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  1. So, just FYI, it works fine in 1.2.2, except the texture change for the AID-X2 Decoupler due to the lack of this feature in this version. But all of this is as expected
  2. If you have no friction with the surface, the wheels wont spin, but the plane would still take off. EDIT: So if you have a treadmill without friction, it will be tha same as a ground without friction. If you add friction, it will only make the wheel spin twice as fast (as already told here)
  3. Np Great mod btw, will try it out tonight (on 1.2.2 unfortunately, but I think should work fine). Congrats
  4. @Katten The video is no mine, it's from @Kottabos. He has a series of videos from KSP mods. All great videos. I just posted here to make you aware of it Most mods that he made vídeos for used them on the OP, so I think he is ok with it.
  5. Have you ever seen a plane took off while standing still? I have, at least RC ones and against the wind But bigger planes can also do that, some propeler plane can lift their tail while standing still, because the propeler is moving the air that passes through the elevator.
  6. A question that rises (at least for me) is: how it will handle storms? I mean, of course it won't fly during one, but being this light and with this amount of surface it probably will be dragged by the wind, won't it? There's some grabbing mechanism? What if it hit the rover while being thrown away?
  7. Ok, I imagine that... I'll just try to install your version on the 1.2.2 and see what I get. Thanks
  8. @linuxgurugamer I downloaded the latest version from DennyTX (1.2.1) since I'm still playing with KSP 1.2.2, but I want to add the changes that you made and the mod support that you added to it. For the mod support, I believe that I just need to replace the old MM_Configs folder for the new one wright? This will change the need to use hypergolic fuel as well? Thanks in advance!
  9. You need to follow this properly: You can upload the files to some cloud service (Google Drive, One Drive, DropBox...) and share the shareable file lin here
  10. The most unreasonable loud noise for me is the Launch Stability Enhancer. Imagine if real lanches started with a *KAPLAN* (louder than the egine) before the engine sound.
  11. In the video, it's said that it will take 2 months to deploy the experiments. I know that interplanetary stuff is made in a slow pace due to a lot of factors. But 2 months seems a lot just to put stuff on the ground. At first I thought that this time included the time to drill, but he said that what we were seeing in the animation would take 2 months, and it didn't include the drilling part. Anyone knows why this extremely low pace?
  12. If it's only on the runway, this could be related, though it should have been fixed already. Can you provide this: Which information should your support request have? KSP version including Windows, Mac, or Linux, 32 or 64-bit, and if it's Steam A detailed explanation of what happened and what you were trying to accomplish A screenshot of your craft or any relevant screens A .craft file or save files if relevant The ouput_log.txt or player.log file KSP creates when it launches and, if applicable, the crash log KSP has generated when the program crashed A detailed list of system specifications Are you running a clean installation, or have you updated and some of your persistence or craft files might be older versions, if so which version(s) As state on this:
  13. @KSK The fog of war is somewhat implemented by Researh Bodies mod: Only the way the dicovery work is different. But I guess i would be possible to do vie experiments as you suggested. If there was some sort of random change of failure in the game (I know some mods that do) Engineering Points could be used to enhance reliability.
  14. By this video, yes. But how much of this actually becomes reallity is to be seen
  15. They said something about passengers of NS getting something for NG. some form of privilege I thing
  16. @sevenperforce This site may help: https://historicspacecraft.com/Space_Graphics.html
  17. Man, this is SO good! Is there a way to mod it? Please, say that there is! I always hoped for an use to those "Test part" contracts. Lets say that for you to unlock something, you have to buy it and test it via a contract. Also, you can improve something with said contracts. One could have some different types of points as @tater said. If you earn Rocket or enginnering points every time you use something (as you get a better understanding of it) but with diminishing returns for every time of part (tanks, engines, capsules, etc), you can use them only for certain parts. Better rocketry knowledge doesn't imply a need for a seismic instrument.
  18. I never understood this kind of anwser, it serves no purpouse. Sometimes I prefer to ask even after researching, talking about something is better than only reading/watching. Not only that, but this may serve as source for someone in the future, since this forum is open to anyone read. If you don't think the question worth anwsering, don't lost your time with this "google it" nonsense. Sorry for derailing the topic a bit, I just need to adress this. ElectroBOOM channel (linked above) has some very good educational videos. His method of mixing comedy and pain to teach is very good.
  19. Yeah, but, you know that they don`t block the whole eclipitic...
  20. @YNM you known why it won't scan the ecliptic plane?
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