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  1. You can say this about literally any update/feature/dlc from squad... many were hoping for X, some people were disappointed. Addressing each of my points is very nice, but ultimately fails to address to overarching point of just what could squad have released that modders couldn’t do and wouldn’t disappoint various groups of people? The answer being, of course, nothing. And unless you want squad to stop developing a profitless game completely I wouldn’t complain about the occasional bit of dlc. After all, bug fixes don’t keep the lights on.
  2. sounds like a top selling piece of DLC that does... /s Also sounds like it would be criticised for being a paid-for version of the community challenges we already have. Also sounds like it would be criticised for being something that not too many people actually want. ALSO, are we actually sure modders can't do this on some level anyway?
  3. This would be valid... except we're talking about software so it is entirely invalid. You find me one piece of software without bugs even after years of updates and I'll find you a unicorn. Having said that, your point is kind of silly anyway... find me a car that doesn't have weird hardware bugs like a specific tire that wears quicker than the rest, or a wiper that doesn't work as well as the other, vents that don't blow equally etc etc. You're suggesting something that is naive and fantastical AND ignores the reality of the world we live in.
  4. What could they possibly give us that can't be added, in someway, by modders? Same goes for any game that can be modded... from KSP to Skyrim. Personally, I can't stand using any mod that adds parts anyway (apart from ScanSat), so I'm more than happy to see this.
  5. I absolutely adore that craft!
  6. Edit: Can an admin please close this post? Realised I was repeating one that already existed after I'd posted it. Thanks
  7. collectively he means I believe How about... The Inner Four
  8. Thought this was going to be a new episode of Scrubs
  9. I have reverts turned off in the difficulty settings
  10. you'd be surprised actually... gta V runs extremely well on old hardware. This guy build rigs from ancient equipment and runs a variety of games to benchmark them
  11. I've got nearly two thousand in-game hours and probably half as many again crawling the forums... but can we PLEASE celebrate this thread and revel in its glory? It is the absolute best thing I've ever seen on here I honestly feel as though we should commemorate it as the "art" (thanks @klgraham1013) it rightfully is.
  12. I would like to use a life support mod but I really *don't* like part mods... simply because an update or an outdated mod can easily screw up an entire save. Plus a lot of the LS mods seem... not overly complicated but more like they don't match the games current level of complexity. For example, the stock comms network is simple - have an antenna in range of home. Life support seems to be too many additional resources with different use rates and too many additional parts... I think snacks is probably the best out there imo. But still, no additional mission critical parts from mods for me If I was playing a super realistic RO game though, then yes, I'd use it.
  13. These are some REALLY nice touches... KSP is slowly becoming a nicely polished game imo... if only I had a rig powerful enough to play it at a decent fps lol
  14. THAT WAS SO COOL Yeah, I'd say that was a pretty accurate title imo
  15. Editing: What do you mean by this? If it has a single stage it is an SSTO regardless of how it takes off or if it has wings, wheels, legs, none or all of the above
  16. @Trekkie148 was that screenshot (the one in the sph with CoM and CoL) fuelled or unfuelled? If it was fuelled then that's probably your issue... when the tank empties that CoM is going to shoot backwards... @SiriusRocketry sounds like you need to realign your CoT and CoM
  17. Why do you want it on gog and not steam? Good sales on steam atm
  18. I like to balance practicality and aesthetics with all of my designs... I also like to add a dash of reality, for example, if I'm using MJ for a launch, I alter various settings and vehicle parameters (TWR etc.) until I'm no longer getting reentry burn on the way out. But something that does annoy me slightly is that even my simplest regularly used rocket (1.25m fairing, 2xFL-T800, and a swivel) is nearly an SSTO - in reality the first stage of a rocket doesn't do the majority of work to reach orbit, the second does. For example the SpaceX launch of THAICOM 8 sees MECO and first stage separation at 8331km/h (2314m/s) @ 67km, the second stage then finishes its burn at 36,435km/h (10,093m/s). I often find second stages in KSP are not overly important (if the payload has its own propulsion at least) though this is a very broad statement and is entirely mission dependant... though is true for a lot of in Kerbin SOI work. This isn't really a criticism of the game and nor am I suggesting this is something that should be fixed... it's just simply how physics works given the size of Kerbin. I just find myself a little uncomfortable with it - does anyone else?
  19. Don't you remember? You told me that he phoned you especially and gave you permission to continue his work and redistribute as you see fit
  20. Turn advanced tweakables on > right click landing gear > click "deploy shielded" > problem solved
  21. Yeah, I love that contract pack too! Struggle to play career without it... has contract configurator been updated to 1.51 yet?