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  1. Don't thank me, thank SWDennis for making it I'm just happy to share it on his behalf
  2. I play with quicksaves off because I'm a madman Rovers are the one thing I've never really been able to build well... I try to balance practicality, part count, and aesthetics with everything I design... but rovers have consistently defeated me That sounds a lot like you've mastered a very difficult solution to an average-difficulty task
  3. I know there's the mathematical way to work this out which involves doing the rocket equation in reverse... Is anybody good at maths willing stick it in a spreadsheet and share it with the community? I know it gets pretty complicated when we start calculating for staged launch vehicles too, so it would somehow need to have an option for selecting the number of stages and then inputting their dV and TWR etc... hmmm, sticking weights on rockets and testing is beginning to sound a lot easier now.
  4. I think you might be right... can a mod take this post down please ?
  5. I don’t believe I said they aren’t. What I’m saying is, they’re no longer posted in a single place with a single unifying title that we can all look out for, which was greatly convenient for all. But thanks for sharing, I’d never see one of the update posts on there before.. and I’m not particularly interested in following an entire section of the forum just to check if a post pertaining to 1.6 is made. That said, I am considering deleting this thread if it continues to be as superfluous as it now seems
  6. I really want to try running KSP on one of the AMD APU's like the 2400g Obviously the performance won't be stellar but I currently play it on an old A10-7870K which is significantly worse...
  7. With the death of KSP weekly we lost a great source of information on how the game is progressing. The information is still out there, just not in a single place so far as I have seen. So, with this thread I am attempting to compile the information we have so far for those of us that do not use other social media outlets as much as Squad might like us to. As far as I am aware, there is no thread in the discussion or announcement or development sections that will be posting this information (I'll delete this thread if I've just missed it somehow). Also, a note to the mods: I believe this thread belongs in discussion rather than development for two reasons; first is this section's high visibility to the forum user-base, and secondly because I intend this thread to tread the same waters as the above 1.5 thread. Also, I encourage users to post any additional news that I have missed in the comments! p.s I am in NO WAY trying to take credit for Squad's work here! EDIT: Please, if you have a Facebook account or any other of the social media website I post, PLEASE give the official Squad accounts a like an a follow, show them your support! *********So, ON WITH THE NEWS.*********** 1.6 and the part revamp continues! Part 1 [Original FaceBook Post here ] A nice Quality of life update here ! 1.6 and the part revamp continues! Part 2 [Original FaceBook Post here ] 1.6 and the part revamp continues! Part 3 [Original FaceBook Post here ]
  8. I'd much sooner have the advanced tweakable Rigid Attachment turned on by default...
  9. You could hold shift to make the notches smaller... unless you already are?
  10. FRONT... well, in front of your centre of lift anyway
  11. Love this mod and can't wait for it to be updated! Can't thank you enough for your work
  12. The developer for SR2 states that it is also coming to PC
  13. Afaik he's currently working on simple rockets two which is much more KSP like Maybe a bit of competition for squad?
  14. seems a bit of a leap to me... sure the wheels still aren't perfect but I've honestly not seen a severe bug for a long time. Perfect? No, of course not. Broken mess? That's a step too far the other way... but I do get what you mean regarding the rest of your comment.
  15. Yeah I saw the station... I quite liked the look of the SSTO!
  16. EDIT: I take it back, when on earth was that change made? I could have sworn I saw the "disable" option within the last few days...
  17. Seriously... who keeps necro'ing threads recently?
  18. I think SQUAD should do a kind of Final Edition update... not actually the final version of KSP in terms of features, but the final version in terms of tweaks to the fundamentals (API?) of the game so that future updates are solely cosmetic or the implementation of 'slap-on' features rather than anything that breaks mod compatability to a huge degree. Also, I know nothing about coding or modding KSP so I recognise my opinion probably isn't worth too much.
  19. I really like your craft... any more pictures or details of it?
  20. This mod is so beautiful... literally cannot wait until I have a rig capable of playing it at a decent fps
  21. Honestly... probably not that long for an actual mission, but I'm quite capable of spending an entire day in the VAB/SPH, performing test launches and optimising my designs I really want to do a video to show a few of them off but my potater can barely run KSP at 30fps, never mind KSP whilst using screen capture software and a mod or two like scatterer and real plume to make it look good too
  22. I built a stock "fighter" with the opposite problem it would maintain its maneuverability at 1200m/s and as a result rip itself to shreds...
  23. This is exactly what has happened. They haven’t actually altered the parts aerodynamics other than by what the game generates automatically using the textures maps (or something like that - basically aero is calculated partially automatically and any cosmetic adjustment impacts aerodynamics... because it’s basically a new shape). Any parts that appear to have changed that haven’t been updated cosmetically in 1.5 shouldn’t be anything to do with squad unless either I or they haven’t been very thorough with the change log