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  1. I think the refueling is a bit cheaty, but the challenge of setting up a zero cost route by expending only .1 mass is interesting. I just got a free 30 cargo space route to Duna by sending 10 vessels that use xenon and ion engines, each able to increase cargo by 3 for zero cost because I lost only .093 mass. I have a similar vessel that goes from Kerbin orbit to Minmus orbit for about 8 cargo each way for about 5 round trips. When it's out of fuel, I just launch another one.
  2. To make TCs, you need Pilots and Quartermasters. To make routes, you need TCs, unless you can make zero TC routes.
  3. I've been spending some time thinking about the whole TC/cargo metric. While part count in KerbalLand can be high, shipping things to other bodies tends to be fairly easy because I can send unKerbaled supply ships full of mats, and that's not an option in WOLFLand. It's a great thing that we can set up :orbit to :orbit routes, but that requires Kerbals (pilots), which means life support, food, water, hab.... All of a sudden, you need a significant amount of TC from surface to orbit just to support one pilot and a few TCs. Also, the 1:1 ratio of fuel to TC makes having cargo routes from b
  4. Hi, installed new matlab runtime and downloaded new PR5 today. On main porkchop screen, cannot enter UT as date and time in either time field, Log says: Error using matlab.ui.container.Menu/get Unrecognized property String for class Menu. Error in mainGUI>enterUTAsDateTime_Callback (line 440) Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95) Error in mainGUI (line 42) Error in matlab.graphics.internal.figfile.FigFile/read>@(hObject,eventdata)mainGUI('enterUTAsDateTime_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) Error while evaluating Menu Callback.
  5. Thanks for the replies, so here is what I see: Vessel 1 starts at 5.265 before burn and ends at 5.171, a loss of 0.094 and TC of 0 so far Vessel 2 starts at 7.046 and ends at 6.942, difference of 0.104 and TC of 1 So, since I lost over 0.1 the second time, it rounds up to 1. Which means I cant stay below 0.1, I might as well go all the way to losing 0.9 for the same cost?
  6. Hi, Can anyone share the calc that determines the route cost? I have two different ships that lose almost exactly the overall % of mass after a burn, but one has a cost of 1 and the other stays at zero. The ship that has a cost of one is heavier and loses more fuel mass. is it the fuel mass specifically that is used?
  7. As always, YMMV. MKS is designed to not have to connect vessels together. It's a bit of a mindset change when you are designing your surface vessels to work together for the first time and learning how logistics work. You can make some very cool bases that are completely self sufficient without a single connection. It's complicated, and you have to get things right, but the journey is a lot of fun and occasionally, you can enjoy a sunset.
  8. I did adjust my heat settings very slightly to handle some non-stock parts that had some sections outside the radius of the heat shields, and i was too lazy to use the wider shields. I also never has an issue with stock parts.
  9. Hi, I have some Biomass generation in Kerbin:Grasslands, but it is not showing up on the Depot view. The only way I can see it is if I open a Planner and create an Agriculture module in the VAB and I see Biomass going from 30(+10). Is this already known? Using MKS 1.4.1 on 1.11.1, not using the newer Constellation version yet.
  10. Nice...I never did get a non nuke version to work on Minmus. I even tested a huge battery power supplier to augment the solar, but it got too big and expensive. So, I made the Duna power module as the core for all my starter bases and worked pretty well, because it also powered some of the smaller vessels I sent later. I knew about the Mun solar issue, so I built a fuel cell based power distributer with some kit to keep the fuel cells fed, much like you did.
  11. The use of solar panels on starter bases om Minmus can be problematic. You will run out of EC overnight unless you have an insane amount of battery. Had to use the small nukes and power sharing to keep everything working and eventually disassembled the panels.
  12. Indeed. The tutorials are doing a great job in describing making MaterialKits to support off planet construction, but I don't think that's my first priority. I'm looking to develop more of a Planetary Logistics setup first on the moons. Then, I would like to launch my big vessels from Kerbin by dropping the first stage and using most of the fuel from the second stage to get to orbit. Then I can refuel the second stage in orbit by transferring fuel from the moons and be on my merry way.
  13. Hi, may I ask views on some design questions? Do unharvested resources have any use? Other than for cost and infrastructure reasons, it seems like you always want to harvest them to make them available. Especially from Kerbin:KSC, it seems really important to dedicate a lot of resources to maintaining the KSC:Orbit depot. I think the most desired things in a Orbit depot are TC, and having to support the orbital TC costs alone from resources on Kerbin:KSC takes a lot of work. Are people generally using their Kerbin depots to transfer raw resources to KSC to support the orbital
  14. Hi, I started my WOLF save without the Karbonite mod. I just added now. I have seen concentrations with my surface scanner, but not as a WOLF resource. Is it because I did not have the mod installed, or I really dont have Karbonite on Kerbin or Minmus? Thanks
  15. Sorry, tried to type the issue from memory and made an error. When I switch to Go to UT, I do get the UT window. Underneath is the checked option to optimize and below it , there are two entry fields for the optimize range. They used to be changed to the UT value by default, but they they stay set to 0 and 360 Screenshot is Here To create, I open MA, set initial state by importing from my active vessel, and try to create a coast to UT
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