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  1. Everything looks good here. Kolony stats screen is really nice
  2. Hi, just to be clear, it is by design and done on purpose. It's supposed to be a serious problem. That being said, please fell free to resolve any way you wish that is fun for you, including turning off Hab in the settings ( I did that in my first MKS career while I was learning all the rest). The other responses have covered this nicely, and there are many more. I personally use Hitchhikers (and extra parachutes if you want to land on Kerbin again), and use the MK3 capsule with only one kerbal. The extra mass is not really that hard with low gravity Minmus.
  3. Yeah...have to get used to that again . I'll see if the Status is accurate with respect to Grannus. The power flows are accurate with respect to Ciro. BTW, GPP Secondary is nothing short of brilliant. What a great idea...
  4. Hi, ran into a minor issue. I had a small OX solar panel pointed right at the sun in orbit around Gael. It showed over.98 exposure and good energy flow, which was perfect. The status read:"blocked by Gael" which was probably the exact opposite of the truth. Doesnt seem to affect the performance of the panel, just an odd status. Thanks
  5. All installed and sorted, very exciting. There were around 6-7 null refs just before loading->mainmenu, but you probably know that already. To be clear, it seems like TextureReplacer is the only install where I had to take things from the GPP install them and sort of "merge" them into the mod's directory. All other pieces seem to rely on the config files in the GPP directory. Which means I can update the mod itself without losing the GPP config components, which was why you did it in the first place, iirc. The scatterer install was only one that felt like I needed to do something else. It's weird that the menu displayed points to the config in the scatter directory, yet the configs you need to worry about are in GPP. Anyhow, many thanks to the developers.
  6. @JadeOfMaar, I was on the install instructions post: At the very end, scatterer was still referenced as .0300, not the newer version. The Scansat link seems to be broken The USI mods have been redesigned on Github. I can't access Github from here to verify, but I think a few still point to the old locations. Thanks
  7. @Galileo and all, Congrats on the release. Thoroughly annoyed I only saw this on Monday morning and not Saturday morning. Anyway, there are references to using both Texture Replacer and Texture Replacer Replaced. Which is the better choice? Will migrating to TRR after you start a save with TR hurt anything from your perspective? Thanks
  8. Thanks @jd284, @sh1pman. You both triggered a hopefully accurate memory that there needs to be a code change to address this. So, I'll go back to my old design of using PDUs for vessels that scale manufacturing (with lots of extra cooling), and nukes for the more fixed function, low scalable vessels.
  9. Hi, trying to remember if there is a fix to an old issue. I have a base with a Tundra PDU and some high end solar panels landed on Minmus. I wanted the solar panels to supply EC during the day and having the PDU running at night. Any other nuke I use will behave this way; it's only the PDUs that have priority over solar. Was there ever a workaround for that? Thanks
  10. Hi, I also had the RCS issue (overshooting and oscillating) in some medium to heavy vessels, it's not clear from the forums if the issue has been found. I tried to troubleshoot and found that the speed limit parameter seems to be ignored, especially in the stages prior to final approach from starting distance. I had a medium size craft use DA from a bad angle, which required it to move the craft laterally at least 80 m to get in into position. It was moving over 2m/s relative to target, even though I had a .7 m/s limit. It could not line up because it was moving too fast. I did some things to kill the lateral speed with the main engine in other tests, and it seemed to work fine from there, although some tests showed a .9m/s approach in the final step even though I still had the limit set to .7. Hope this helps.
  11. Hi, there is a link to a dll that RD posted about 5-6 pages back. Give that a try. It fixed my similar issue
  12. Good day all. Had an error with dev 730. A small ship just past Minmus SOI and I wanted to match planes with another ship already in orbit. I selected the other ship as target, saw the AN node and selected that in MJ. It said that there was an error in creating the node. The error was: [EXC 09:14:48.186] ArgumentException: OrbitExtensions.GetEccentricAnomalyAtTrueAnomaly: True anomaly of 2.34525036043009 radians is not attained by orbit with eccentricity 2.4625762950881 MuMech.OrbitExtensions.GetEccentricAnomalyAtTrueAnomaly (.Orbit o, Double trueAnomaly) MuMech.OrbitExtensions.TimeOfTrueAnomaly (.Orbit o, Double trueAnomaly, Double UT) MuMech.OrbitExtensions.TimeOfDescendingNode (.Orbit a, .Orbit b, Double UT) MuMech.OrbitalManeuverCalculator.DeltaVAndTimeToMatchPlanesDescending (.Orbit o, .Orbit target, Double UT, System.Double& burnUT) MuMech.OperationPlane.MakeNodeImpl (.Orbit o, Double universalTime, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) MuMech.Operation.MakeNode (.Orbit o, Double universalTime, MuMech.MechJebModuleTargetController target) UnityEngine.Debug:LogException(Exception) MuMech.Operation:MakeNode(Orbit, Double, MechJebModuleTargetController) MuMech.MechJebModuleManeuverPlanner:WindowGUI(Int32) MuMech.DisplayModule:ProfiledWindowGUI(Int32) UnityEngine.GUI:CallWindowDelegate(WindowFunction, Int32, GUISkin, Int32, Single, Single, GUIStyle) [LOG 09:14:56.484] Maneuver Mode enabled [LOG 09:14:57.967] Maneuver Mode disabled There was nothing special about the attitude at the time. PE was about 130km. Was still in a escape trajectory because the AN was before the PE, so I did not circularize yet. Inc. was about 6 degrees relative to the target. Logs are here Thanks
  13. Hi, having a bit of an issue with this subject in dev 723. Not getting any log errors, just some different behavior. I'm grinding Science and Funds from some trips to Mun and Minmus. The return craft is simple: Mk1 pod, Hitchhiker, Rockomax 16 tank and Terrier. TWR is about .55 around Kerbin. In returning from these moons at about 80km PE, I usually need about a 2.5 min burn to circularize at PE. As the burn starts, the PE starts to lower and when I hit PE, it's about .5km lower. After PE until it ends, it raises back up and goes a little larger. But, the AP is usually around 6-9km larger than PE, so it's not really very circular, at least not as circular as it has historically been. I usually address it in one of two ways: either I circularize 15 sec later, which puts me at about midway in altitude, or I stop the burn with about 50-60 secs left, add a new circularize at PE burn (which is a 50-60 sec burn), wait 1 orbit, and it finishes pretty perfectly. Is this similar to the low TWR issues from a few pages ago? TIA
  14. There are two high volume resources you need to pay attention to: minerals and silicates. As you progress, you can easily use 10,000 of these per day, especially when your bonuses start to exceed 300%. I started using the 3.75 tanks (15,000 I think) for these and it cleared up a lot of my manufacturing issues
  15. Yes... I hope I'm understanding you correctly. The flow is that the mining rig would have a MPL and storage for RM. The storage will need to be able to hold enough RM that can be drilled during a 6-13 hour window. Your manufacturing vessel that will make RefinedExotics that has the Logistics module will pull RM from PL into locally attached storage at a certain rate per 6 hours. That rate steadily increases as you increase your bonuses. My goal was always to make sure that I can drill a bit faster than I consume. Your RM amount in PL will then steadily increase. But, unless you have enough locally attached storage in your manufacturing vessel, you will not produce RE at your maximum rate. You will run out of RM during each 6 hour window, even though you have plenty in PL. Ninja'd by voicey...these factors need to be included in your calculations.