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  1. When i open "CKAN" a window appears with text inside it and "CKAN" doesn't open. Text: Please help. Thanks.
  2. Because i want to make a solar apocalypse mod, so i need to evacuate Kerbin.
  3. Is there a way to edit the heat curve of the sun, so when a vessel in Kerbin orbit gets hit by sunlight overheats and explodes?
  4. I want to add methane to Laythe's atmosphere, but i don't know if the kerbals could breathe in an enviroment with that much methane gas. Could they breathe?
  5. Then try the "B" key.
  6. Try pressing the 0 key on the numpad.
  7. Could you make this mod compatible with "Science relay"? Thank you.
  8. Is there anything wrong with this code? I want it to make so when i go above threshold the situation is "In space high above Kerbin" (basicly, i want to edit the threshold).
  9. I know where to write the values, but i don't know where i need to write the @ sign...
  10. How do i edit the "spaceAltitudeThreshold" for Kerbin?
  11. What does this mean (stock altitude for space high)?
  12. Rescale value is 2 and i didn't rescale the atmosphere.
  13. I have resized Kerbin by 2.5 times, now when i go out of atmosphere and run an experiment the situation is "In space high" when im not at all in space high above Kerbin (there is no "In space low above Kerbin") . What should i do to fix it?
  14. How do i add PQS/surface to jool?