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  1. Key word being “favours”. Also, and someone else will need to confirm this, but you’re missing relay strength. For example, 4% connection direct to KSC is still stronger than relays because of how unbelievably powerful the KSC dishes are at level 3. Also, setting up relays is best practice because it means you don’t need big expensive dishes on landers/rovers plus you’ll have constant connection as the celestial body rotates.
  2. Do you have any other backwards facing parts? I had the same issue caused by a wrong-way-round (correct for the design) engine plate, which I believe was the root part for dV calculations reasons. Essentially this mod ignores what the probe is saying direction-wise and looks at the root
  3. Hey Anyone know what the deal with fairings is? I have one craft with an interstage fairing that deploys when it should through staging (includes a decoupler on that same stage) and another craft where no matter what I add to that particular stage, MJ refuses to autostage it, treating it like its a payload fairing and waiting until correct atm. pressure etc. Any ideas why one interstage works and another does not?
  4. @stupid_chris Hi So I'm using the Mk16-xl chute - place it on top of the mk 1-3 command pod, clip it just inside the pod, whack a docking port on top of that, so the chute is hidden inside (how I wish there was a stock chute docking collar). Anyway, this config works in stock AND at low altitude WITH the mod, I've done a few abort tests at various altitudes and they all worked absolutely perfectly For the specific scenario I mentioned - craft is at 500km circular orbit, perform deorbit burn until PE = 0km, then press stage which separates the pod from the fuel tanks and engines and has the parachute in the same stage. At this point I get the message saying deployment failed cus in space (slightly annoying as this staging technique works in stock and means I can do something else for a few minutes). Now I manually click the 'arm chute' option (I'm testing this as im typing), currently 66km high with the option to disarm the chute, waiting to see what happens. I've just noticed that the Predeployment setting is set to Pressure of 0.01atm, I'm not sure, but that seems to suggest it will attempt to deploy very high up when I'm still going rather fast... yep, deployed at 23km whilst travelling at over 1200m/s lol. I'll change to Altitude and see if that fixes my issue... annnnd yes it did So my bad, basically a user-setting error Though it would be nice if the staging option was changed back to arm, rather than deploy.. maybe in RC2? Changed setting in menu Thanks for your time! Edit: Oh, just discovered that I can't change chute settings in VAB when I right click on the part. Is that normal? I'm an idiot Always helps to read the instructions first Thanks again!
  5. Hi, just an observation/question about intended behaviour I only use RealChute to give the stock chutes much much much nicer chutes and an extra dose of realism - i ignore the custom parts because I only use stock parts in builds (I’m one of those annoying semi-purists lol). Anyway, I designed a craft years ago where the last stage (post re-entry burn) simply separated a command pod from the fuel tanks and armed the parachute, meaning the next time I touched the controls was to click the recover button a few minutes later. With the mod installed, I’ve found this approach no longer works, unfortunately. I’m having to arm the parachute manually despite it being part of the staging PLUS it’s deploying unsafely very high in the atmosphere which of course leads to a failure and kerbal death - bizarrely, post failure I cannot deploy one of the spare chutes or repack the chute. I’ll check what I’m doing again tomorrow and report back after some testing (gone 1am and I’m tired lol) - so don’t consider this a support request just yet, more an anecdote but I must say, thank you for the mod (stock chutes look so bad) and I’m very excited for whatever RealChutes2 brings!
  6. Hey Linuxgurugamer! Thanks for the help previously, only just seen your reply I do have a feature request if I may be so bold... A button to change the Fairing Expansion setting Its state isn't remember by the game unfortunately, and those of us with fairing-heavy builds (see https://kerbalx.com/The_Black_Badger/craft (not mine, but a darn good example)), its incredibly annoying having to turn all the fairings off again I appreciate its a bit niche though thanks!
  7. I'm wondering if we'll get another post next Thursday... if so what will be in it? I don't think it will be anything big, seeing as the way this one is worded suggests the main stuff is out of the bag Maybe part retextures of the last few engines? Pretty please
  8. other 'warnings' include: "I warned you that water was wet!" it's not a 'warning' when its inevitable that the game wont be developed ad infinitum.
  9. Absolutely HYPED for craft file subfolders... hopefully means I can stop being so fastidious with craft naming to make them appear in alphabetical/size/type order
  10. I actually feel bizarrely gutted by this... It's a bit like a pet just died but not quite that sad lol. I think knowing that its the final update is... well, until now, everything I've wanted in the game has been "maybe in the next update". I just hope the part retextures get finished so the stock game is a little more consistent. An update focusing on space station/base usefulness would have been kinda cool too. Or even just one more DLC. Thank you for the years and years and YEARS of updates, and for me, many many thousands of hours of fun
  11. KSP2 is a different dev team entirely, so the focus hasn't changed in that sense.
  12. you did Though results are not guaranteed
  13. it's usually around 5pm/5:30pm where I live (UK) - or it has been the last few weeks anyway
  14. Marginally more modern - courtesy of this thread https://www.reddit.com/r/KerbalSpaceProgram/comments/3fa29t/wacs_deltav_map_continued_ksp_104/
  15. I’ve not seen anyone ask THE big question here... will fireworks have physics? E.g. if I shot one.. say from a plane... and aimed it at oh I don’t know, another plane... would the plane being hit explode?
  16. I don’t think anyone was expecting that.. Edit: I'm also not complaining
  17. ahh of course! How could I forget? Seriously though, I can't WAIT to see what's next
  18. eh? It was posted on Thursday... its currently Monday, give or take some timezones. It's deffo not been a week lol
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