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  1. For everyone saying a proper dV read out might be too much for new players... advanced tweakables anyone? seems like a simple toggle on/off would fix this problem almost immediately. Also yeah, I think most players realise a dV readout might occasionally be a bit broken depending on the craft, so IMO squad should just implement one anyway and not worry about tiny hiccups.
  2. Isn't this true for all atmospheric bodies though? But we have a generally accepted dV figure for Kerbin and Laythe
  3. Well I mean I'm on 2k hours and I haven't done this either... I'm a habitual career mode restarter. I should probably get around to it at some point. You need something like 11k dV to get to orbit from eve too
  4. afaik radiators don't help with atmospheric heating
  5. Correct but also incorrect. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere is completely unimportant, it is the amount of CO2 in the blood which is produced by the body that acts as a regulator - your body has absolutely no way to measure in atmosphere CO2 levels, only what is in the blood, and seeing as the lungs do not absorb CO2, the only CO2 in the blood is produced by respiration etc.
  6. seeing as this thread has been necro'd, can we get this comment taken off the thread and a warning issued? I made an even less obvious reference to drugs (banned according to forum rules) and my post got removed and I was issued a warning. I may sound somewhat bitter about it and I don't really care because rules is rules apparently. Edit: I also realise this is a somewhat pointless endeavour in terms of the user not being active any more, but still.
  7. Downloaded the demo after watching a few streams... Scott Manley and Robbaz. Extremely different styles but that’s when I realised how versatile the game was. I could build a serious space program and/or build crazy things and then nuke them
  8. Like the new textures and it’s good to see the positive feedback this week BUT if that white texture doesn’t match one of the other white textures in game...
  9. Hi everyone! I was wondering if there was a method of retrieving a link to a specific post in a thread? like how the notification button works? Thanks
  10. Yes, but all my posts took into account the other posts in this thread... And even so, of course it still matters, as without the adequate TWR you're not going to leave the atmosphere anyway.
  11. At this point it becomes clear you've not read the rules mentioned above Ahhh, here's the caveat you forgot to add the first time round. Congratulations.
  12. yes, it is change in velocity, but that does NOT translate to speed in atmosphere. you're forgetting about effects like atmospheric drag. And again, some of the highest dV values possible for planes cannot even break the sound barrier because their engines do not allow for it.
  13. Well the height limit is obviously in atmosphere, though we probably should refer to the challenge section to see if there's a standard altitude for this kind of thing. And no, in atmosphere more dV does not equate to more speed. For example, super long distance "tankers" have huge amounts of dV, but couldn't possibly hope to achieve a decent speed.
  14. I don't think that disqualifies it from being a plane though does it? The X-15 was a plane and that flew "closed cycle" and extremely high? Or are you suggesting the achieved figure is basically a re-entry speed?
  15. Are the rapiers in closed cycle mode when you you reach max speed?
  16. I love the rt 1 and rt 2. They’re the 0.6m parts right? We so need them in stock
  17. Imagine if squad were trolling us with this artwork and the actual release is quality stuff sigh. I’m really pleased they still work on the game but Squad should stick to bug fixing and implementing features If this is the kind of art we’re going to be getting
  18. Are you using a probe or a command pod? If its a probe, you could well be running out of electricity OR, if you have comms network turned on, you could be going out of signal range/area.
  19. MR L A

    Why is...

    I think this might be fixed later on. No word on it or anything but as they recently adjusted the weight (amongst other things) of the Mk1-3 capsule I can see them addressing this in the future.
  20. Try changing the game to launch in windowed mode and then lower the resolution... hopefully the banner will stick out and you can close it. You will have to find a way of altering the launch settings somewhere in the game files though.
  21. Never seen a weekly get this slated before... but having read all the comments, I think they’re pretty reasonable with their arguments. It seems strange to me that modders have done a much better job with textures for free than the people that are getting paid to do so... maybe the team at squad should concentrate on killing bugs and let the community do the parts/textures. Hell, I’d be all in favour of squad turning to a modder like Ven and saying “here’s X amount of money, your modded textures are now stock, thanks”
  22. instead of MORE tanks we should just have one tank with selectable length, diameter, texture and contents... the part selection screen is turning into a real mess.
  23. You're running out of fuel with an aeroplane? Points to a few things ranging from bad design to bad flying. Post some images of your craft/find some threads about efficient flying and builds