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  1. https://blogs.nasa.gov/webb/2022/02/11/photons-received-webb-sees-its-first-star-18-times/
  2. There is at least one cooler for MIRI https://sci.esa.int/web/jwst/-/46831-cryocooler-for-miri This video explain how this cooler works
  3. Maybe a Blue Dot 2.0... not looking to our current home... but to our next!
  4. Yeah yeah... perhaps I was just a little... overcautious with all of this. It's a already risky mission, losing redudance pre-launch knowing how much redundant stuff already saved a lot of mission or launching a possible flawed spacecraft seemed a little too much. But in the end, as both of you said, it was deemed not worth repairing the sensor
  5. Yeah... maybe... or let's risk throwing billions and decades away... I know I know, it would work "just fine" with two last mirror, just some loss in "apperture" and some aberrations to be compensated... But still... I would not be ok given green light to a flawed equipment of this importance, but maybe that's just me... I really trust their decision, but I don't know... it irks me EDIT: looks like they are moving fine, already 4,5 out of the 12,5mm for both of them
  6. So... according with the lastest Scott Manley video, the two mirrors that aren't in position yet are flawled... each motor has a couple sensor, one in each motor isn't working, there is a work around, but they laft these two for last... Even worst, they knew it before launch EDIT: They knew since the vacuum chamber test, they just thought it to be much work to do... no words
  7. I did not expected to be this much, I thought they would be much closer to final position... Maybe some small alignment due to rocket vibration or assembly tolerance, but only that
  8. Man... on her launch reaction video, I wish the she had watched until separation and the deployment of solar panels... I imagine what was her reaction to the view o JWST and if she would be worried about the early deployment
  9. Instrument Radiator Deployed Only two manjor deployments left to go! Is it safe to say that JWST is now functional? Even without the primary fully opened it will be able to cool down, gather light and process images, just with a smaller area (assuming everything else works)
  10. Me too, but that fear the the complex stuff will be fine and the simplest last deployment, the radiator will fail is hard to ignore... or worst, the insertion burn... everytime something complex is done, the next simple thing became as scary as it can be since NOTHING can go wrong (I guess)
  11. The shield is designde so that the heat that radiantes from each layer deflects outwards https://imgur.com/a/1ZlQgnn Image from (@ 8m53s):
  12. Yes, you can see an animation of the deployment with a graph showing its position here:
  13. Yes, the whole ISS has a "ceiling" and a "floor", not only for psychological reasons, but is much more confortable and easier to work if all the labels and equipments have the same orientation. IIRC the "floor" is towards Earth even edit: grammar
  14. Maybe 5.5m had other limitations than the fairing diameter of the NG. Maybe it's a design choice, enough to fulfill their needs as of right now, they can always add bigger modules latter if needs arise. Also, since they are already making use of inflatable modules, they could go bonkers with size (possibly).
  15. Unless I've understand you wrong, that is the Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser, that's how it docks. It has 2 smaller engines on the rear side and a docking adapter in the middle This is the cargo variant, but it's the same: And here you can see the engines:
  16. Is there a way to load a saved parameter set? I ask because it links a parameter set to a vessel name, but I like to use a naming convention that changes each launch, so I have a text file with the parameters for each rocket and input them manually. I also have a set for polar and for equatorial launches, so a loanding function might be nice
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