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  1. Hopefully someone knows the answer to this and I just couldn't find it. Why is a Kerbal's transform.up not always up? If I go to a kerbal in orbit who is already on EVA then the transform.up is up, but when a kerbal is loaded from going on EVA directly transform.right is up. How can make sure a EVA kerbal's up is always up?
  2. Ok, so I've looked all over this forum and this is what I've come up with. KRAG System: (Kerbal Relative Artificial gravity) How it work right now while in orbit Kerbal up direction is based on the normal of the object below taken from a raycast kerbal is pushed downwards when it contacts a part it enters "Idle (Grounded)" state "AWSD" keys for movement Current Issues can't rotate kerbal ...yet when starting walking forward kerbal bounces up causing animation to stop as well as just being annoying The main issue I'm struggling with is the bouncing. I'm thinking its either colliders being enabled or the game is trying to re-orientate the kerbal to the planet below when walking starts. If anyone has any ideas I'd appreciate the help here is the VS project and a compiled dll is in bin/debug KRAG System
  3. @Deimos Rast , Constructive criticism is appreciated Texture switching is something I'm planning on implementing in the future, but I'm no artist so I get my textures from online sources and I've yet to find one I like for stock. A "revert to default" is something I can look in to adding. It's been 15 years since I've coded anything myself but I've been fiddling with plugins in anticipation of 1.1, and I'll be making a shipwide plugin to handle my parts including "The Cube" . So you can look forward to a better interface. Performance does depend on the shape, though it still needs more testing. The colliders are simple boxes where they can be, but are mesh colliders for round parts. Feel free to post more about your experience with it that you think could help improve it. I'll work on the description. I have to say describing it is almost as hard as designing it was
  4. Ok, I've read through most of this thread and I guess I missed it, so if it's been asked before I'm sorry. Where is the part info for a part placed and currently selected in the VAB/SPH?
  5. That's awesome, I'm happy to see it in use! Good luck with your missions and let me know if I can make any improvements
  6. Don't mention it But I can't take all the credit. Mihara & Snjo did the hard work of making the plugins, I'm just using them in a different way.
  7. Yes, the conversion to Firespitter meant I had to remodel the whole thing, and I added more parts to it while I was at it.
  8. Yeah, I deviated from the normal the version numbering because I didn't want to overwrite the original cube. Since I was converting it to Firespitter I wanted people to have a choice to keep the old one if they preferred it and I didn't want anyone's already built ships to "break" when they updated. I'm working on more cube inspired parts and will upload them soon. They will packaged together so I'll keep the version number successive from that point on.
  9. Currently that is the case, I'm waiting on the 1.1 release to see what changes they make to IVA before I try to tackle it myself. But I'm working on Command chairs with consoles as a workaround.
  10. Prototype Demo Ship first launch photos Ok, it didn't fly but I didn't expect it to so I'm not too upset, but I did find out that the cubes float really well So while it wasn't a successful launch of an aircraft, it was a successful launch of a boat
  11. Sorry, I must have overlooked that part in the cfg. Just add "fuel crossfeed = true" anywhere in the top of the cfg after "mass". When you load your game again it should be fixed.
  12. I going to try finishing and upload a new version tonight if I can manage. I'll see about a making demo vid as well, but I haven't had much success with any of the recording software I've tried so it might have to be a gif