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  1. If you guys haven't seen yet, two new videos were uploaded on the KerbalSpaceProgram YouTube channel, one being a studio update, and the second being a (dope as hell, in my opinion) video about near-future tech that will be available in KSP2! Check it out: Next-Gen Tech Studio Update Let me know what you guys think!
  2. As the title implies, I believe it is extremely important that Star Theory keeps up the amazing work that SQUAD has done in the latest update with terrain shaders. In my personal experience, I have felt a greater drive to implement ground based operations in my latest career mode. This has brought up another factor in improving the lack of interactivity with ground operations. Specifically, I have spent more and more time on the surface of the Mun or Minmus doing rover missions or base operations simply because I no longer feel like I'm landing on a grey mush. Now, my highest hopes are that Star Theory will continue this. With the addition of colonies and possibly expanding science and career mode, a high-quality ground scatter and ground texturing will be a great addition. Let me know how you guys feel about this as well!
  3. A lot of mods from 1.7.3 are broken, so if you have major bugs and issues, I would go through your list and see which ones are not yet updated for 1.8. I couldn't tell you off the top of my head, but I would definitely check. I have not yet run into any major bugs with 1.8 stock, so I believe your bugs may be associated with the mods. Also, the terrain shaders slider is separate from the terrain quality slider. See below:
  4. The ones that make me the most sad are Scatterer and Environmental Visual Enhancements. I tried loading the game up with them and it refused to load at all, unfortunately. Can't wait to see those updated, though.
  5. I sent a mining rig to the Mun once. Problem was that I tipped it over. And broke the solar panels... and the radiators... and I still couldn't get it upright. I've stopped trying to mine at this point.
  6. Nein! Green spell bored 90 zebras, silly apartment complex!
  7. Brick schooner, Galifianakis?
  8. *cue Amazing Grace* Goodbye Felipe, you will be more than missed by most, if not all of us. Your vision many a year ago brought us, all of us, from 0.7.3 to 1.1.2, so much joy (and frustration might I add xD) to our lives. I do not know who I would really be without this game. And on behalf of those who choose not to reply, we wish you the best of luck in the future.
  9. Keep them positive vibes, as APL used to say. 73 (+)
  10. Banned for NOT considering 2016-04-08 20:52:10 UTC to be the start of the future.
  11. I might be able to help you with that, just give me a 'lil while!
  12. Hello, hello! Welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay! Jeb is a crazy one, isn't he... As for the rescue ship, as @Starhawk said before, that Spacecraft Exchange is a wonderful place to receive those ships! Again, enjoy your stay, and have a wonderful day!
  13. EVE is a must-have for me personally, I don't know how I could play w/o it. Scatterer is also beautiful, but in conjunction w/ EVE, it's just incredible. Also, Scatterer has great water-shaders, which, I saw, is one of the things you said you wanted.
  14. Aloha, buenos dias, gutentaug, bonjour, privyet, and hello! Welcome to the forums and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  15. I'd like some more rover-based parts. All the cockpits are designed specifically for spacecraft/aircraft (duh), but I feel that there's a lacking in the usefulness of rovers.
  16. Sent this, Dune Surveyor 1, to Duna ahead of other probes (and possibly crewed operations).
  17. I once forgot to put a chute on a scientific mission from Mun orbit with Jeb and another kerbal inside. The other kerbal survived after jumping out of the craft and landing on her head (thx danny2462 for that useful piece of info) and Jeb almost survived, had it not been for HELL KRAKEN! He landed on his head and caused a kraken attack. RIP JEB
  18. I use pretty much only one SLS, with very slight variations. It's got way too much delta V (but when is having too much ever a problem?) so I'm able to use it for all of my missions (orbital, mun/minmus, interplanetary, etc). Only sometimes I change the launcher when the payload seems too small in comparison.
  19. Although I have VERY little knowledge of modding in a general sense, may I ask what version of Module Manager he might be using? An outdated version may be the issue here.
  20. Merry Christmas, guys! Just real quick, is there a low res version in the works? My computer sucks so it can barely run EVE. Thanks, and happy holidays!
  21. I think a downgrade option would be very nice. I've lost my old downloads of EVE 7.4 and I've been wanting to roll back to the low res EVE. If you could, that would be awesome!
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