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  1. Man, these are looking absolutely awesome! I can't wait for this to be released - I plan to start a brand new playthrough with this as a big part of it. Don't take this as adding any pressure, though. I believe that your mental and physical health far outweighs anything you do for us, and as grateful as we all are for what you do for the KSP community, your health always matters more! Thanks for sharing this update, though, really looking forward to this!
  2. Absolutely breathtaking. The distant clouds in the first picture, in particular, are incredible. I understand that this is still in progress, but every screenshot gets me more and more excited for release. Keep up this fantastic work!
  3. This looks really amazing. I originally found out you were working on all of this on the KSP subreddit, and have been following here ever since. Not disappointed whatsoever. One question I have, though, is regarding the bottoms of the cloud formations. Right now, the flat bottom of the clouds looks sort of uniform and flat. I know that clouds having a flat bottom is pretty true to life in a lot of cases, but, to me, it can seem just a bit two-dimensional. Are you planning to add a level of variation to the bottoms of these clouds, as to add a little more depth? Also, I am completely unfamiliar to Unity (and, honestly, most coding/programming/practical game design in general), so if there are limitations in that regard that I am unaware of, that is really my bad! Again, seeing these screenshots on a regular basis gets me so excited for whenever this gets released. I look forward to seeing more about it! Thanks again.
  4. By this, I just mean “support the effort they put into it”. For instance, I probably wont need the tutorials (except maybe for the newest content) but I still want to support the effort they put into making them. Hope that helps.
  5. I only mean to say that I refuse to preorder any game, at least within the near future. The examples you point out, as well as others that you have not, are all precisely why I decide not to preorder. There are successful launches of games, absolutely, but when it comes to preordering, I choose to not take that risk. Also, I'm not exactly sure where you get the idea that my comments are in any way "pressuring" the dev team, nor was I saying that DLC should be any sort of priority at launch. I also tend to agree, not vocally as I don't post here all that often, that delaying a game when it needs more work is a preferable alternative to a bad game. Furthermore, I also never said I was "wishing" for any of this. The poll itself clearly asks "What are you OK spending money on after buying the KSP2 base game?" which is not equivalent to a "wish-list". In fact, I would rather not have to buy more content when I have already paid for a full game release. However, if DLC was implemented, and had some of the features I noted in my comment, I might be willing to purchase it within reason.
  6. I'm fine with buying major DLC. For example, I loved the parts and mechanics that Making History and Breaking Ground introduced into KSP. New solar systems, new mechanics, and new parts all would be worth buying IF they are a reasonable price, and are released as major packs. No Sims 4 type DLC bull. However, when it comes to microtransactions, I will refuse to partake. As far as we know, Nate Simpson has emphatically said that KSP 2 will not have microtransactions, but only time will tell. I am cautiously optimistic about KSP 2, as I have been burned by many games I was hyped for before. Never again. I truly hope that KSP 2 lives up to the expectations of myself and the community, but as I said before, only time will tell.
  7. Personally, I have learned my lesson in terms of preordering games, and although KSP 2 is seemingly going to be an excellent game, appearances can be deceiving. However, as an avid KSP lover, just as many of you, I may not be able of helping myself from buying it on the first day. I suppose that the end result is somewhat the same, but being sure that a refund will go through is an attractive aspect. I will strive to wait for the response and reviews from players and the community, but honestly, no promises.
  8. The reason I do not play with props (aside from the fact that I suck at using them :P) is because they don’t have any noise. I don’t really understand why it was never implemented, honestly. I hope that, if props are implemented again, that they have some sound effects, like you said. (Also, for dummies like me, I hope they are at least a little more intuitive to use. I like prop aircraft too!)
  9. Personally, I disagree with fuel tanks and solid rocket boosters. I think that the game would lose a lot of it's lego-ness that I love so dearly. To be fair, it could definitely be useful in reducing part count and making rockets a bit more custom, but again, I think the "slap-it-all-together" nature is somewhat diminished when using procedural tanks and boosters. Also, a big challenge in KSP1, and likely again in KSP2, is being able to build what you can with the parts on-hand, and that is also messed up a bit when procedurals are introduced. If, however, they have limited presets (similar to those structural tube pieces in KSP1), or can be limited by what tech level you are at, I could get on board with it. As far as SRBs go, however, I think and interesting solution would be to instead add solid fuel sections that can customize the burn time or thrust to a certain degree. If I am not mistaken, some SRBs in real life are segmented, but I may be wrong about this. I completely agree with the structural parts, however. Sometimes a truss is either just a bit too short or a bit too long and can be quite frustrating. Completely agree.
  10. You can debate whether or not you believe that it is a good direction for the game, but you did pick the one sentence out of the entire post where he was just stating how he feels on the matter. You could have quoted any other part of the post and stated why you believe that it is not something the game should have, but you didn't.
  11. First forum topic in a while, so I hope you will bear with me. I was perusing this sub-forum, and saw a topic that inspired me to create this poll. So, I am curious: how will you be approaching the new tutorial animations planned for KSP2? Personally, I am not a new player of KSP by any means, but I will likely be watching the animations for late game content, as well as to support the efforts that the devs put into them. I want to know how you guys feel! Also, mods, feel free to do what you need to this topic. Again, I am not exactly used to posting topics on the forums, so I apologize in advance for any errors I have made.
  12. I feel you. Doing a permadeath, no reverts career mode run myself, except I also have unmanned-before-manned, no extra ground-stations, and various other difficulty tweaks. I'll tell you, I had to restart probably 10-15 times before I got to a place where a single mistake doesn't wipe out all of my progress. Even with all of my restarts, I have killed Jeb and Bob already after their capsule rolled down a mountain and exploded after a long Mun mission. So, again, I really feel ya there.
  13. If you guys haven't seen yet, two new videos were uploaded on the KerbalSpaceProgram YouTube channel, one being a studio update, and the second being a (dope as hell, in my opinion) video about near-future tech that will be available in KSP2! Check it out: Next-Gen Tech Studio Update Let me know what you guys think!
  14. As the title implies, I believe it is extremely important that Star Theory keeps up the amazing work that SQUAD has done in the latest update with terrain shaders. In my personal experience, I have felt a greater drive to implement ground based operations in my latest career mode. This has brought up another factor in improving the lack of interactivity with ground operations. Specifically, I have spent more and more time on the surface of the Mun or Minmus doing rover missions or base operations simply because I no longer feel like I'm landing on a grey mush. Now, my highest hopes are that Star Theory will continue this. With the addition of colonies and possibly expanding science and career mode, a high-quality ground scatter and ground texturing will be a great addition. Let me know how you guys feel about this as well!
  15. A lot of mods from 1.7.3 are broken, so if you have major bugs and issues, I would go through your list and see which ones are not yet updated for 1.8. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I would definitely check. I have not yet run into any major bugs with 1.8 stock, so I believe your bugs may be associated with the mods. Also, the terrain shaders slider is separate from the terrain quality slider. See below:
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