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  1. Banned for piggybacking on the Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. You're gonna break it someday!
  2. banned for not using real rockets
  3. One burn from the launchpad. Also, sorry if i'm not active, my finals are this week.
  4. This is my first challenge, so bear with me. The Goal: Get in another celestial body's SOI in ONE BURN. Rules: ​Throttle must not go below 50%. Doing so means your burn has ended. (OPTIONAL) Jettison engine after the burn. RCS is allowed, but no using it for burns. No funny business. You can use thrust limiters, just don't let them go under 50%. Any STOCK engines or SRBs are allowed. You don't need to have it all in one stage, as you may think. No standby engines that produce hardly (2 kN or less) any thrust. I'm looking at you ion and LV-1 engines. No part mods. Mods that add effect
  5. Guys I think there's a way to recover the first stage of a rocket without mods! I think attaching a probe core will let it be recovered, provided it has parachutes.
  6. OV-099


    Thanks guys, will certainly help.
  7. Just wondering, is it against the rules to make the ENTIRE ENGINE come off? Like what happened with American Airlines Flight 191?
  8. Hmm... Seems interesting. I shall try it when i have time.
  9. OV-099


    I'm new here. I'd like some tips for starting career mode (the last 2 times failed horribly with bankruptcy)
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