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  1. Hi everyone! I'm trying to work out how to adjust alignment/rotation of two modules currently docked together in space. I presume this must be possible to do within the save files. As you can see, the handle things are ever so slightly off, I don't think I could have got them more precisely aligned, given the circumstances (detachable rcs on orange tank - I've no idea why I chose to dock the orange tank to the command module rather than the other way round - also the orange tank is empty). So, does anyone know what I'm looking for in the save files to adjust? Will it be a simple case of finding the docking port attached to the orange tank and rotating that or will I need to rotate the port, the tank and everything else with it? It needs to be aligned perfectly, for reasons.. Thanks everyone! P.S just in case the insert media link didn't work...
  2. Excellent! The method you described is exactly what I've been searching for, thank you!
  3. Ah, so the 1:1 ratio is the mathematical way of describing the amount of time take to complete an orbit by two objects around a given body? So, for example, an equatorial orbit that around body X take 1 hour and any other orbit, regardless of inclination etc. that also takes one hour? I believe using 4/5 satellites may be the way forwards, as you have suggested. Would this mean 4/5 satellites at the same orbit height as previously stated (of 60km) separated by 90/72 degrees? A lower minimum orbit would be possible but would negate the use of 4/5 over 3? I believe I have understood correctly thus far, however I am still confused about when to deploy my other satellites.. Should I wait until the first satellite is 90/72 degrees in front of the second satellite AND the second satellite is at apoapsis (60km)? Thanks for your help so far!
  4. Hi guys, I've read a few posts regarding this subject, however I've failed to understand them. First. I'll explain what I am trying to do and why. I am using antenna range in lieu of the 1.2 KSP update which is alleged to add something similar. I currently have a probe landed on Minmus that loses connection when it cannot "see' Kerbin. I wish to place three satellites in an equilateral triangle formation which should be able to provide a constant connection. I have worked out that the minimum altitude required for this is 60km with 120 degrees of separation. I plan to put the satellites into a higher orbit than this to provide additional clearance for the signal from the surface of Minmus, I believe a higher altitude also provides longevity in terms of resonance between the three satellites. The three satellites are currently attached to a single vessel which is in an orbit of (or about to be in an orbit of) 60km x 20km. I understand the first satellite can deploy and burn prograde to 60 x 60 at any time. My questions are; What is "resonance" anyway? How do I work it out/alter resonance characteristics? And how do I work out when to deploy the second and third satellites from their given orbit into the desired orbit? I hope this all makes sense and my objectives are clear. I'm not an uneducated individual, however my maths skills are pretty poor, so terminology may need to be explained - though I did manage to workout the height of the orbit by simply constructing an equilateral triangle within a circle/orbit which is twice the radius of the given body (Minmus R = 60km. 2R = 120km. Altitude = 60km). Though please correct me if I have misunderstood this method. Thanks everyone!
  5. Love the work! I've been using scatterer for a while now, stuck with it when the ocean was a Z-fighting (no not the Goku kind) mess too. Latest release is simply beautiful too. I haven't noticed any bugs additional to the ones already reported.. though I was wondering, if it is possible for you to tell, what the release of 1.1 will have on the mod? Are you expecting a million new bugs/unplayable until you update scatterer or will the shift between Unity variants not impact your graphical work so much?
  6. Firstly, sorry if this thread is a repost however, in my defence I could not find an answer after a fair bit of forum trawling. Anyway, currently don't have access to the game to experiment for myself plus I'm playing career mode and don't want to waste resources. Im also quite new to the game but I'm doing okay. The question (and context). I'm planning on landing on the mun with a kerbal scientist (first manned landing) however, to keep the weight of the lander down and therefore make for an easier return to the mun orbiter, I am wondering if sending a second lander packed with science parts (which will not return) may be useful? By this I mean land both landers, have the scientist eva to the science lander, gather the data from the science parts, return to other lander, return home. Is this possible without a loss of science points? Can scientists 'harvest' data in this fashion? Thanks! P.s I realise having a single lander would probably be more economical and efficient however, I do not have adequate parts unlocked to do this with a high chance of success.