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  1. How to stop bases exploding?

    Roverdude developed MKS for that exact reason (plus others). Having smaller bases, grouped together within a range, unconnected but acting connected, prevents the physics engine from blowing things up (usually).
  2. Is eccentricity a vector?

    I would vote no, as it is part of the patched conic branch of mathematics. All of the terms are scalars and not vectors. It is also the same regardless of orientation, which would not be the case if it were vector based (I think).
  3. I have been playing around with this. It seems like the regular porkchop/departing burn does the trick nicely and optimizations from MA do not change that significantly. One question I have is when you optimize for arrival deltav in the porkchop/departing calculations, which parameter do you actually minimize? My next activity is to try and optimize velocity at the target Pe. If I know the velocity at a given Pe at Thalia in a highly elliptical orbit, and I know that my capture burn will be between 1200-2000m/s, then I can put that in MA to optimize. The issue is that there are a lot of velocity parameters to optimize for in MA and not sure which is the best one to use. Will post the results when I get them. Thanks
  4. i have it 1.3 also in Docking Autopilot. The status screen says I'm moving toward the target at 1 m/s, where the Target navball says I'm moving close to 2. It looks like the velocity is not being recognized correct in MJ and the control mechanisms are late in correcting.
  5. Yes, sort of. I guess I should just ask the very specific question I have. I fly to an inner planet a lot from my home planet (Gael -> Thalia, similar to Kerbin->Eve). My capture burns are about twice the optimum listed in the deltav maps (1200 optimum, mine are from 1600-2800). It's my understanding that to minimize that capture burn (the highly elliptical orbit with the Pe close to the planet and the Ap just inside of the SOI), I should arrive at Thalia Pe at close to the same time as the sun centric Pe, which is the point where the relative speeds should have the smallest difference. So, what kinds of things can I optimize for in MA for departure burns and transfer orbits to arrive in the best orientation? It seems like I want the Thalia Pe at 90 degree angle to prograde, and in the same place as the transfer orbit Pe, so I'm moving almost parallel to Thalia's orbital path. Also, I think the hyperbolic orbit after SOI should be closer to 2-2.5 than 1. These kind of things are probably similar to reducing the injection burn for Moho and wanted to find out what the smart people do. Thanks
  6. Release looks great so far. I wanted to ask about optimizing arrival deltav in MA. WHen porkchops are calculated, we have the option of optimizing for arrival deltav, although I don't really know how that is calculated. In MA, it's common to define injection burns after we coast to Pe, but the examples usually just optimize for inclination. If I were to program a capture burn like what is shown on the deltav maps, I could optimize for ecc=.95 or define the SMA or Ap height, but what MA optimization will give be the most optimal injection burn? Thanks
  7. Hi, had another error in the departure burn screen. When you right click "FInd Earliest arrival for Deltav" and input a deltav number, this error was logged: Thanks
  8. Logs are here In loading a fresh 1.3.1, Kopernicus .2, and GPP 1.5.3, seeing these errors (were not there with Kopernicus alone): Thanks
  9. xScience worked fine with 1.3.0. I expect no issues with the newer versions
  10. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    3-4 per one RE 3.75 Tundra bay and one Assembly MK bay. They both need chemicals. If you have a few MPUs making Chemicals, you can get away with 3. The Wiki has the conversion rates. Yes, I made the same assumption and had the same problem. But, during catch up processing, the simplified version is that it only does one pull every 6 hours, which is different than the real time pulls when the vessel is in focus. So if you need 1000 chemicals in 6 hours and you have space for 800, you are only going to use 800 (actually a bit less). Many factors go into that number but if you budget for tank space at 12 hours of consumption, you will be fine.
  11. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Hi, need 3-4 Tundra bays if you are making RE and MK full time. But my point was regarding the tank storage that is locally attached to the Refineries. One RE bay and one MK bay consumes like 500 chemicals per day at 100%. When your bonuses get higher (or if you have more than one MK or RE bay), you need 1500-2000 per day or more. Budgeting for 12 hours of tank space gets you 4000, which is a 2.5m tank. If you don't have a tank roughly that size, then you may run out of Chemicals during a 6 hour run of catch-up processing.
  12. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    When you run into these types of issues, the first thing to check is tank size. This has been discussed a few months ago in the forum, but I'll give the highlights. Chemicals are one of the largest things you need to manufacture if you wish to manufacture everything to be self sustainable. The way that catch-up mechanics work with MKS manufacturing, this requires a chemical tank size that can hold 6-12 hours of chemical consumption. Since Chemicals require Minerals and converts it with 20% efficiency, you need to have a max 1-5 ratio of Chemicals to Minerals storage (can be adjusted). If your tanks are smaller than this, then you won't make the maximum amount per day. When I resolved this in my base, everything worked as expected. The only issue I had left was if I used more than one tank to get the capacity. It did not seem to recognize the total capacity correctly. So for the large items like this, I stopped using inflatable storage and used single very large tanks. Hope this helps.
  13. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I had noted it in the GPP forum a few weeks ago. Maybe a Kopernicus issue?
  14. [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Happened to me in a GPP non USI career. My scientist changed to an engineer in a lab on a space station on Niven. May be a stock issue since we run different configs.
  15. These are not issues just with the latest build. I have had them in every build. They're somewhat easy to work around, except for #1 in planets with atmosphere. I fly manually to a spot where I think will work, and say "land anywhere".