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  1. Hi @Arrowstar, Having an issue with the new 1.6.5 and MA. In my JNSQ instance I have a ship on orbit and was looking to optimize a transfer burn calculated by mechjeb. Open MA. KSP is in flight mode. Import values in Initial State successfully almost instantly. Right click window to select import maneuver node from KSP for active vessel. MA just sits there with the yellow Working... banner on the bottom. Task Manager reports around a 25% CPU load for KSPTOT. It took 10 minutes to complete just the import. As I'm typing this, I added a Coast to the target body (Nara, who is very far away, 1,712,000,000km SMA) and it took another xx hasn't finished after 15 minutes. I haven't even started the optimization yet, it's just adding steps so far. Are there options I can play around with to try and fix? Thanks PS: Maybe change this? MA/LVD: Added option to auto-propagate (or not) the mission script when changes are made to it. Useful when your script takes forever to propagate and you have lots of changes to make.
  2. I'm afraid not. The two time systems are somewhat hard-coded in there, so additional work would be required to add a new time system. Hi, I've been playing around a little with this using earth time, which is exactly twice as long. Did a optimal 2 burn change on a probe around the new Moho and it went perfect, except I needed to do 2 orbits each to get to the two burn nodes. I was a little surprised because I used UT in seconds, which shouldn't care how long the day is (maybe?). I'll play around a bit more to see if I need to cut some intervals in half. It's nice to use the utilities though, i tend to rely on them a lot. Thanks
  3. Good to know...flirted with the idea of a no ore save (meaning not using ore even though it's there), but too hard for my first RR playthrough. Yeah, been doing that since I started KSP. I did land probes on stock Eve and Laythe, but that's about it. Cost me my JNSQ badge because I scanned all the worlds, but landed only on the airless and nearly airless ones. Really? Does that mean I need the atmo sensor on scanners to airless worlds? Like the way Karborundum existed in bands around a body? Thanks
  4. Thanks for the response. I haven't scanned too many bodies yet in my save, but I was thinking about when I had a body with no ore or CO2 and wanted to use LFO. If I have access to Oxygen (I think 4 things can make Oxygen), then I can mine something like Rock, convert it to Carbon using some sort of low conversion ratio, make CO2 out of Carbon and Oxygen, then make LFO. When I saw the CO2 splitter and did not see a CO2 generator, it seemed odd. It's a shame about the scoop. I dont use SSTOs and rarely do much on bodies with atmo. If the air is thin anough, maybe I can just use a small craft in the upper atmo, or download a good SSTO from Kerbalx.
  5. Hi, I wanted to ask about CO2 related items. It looks like CO2 can be collected by drilling in crust and scooped from atmo. I'm surprised there is no ISRU recipe to make CO2. It brings up a few questions: It looks like I can split CO2 into Carbon and Oxygen, but I cant make it from Carbon and Oxygen. Seems like it's done on purpose, but not sure why. If I was to make CO2, I can make Oxygen in a few ways, but I cant seem to make Carbon. Shouldn't there be a few choices to make Carbon, even from things like Rock? Does the Scoop need to be moving to collect CO2 (atmo), or can it be attached to something stationary on the ground. Thanks
  6. This is definitely more interesting than I would have expected. Less engine choice is making this hard. Right now I'm using my first transfer windows to scan things with scansat and send relays, but I might have to actually learn to play this game to get my ISRU stuff to work. Thanks for that..
  7. Hi, finally started my 1.8.1 save from scratch with the latest JNSQ. I have a miner drilling on the surface to get some experience with the whole RR ISRU process. When I make that miner lander ship active, it jumps a small amount, not enough to break anything. I did see some posts about bases jumping from a 1.7.3 save, but this is not the case here. Are there surface issues on Minmus (or anywhere else) that would affect bases or landers? Thanks
  8. Hi @Arrowstar, The new version of the JNSQ mod implemented a 12 hour Kerbin day. I remember only having a stock kerbin day and an 24 hour earth day available. Is there any way to set a 12 hour day in TOT?
  9. Hi I had downloaded the new 1.65 prerelease, copied the new KSPTOT connect dll into my 1.7.3 JNSQ save, and tried to create a new bodies file. I got an error. The error log was: Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in getBodiesINIFileFromKSP (line 135) Error in mainGUI>createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95) Error in mainGUI (line 42) Error in>@(hObject,eventdata)mainGUI('createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) Error using waitforallfiguresclosed (line 9) Error while evaluating Menu Callback. Will revert back to 1.6.4 to see if it helps Thanks Edit1: Sorry...dd not write that well...meant to say that I recopied the dll from the 1.6.4. download, then added the new prerelease. Am deleting everything and will test a fresh install. Edit2: it works...just redownloaded everything and reinstalled. sorry for the mixup
  10. I have always used these, they are stockalike and fit well with my MKS bases
  11. I believe the Ranger CommLab is the only MKS part that's a lab. It's very small...only 150 data storage
  12. Installed for the first time this morning. Really a beautiful pack. Thanks for the release. Was looking at the settings in CelestialBodies.pdf to design my first rocket to get into orbit. It said the Kerbin had an atmosphere height of 70km but it looks like it should be 85km?
  13. I solved it by lining up the center of thrust indicator in the VAB to make sure it was lining up to the center of mass, both when the fuel tanks were full and when I emptied them. If the center of thrust moves when the fuel is decreasing, I moved the tanks to get it balanced as best I could.
  14. Hi...have you checked the event logs? Windows treats the .exe for TOT differently from a security perspective because it doesn't have a publisher. If Windows were not running it because of security issues, there may be some messages in the Security event logs.
  15. I would look at your path environment variable for the path to the matlab runtime directory. I had many duplicate lines from other installations and cleaned up a lot, including removing the old matlab runtime entry.