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  1. Hi, the short answer is, yes, things that get uploaded to PL can get download to other factories in other biomes if there is a demand for it. It is a pull function. The longer answer is that you have to do some planning. You will need to calculate how much ore is being consumed per Kerbin day and have roughly 2x of storage in your refining base (as a general rule of thumb) in order to run at continuous capacity. Also, you will need to first load the FC mining base first to allow the catch up processing to send the ore to PL before you load the Midlands vessel to pull it. WOLF is designed to reduce or eliminate those details and make things more straightforward.
  2. I just put a link to an old 2018 version of the balance spreadsheet in the MKS forum, if that helps...
  3. Hi, some were looking for @RoverDude balance spreadsheet. I found a copy from 2018 (pretty sure I did not change anything). Balance Spreadsheet Hope this helps.
  4. That's actually good information that I wasn't aware of. Thanks But, none of the above considers the bonuses problem, so just remember that if your drill, after bonuses, is running at 150%, you will need 150% of power and cooling per drill. That's the only thing that really got me. Sometime not levelling Kerbals to counteract the bonuses was my only option. I have not used the pre release Constellation, but I am using 1.4 with the single bays for drills and manufacturing without any issues. Gameplay is roughly the same for everything else, and it's somewhat future friendly.
  5. The answer is, essentially, using the current version that only allows one resource per drill. You still have to watch out for various bonuses that may increase your drill output, which causes more heat.
  6. yep...although there was no WOLF method of producing nuclear fuel, but that may have been fixed. Everything else needed for self sufficiency can be done by WOLF from a resource perspective. The hab/home stuff for Kerbals not in the WOLF world is only handled by Colony Supplies, so I usually use MKS parts to really max out hab/home and get my other resources from WOLF
  7. Thanks for this, was a little unclear about the "unloaded vehicles" term. In MKS, this is indeed how it works. You do have to visit the mining vessels to have them push to PL. Also, you should visit the vessels that produce things before you visit vessels that consume things. WOLF does make this a bit better because when you make resources in WOLF, they are always there. But, you need hoppers to transfer these resources out of WOLF, and they work on a time based rate. So, you don't have to worry about the producing part, but you still have to oversee the consuming part.
  8. Can you provide a few more details on this scenario?
  9. Thanks for this. Biomass was missing in my Depot view and I added it to RefinedResourcesFilter. Would it be better in LifeSupportResourcesFilter?
  10. Hi, the manual input on the porkchop screen is fixed, but the import from KSPTOT connect is having a problem. See below. Thanks
  11. I think the refueling is a bit cheaty, but the challenge of setting up a zero cost route by expending only .1 mass is interesting. I just got a free 30 cargo space route to Duna by sending 10 vessels that use xenon and ion engines, each able to increase cargo by 3 for zero cost because I lost only .093 mass. I have a similar vessel that goes from Kerbin orbit to Minmus orbit for about 8 cargo each way for about 5 round trips. When it's out of fuel, I just launch another one.
  12. To make TCs, you need Pilots and Quartermasters. To make routes, you need TCs, unless you can make zero TC routes.
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