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  1. Thanks so much, the fix GC heap solved all my horrible stutter problems
  2. you are looking for physics and delta v stuff it fits perfect into there
  3. i like this mod a lot also you can remove the kis issues by removing the kis subplugin
  4. I just wanted to say that this is a pretty great mod especially if used with FMRS
  5. Luckily that's the version I'm using so far is fun, was a bit surprised by the research time but another good function. Oh next restart I'll try FMRS hope the 1.1 works on 1.1.2 on the github I don't find anything current. And I like these kind of mods they make the game a bit harder and every so much learnt stuff I like having the game a bit morre trying. Hehe thanks, there probably will be many questions in my future
  6. I'm using KCT and the mod I'm looking for is what I wanted to use with KCT but in worst case, KCT might be the mod I'm looking for if it does that. Wow it really is :E sorry for the thread and lots of thanks for clearing that up for me, I spent ~20 minutes checking spacedock and kerbal release section for something to jump to my eye I wanted to try FMRS but understood that it only manages stages, I'll have a second look now to make a list of what modules need to be reset with the mods i have :E
  7. this does nice stuff to all the OPT parts but I think fueltanksplus integration would be more awesome now that I think of it all thanks go to the dude of starlionindustries/mk2 KSPI integration so what is the most current project state? I wanted to have a look at newer FAR integration and already updated the control surfaces but not with accurate data for that I need to install blender, if someone here has blender I'd be up to share the work load for proper FAR integration.
  8. but with the mod you were able to reuse rockets/pods/ssto if you managed to land them again, as in exactly the same craft after recovering, been looking on spacedock and the forums for a while but no luck tho will just continue to sift through spacedock under newest category, hope it was posted there and not just on the forum.
  9. Copy to symmetry doesn't work for you? In an earlier version it would turn it into 90 / - 90 for symmetry partners and last time i checked 90 / 90 but still flips one of the parts in question and all parts should work very well with tweakscale.
  10. So I just joined two station parts with Senior docking ports but as soon as I dock some magical kraken force appears, turning it like a pendulum over an imaginary point and creating an accelleration effect that decellerates my orbit, what am I doing wrong? anyone had something similar? -- edit -- judging my error log almost everything is breaking when that happens
  11. Good to know :> thank you three. Yeah currently it's kinda more of a feature to me^ now that I know that it didn't just change. @stock orbital decay so is the bug that reverts circularized orbits on vessel change related to that? or was it even vessel change that triggered it?
  12. So, I noticed that when I have mysatellites at 2.863.334 metres my satellites shift their relative position to the KSC quite noticably over the course of a hundred days or so, did that change? What is the current geostationary distance?
  13. Does Ghosting mean I'd be able to follow a burn 45 degrees between let's say prograde and normal? With less amount of work than using a flight computer? (watched the video and still clueless)
  14. So I noticed that you can avoid the radiation belt bei polar rocket launches or reentries (in reality, with all kind of planets), will the mod reflect reality this way at some point or is it too hard to code such a non euclidian radiation belt?
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