interchangeably every month, since January. with one exception of May. Let's see if that keeps happening at the end of October with new Dev diary I guess.
  8. but was it that? To me it looked like barely a quarter of an orbit. Three major moons could still easily be behind the camera/planet.
  9. Soo crispy! Also, xenon probe? This far from Kerbol? With tiny panels? I can only read that as confirmation of xenon being extractable from the atmosphere.
  10. Which you could've linked, thank you.
  11. If there was a video it would be up by now. The only other possibility is S&T, still 2 or 3 hours from now. Or, again, nothing. Edit: welp. see ya in a week.
  12. Last friday of the month, according to postings from last half a year, it's either a feature video or show n tell. Or nothing at all, who knows. We'll see in a couple of hours.
  13. Game Awards. Who knows, maybe KSP2 will be among titles nominated for the most anticipated game, if they start the campaign by then.
  14. And then he proceeds to being stuck between blaming the engine or game developers. Not providing better examples (UE games can be crappy too) and not acknowledging the fact that both KSP and C:S work to some extent with as many calculations as they make, says something about the engine. And the guy was pretty much wrecked with arguments to the point the thread died. There's nothing wrong with Unity, it's only perceived as crap because many small devs use it for their first games (and in most cases you can tell if a game was made in Unity because without any changes to rendering, all games do have that Unity Look™)
  15. Ooor the whole "leave a jetpack because what you're carrying is 0.5kg too heavy" thing should be removed.
  16. For comparison, HarvesteR, the creator and leader of KSP project left some years ago. Didn't stop the game from being developed until last year. I'm sure KSP2 is still in good hands today. Hell, I bet even if Nate Simpson moved on, the rest of the team is still passionate enough to deliver the game on time in good condition. But back to Nate R... This exists.
  17. Nah, the game was in production since late 2017, or at least in the concept phases. Team was probably looking for a producer, as now they're still looking for other positions. And people move on from projects to projects, from companies to companies all the time, regardless if something is finished or not - because first and foremost thing is what's best for a person.
  18. Depends on which part of the trailer. But as a whole, don't think so. Modern GPUs still can't render graphics in real time on the same level as they do with prerendered material. Cutscenes will always look better than gameplay, so will the trailers and such.
  19. It's not recent but it's a material
  20. She's not on Eve so she's still saveable Just needs more boosters
  21. Lemon scented napkins in KSP2 confirmed. Since they're slaying the Kraken and all that. Unless it works only on forum Krakens
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