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  1. Gilph

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    I did, but I'm still using a 1.3.1 version. My workaround was to do a x100 warp with the base in focus to generate enough T credits for what I needed.
  2. Gilph

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    MKS was designed to eliminate the need for this. Why would you feel you need to connect anything?
  3. Fired up my original 1.3.1 GPP career just to finish this. Could have used that science about 97 years ago.
  4. Hi, Using 1.4.3 and Scansat 18.6, finally got around to starting a career and started scanning. Have a weird bug on the map. All of the lat/lon readouts when I put a cursor over the map will have the same digit in the lat, and a same digit for the lon (ex. 3 3 3.23, 20 20 20.49). the fractions will change, but the values will only update to the same number Also, no N,S,E,W indicators. I have Mun scanned to 99%, 100% low res at only 1% remaining on hi res, but it also shows up in the hi res parts of the map. Logs/pic are here Thanks
  5. True...the initial orbit was a bit non standard, but it highlighted issues with this approach to landing. I read through the changed code and the comments a bit, and unless I misread it, there can be problems. I have also successfully landed vessels with 801 that did have RCS and found it very awkward. Firstly, RCS is really needed for docking. A user used to be able to select whether RCS is used for landing, but it enabled automatically in 801. If I needed to save my RCS for docking on return, and it all got used up on landing, I'd be in trouble. Also, when I touched down, all these attitude control screens popped up and I'd have to go and disable and close them, which is a bit tedious. I really did not need any of that enabled. I know the problem of eliminating that last fraction of horizontal speed was difficult sometimes, causing vessels to flip wildly to zero it out. But I think these new approaches need to be selected as options, and there needs to be an additional check to see whether the vessel actually has RCS thrusters, and if so, the user enabled them to be used.
  6. Hi, I recently had to revert back to dev 800 from dev 801 due to some severe issues with the new landing changes. Scenario in 1.4.3 with dev 801: Smallish Mun lander in circular 400k orbit around the Mun. No RCS on vessel Changed Pe to 15k at 15k, selected Land Anywhere Just above the surface, the craft oriented itself vertically but still had a large horizontal speed (~10m/s). It slowly lost altitude while skimming over the surface for about a minute and crashed into the side of a hill, killing 7 tourists. It seems the new code has some heavy reliance on RCS and does some auto enabling of attitude control. I'm not sure that's the best way to handle most cases. TBH, I always found the Land Anywhere code to be very good, with only occasionally minor hiccups. I would suggest: Auto Enabling RCS is a mistake. In Career mode, it is common to make landers that to not need docking, so RCS is not added. Also, RCS should not play a role in Land Anywhere, unless the user enables the RCS button and RCS is present.. Main engines should always kill horizontal speed. The only thing that needed attention was the occasional flipping of the vessel excessively at the end to eliminate the last bit of horizontal velocity. Maybe raising the altitude a little and a gentler deceleration at the very end will fix that. If you detect that RCS button is pushed and RCS is actually present on the vessel, it can be used. Especially with Land at Target, where you are descending from a 500m height and you are a bit off, RCS can help on the way down Thanks
  7. @dlrk,Thanks for doing that. I did get started on using the MKS balancing spreadsheet for SSPRx parts and ran into a lot of things that confused me. if you could post a download, I'd love to see your results.
  8. Gilph

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    @LatiMacciato, @draculthemad, thanks so much for figuring this out. I thought that the OL screen being borked was an incompatible mod because I'm still on 1.3.1. I deleted a previous OL transfer that was successful and everything works again.
  9. @Poodmund, Happy Sunday I downloaded today and tried this using the newest Sigma Replacements Skybox 0.3.0, and it did not work. The Sigma comments state that there was a syntax change to make it compatible with TR/TRR, but does not seem to explain the syntax change. I tried playing around with the syntax but could not get it to work. Reverted to the sigma version just prior and everything was fine. Would you know what to change to make it compatible? KSP 1.4.3, MM 3.0.7 Thanks
  10. Gilph

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Hi, All. Have a question about the resource balancing spreadsheet and the Duna Kerbitat. The Duna Kerbitat has three modes: Recycler (no water input), Purifier (water input), and Habitat. When I start plugging the recycle numbers in the ss to get the rated conversion percentages, they do end up close or exact to mass, volume, EC and water rate numbers. Then, I put in the hab numbers to see if they match the numbers in the config (some of the VAB numbers are wrong) and thing look very strange. The EC and volume results are fine, but the mass is only 2.856 and the part is 4.45. The hab function is 64% below it's mass but consistent with it's volume. that seems really off. It's a really lousy habitat, considering it's the Duna Habitat. Is this by design and are there any guidelines on how to balance better? Thanks
  11. With only SSPXr, all you need to do is have the correct number of engineers inside the vessel to inflate it, as @Cyrious has said. If you have other mods installed, they sometimes include patches to modify the default behavior. If you have MKS, it adds a requirement of MaterialKits to inflate. MKS also has a mechanic that some of the MKS parts must be inflated by a Kerbal on EVA, but that's not the case with SSPXr parts.
  12. Gilph

    [1.3] - Modular Kolonization System (MKS)

    Yes. The KSP 1.3.1 release is not stable when drills are used. Revert back to USI Tools 10.1 and it will fix the drill issues. Orbital logistics might work, depending on your group of mods
  13. Hi, thanks for the release. Been installing this morning and have some weirdness with the bases and KK: I set the Rooks Glory base to default, but when I start the game, it's at KSC If I then to to VAB, I get a message saying Rooks Glory is set to default Exit VAB, and I see I'm at Rooks Glory. If I try to quit to Main Menu, I am sent back to VAB and will be stuck in that cycle until I pick another building to enter and exit, like MC. Then I can exit. Logs only show me entering and exiting editor with no errors. This happens with GPP and KK only installed. Please let me know if you need anything.
  14. KSPTOT is a utility used outside of KSP, so it should not have affected anything. It has a KSPTOT Connect dll to allow for reading data from KSP which should not cause the issue you described.