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  1. Hi I had downloaded the new 1.65 prerelease, copied the new KSPTOT connect dll into my 1.7.3 JNSQ save, and tried to create a new bodies file. I got an error. The error log was: Index exceeds matrix dimensions. Error in getBodiesINIFileFromKSP (line 135) Error in mainGUI>createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95) Error in mainGUI (line 42) Error in>@(hObject,eventdata)mainGUI('createNewBodiesFileFromKSP_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) Error using waitforallfiguresclosed (line 9) Error while evaluating Menu Callback. Will revert back to 1.6.4 to see if it helps Thanks Edit1: Sorry...dd not write that well...meant to say that I recopied the dll from the 1.6.4. download, then added the new prerelease. Am deleting everything and will test a fresh install. Edit2: it works...just redownloaded everything and reinstalled. sorry for the mixup
  2. I have always used these, they are stockalike and fit well with my MKS bases
  3. I believe the Ranger CommLab is the only MKS part that's a lab. It's very small...only 150 data storage
  4. Installed for the first time this morning. Really a beautiful pack. Thanks for the release. Was looking at the settings in CelestialBodies.pdf to design my first rocket to get into orbit. It said the Kerbin had an atmosphere height of 70km but it looks like it should be 85km?
  5. I solved it by lining up the center of thrust indicator in the VAB to make sure it was lining up to the center of mass, both when the fuel tanks were full and when I emptied them. If the center of thrust moves when the fuel is decreasing, I moved the tanks to get it balanced as best I could.
  6. Hi...have you checked the event logs? Windows treats the .exe for TOT differently from a security perspective because it doesn't have a publisher. If Windows were not running it because of security issues, there may be some messages in the Security event logs.
  7. I would look at your path environment variable for the path to the matlab runtime directory. I had many duplicate lines from other installations and cleaned up a lot, including removing the old matlab runtime entry.
  8. I did a few more things with TAC background disabled. It looks like there are 2 NREs: one in the battery part and one in the thermal part. The battery one seems like it happens when a ship is loading and is being modified: ([ERR 15:48:10.979] Exception handling event onVesselWasModified in class ModuleDynamicBatteryStorage:System.NullReferenceException: The thermal one seems to be when you switch away from the old vessel and it's being removed: [ERR 15:50:01.273] Exception handling event onVesselDestroy in class VesselDataManager:System.NullReferenceException: All three sets of logs are linked in my first post
  9. This. It seemed like it was tied to me jumping between different vessels. I'll try to get a better correlation. With TAC background processing on, my orbital stations would seem to be running OK at 10000 warp. Then something would change and my power would jump straight to 0 after a few seconds, where i just had like 170 days of power remaining a few moments before. The bad one was that one station had an NFE reactor that was powered off. I would see the power reserve drop to a 0, NaN almost instantly on the TAC status screen. When I switched to the vessel, I see some messages, the last one being Core Overheated, and the whole vessel would disappear, killing the kerbals. Not sure how that happened with it turned off. If it's useful, I'll try and replicate with debug on and will post is the same directory in my link above. Thanks for your help.
  10. Hi, I found some NRE in DBS. The logs are here. I had DBS debugging mode on to try and find some weirdness in the handling of electricity. I'm using TAC, and there may be some conflict between DBS and the TAC background processing of power. I had to disable the TAC background processing for now, as the two may be conflicting with each other. Please let me know if you need anything else. Thanks
  11. Using v 1.6.3 base version, selected multiflyby porkchop plotter. Sun is central body First waypoint - Kerbin: min 150 days, max 200 to next Second waypoint: Eve: min 800, max 1500 to next Last: Jool all other settings unchanged. Press button. At the computing delta-v stage, error occurs. screenshot and log are Here Thanks
  12. Hi, wanted to try the Multi Flyby plotter and got an error: Not enough input arguments. Error in multiFlybyObjFunc (line 43) Error in flyByPorkchopPlotterGUI>@(x)multiFlybyObjFunc(x,numRevsArr,wayPtBodies,celBodyData) (line 513) Error in flyByPorkchopPlotterGUI>computeFlybyPorkchopPlotButton_Callback (line 514) Error in gui_mainfcn (line 95) Error in flyByPorkchopPlotterGUI (line 42) Error in>@(hObject,eventdata)flyByPorkchopPlotterGUI('computeFlybyPorkchopPlotButton_Callback',hObject,eventdata,guidata(hObject)) Error using waitforallfiguresclosed (line 9) Error while evaluating UIControl Callback. I filled in all of the visible fields, times and waypoint values for everything I could find on the screen. Would you please check? Edit1: It was a Kerbin-Eve-Jool, and start window was Y2D120 to Y10D1
  13. Hi, May I ask the SSPXr users if their greenhouses still work after this update? I just made my first space station for this save and the TAC converters work fine but the SSPXr 2.5 greenhouse does not work. The menu items are all fine, the lights work, but after I start the greenhouse, no conversion takes place. There are no errors in both the logs and tha part compiles fine. Thanks Edit1: Greenhouse is now working. I had to start the Mineral Siphon first, then start the Greenhouse. When I stopped the Mineral Siphon, the Greenhouse kept working.
  14. One of the ways I used to figure that out is to display the resources in the upper right and do a 10x or 50x warp. Very small numbers that display as 0.00 or (0.00) will be multiplied by the warp speed and you will see some actual numbers. Then, just do the math to see how much is produced/consumed.