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  1. On 8/11/2019 at 5:00 PM, Eriksonn said:

    Firstly, the main mod for this is the principia mod that I didnt make. My mod only adds some config files That principia uses. I am not fully done with my little mod either. I can still awnser your questions tho.

    a) It will (as any other orbit), keep orbiting when you are not looking. And can destabelize when you are not looking, so keep an eye out on sattelites in lower orbits-

    b) Yes, and it also depends on the "lumpyness" of the body you are orbiting. Minmus is quite lumpy and Gilly is even worse. The Mun and Ike are less lumpy, so they wont be as suceptible to this. I did some tests and it appears that a 30km orbit around mun is just barely stable enough to not collide, but a 50 km orbit is fine. Both of those options gets quite a high inclination after a while(maybe 5 degrees or thereabout). A 25 km orbit of Minmus seems fine aswell. Compared to the radius of each moon, the stable minmus orbit was further out due to the higher lumpyness of minmus.

    Super awesome work! I'd love to see Principia for the stock system... does it really not already exist?

  2. For me, it’s not any of the game’s bugs in whatever form they’re currently residing. It’s not the now-rare kraken strike. Nor is it the decreasing performance at high part counts (over 30 for me and my computato). 

    No, the very worst part for me and my 2000 hour love affair with KSP is the need I have to check the forums every few hours for a dev update. 

    Don’t get me wrongs, I am in absolutely no way criticising squad here for lack of communication... it’s just I’m a little obsessed and, honestly, I think the obsession could only be fended off if I actually worked on developing the game.

    So, what’s the “worst part” for you guys? 

    And I mean that in a way that is also kind of positive... like it being a huge time sink :)

  3. As it stands, CKAN (recommended installer) won't install Real Plume because, and I quote, "Error! RealPlume 2:v11.2.0 depends on RealPlumeConfigs, which is not compatible with the currently installed version of KSP" with the only option being to "Dismiss".

    Can somebody walk me through the process of getting around this or manual installation please? I know how to install a mod manually but it looks like there might be a fair few edits required?

  4. 7 hours ago, Wallygator said:

    I would tend to think that a truly immersive IVA experience might also include some VR options. 

    It’s beyond my ancient technical capabilities to even discuss architectural details of it, but from a user perspective it could (if well executed) be a very cool experience. 

    I agree, but probably a bit too intensive to slap on the already-cpu-intensive-KSP :(

  5. Damn, what pc are you using to have to consider this? Mines a really old FX based APU (not even discreet graphics) and I’ve not done this.

    I also use MJ to show vehicle info and it rarely disagrees with the stock read out... what circumstances are you finding it to be inaccurate?

    Also I realise what I’ve said doesn’t answer your question, but I’m curious!

  6. 1 hour ago, djr5899 said:

    Glad to hear it.

    What I'm saying is, your tirade against TakeTwo/Squad is unwarranted. Sure, it isn't easy, but just because you don't get it - despite the wealth of videos you say you've watched, and ample documentation on this very site - doesn't mean TakeTwo/Squad is "dropping the ball". They've NEVER really "held the ball" in this regard to be honest, I've learnt pretty much everything from other users and trial and error. Same applies to the new features, which IMO, proves they are consistent at least. 

  7. Yeah, I wonder if this feature will get another pass or update with future dlc? Honestly, I'd pay for ScanSat to me made stock and replace Kerbnet.. it has/had cool parts, better maps, cool scan-over-time thing... it really added purpose to missions just like the new surface-science-over-time parts in Breaking Ground. I'm getting off topic... but ScanSat is precisely what a lot of us in the community are asking for in regards to an orbital-science-over-time pack/parts/feature.

  8. 5 hours ago, djr5899 said:

    I spent 2-3 hours today trying to build a simple prop didn't work.

    I spent 2-3 hours yesterday trying to build a simple didn't work.

    Last month, I spent 3-4 hours trying to make use of hinges and rotors for a "simple" didn't work.

    I believe Breaking Ground will likely be my last KSP purchase for some time.  I was very excited by both the hinges/rotors update, as well as the props update, however, as a non-expert KSP player, I have found the documentation on how to use these new features extremely poor and lacking.  I've watched one or two videos on both props and hinges, and just find the whole control of them ugly and non-intuitive.  It would be nice to have a central system, a better KAL-1000, to control hinges/rotors, and something similar for rotor/prop flying.  Instead, I seem to be left with pinning several part windows, mapping a ton of controls to action groups, and just left totally clueless.

    Disappointed that there isn't a single piece of documentation for KSPedia for rotors/props, and very little on using KAL-1000 for hinges/motors/etc.  Tutorials on the forums, YouTube videos, in-game Training missions, showing you how to build the simplest craft with these features doesn't seem like too much to ask for.  Squad/TakeTwo are dropping the ball big time in this area.  Not every player has been to every planet, uses mods, builds 1000 part craft, etc.  :mad::mad:

    Completely disagree. I found myself a little confused when they first came out... then I realised how it all worked and found it completely intuitive. Sure, it isn’t easy, but then neither is shuttle building...

  9. can we see your craft please? I'm at 2000 hours and I've never found myself in this situation - not saying its your fault or anything btw - I'm just very curious to see what, exactly, you're doing :) I realise 2000 hours is a lot, but when you look at what is possible in this game and how innovative and nuanced it can actually be... it isn't much time at all :D and this is an example of exactly that - experienced player coming across something totally new :D I love that about this game... rant over

  10. 22 hours ago, klgraham1013 said:

    You know when you have so many choices that you just end up doing nothing?  That's me with BG right now.

    I'm really glad I'm not the only one! I made an addition to an existing design (robotic manipulation of payload in a Mk2 cargo bay so satellites don't just get shot into the opposite wall on decoupling). Oh, and folding solar array arms for a space station and that's about it... there's just so many possibilities!

  11. 2 hours ago, Klapaucius said:
    3 hours ago, MR L A said:

    Not sure why you would need struts for a launch vehicle these days anyway... rigid attachment all the way. Unless your designs are more than a little unorthodox... 

    Rigid attachment generally does not work well on planes.  Heavier ones need a bit of give on landing or they just shatter. I almost never use rigid attachment for that reason.

    See bold, lol. He was talking about a launch vehicle, not a plane.

  12. 2 hours ago, panzer1b said:

    Guess im lucky to never have gotten reliant on autostrutting anything (except launch stages on rockets cause i cant be bothered to use normal struts on something i will see exactly 2 minutes before its jettisioned from  payload).

    Not sure why you would need struts for a launch vehicle these days anyway... rigid attachment all the way. Unless your designs are more than a little unorthodox... 

  13. 10 hours ago, Triop said:

    programming takes a lot of time...

    That's a really nice movement, but I think the end of tail needs to move rather than staying static (static in a relative sense i mean). Like an actual fish's tail has a flick to it, it doesn't just move from side to side :) Though I do accept, of course, that this is a WIP :D

    10 hours ago, Triop said:

    new ride:

    haha I love this

  14. On 5/22/2019 at 9:19 PM, Fearless Son said:

    Honestly, probably nothing more than I have already built.  

    But don't get me wrong!  That's not because I'm not excited for the DLC, I am in fact very excited!  However, I tend to play career exclusively, and I have a habit of starting a new career every time a new major change comes out.  So I have to creep up to the new content from the beginning again.  Feels like I appreciate it more after I have "earned" it, and building toward it gives me a new long-term objective to accomplish.

    That said, I'm especially excited this time because of all the new things to find and new ways to collect Science means that my journey up the tech tree will be a little more interesting, with a lot of little things I can do to work my way through it.

    I also do exactly this:)