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  1. i've already got the problem fixed. kinda did what you did, though i honestly can't remember
  2. So, some time after christmas, i used my money to buy a Thrustmaster T.16000 FCS system to get into flight sims and try it out on ksp and war thunder. Everything works on the stick and throttle, but I just can't seem to get the controls right for ksp. I cannot properly bind the action keys to the buttons (i try and bind action 1 to the trigger, but nothing happens to it. binding the other action keys (gear, SAS, RCS, lights, etc.) works just fine.) Also, while i fixed the stupid reversed throttle problem, i do not have exact control over it. There is heavy precision and slowness at the extreme
  3. this is one of the most kerbal questions I've seen. "Do I have to get home safe?"
  4. i agree with Spartwo on how it should be stock. If it was stock or only a few mods, then i know a better way to do this than exchanging saves. The mod Dark Multiplayer is perfect for an idea like this. Best to do it full stock with that mod, cause i forget how the mod handles other mods. All you would need is for the players to have the client and someone to have a server. If i had someone who was wanting to do it with me i would install the server software on my home server. I've always wanted to experiment with multiplayer stuff with someone, but i don't have any friends who have the game an
  5. quick question: would staging anything disqualify any craft? like staging an engine or SRB or fuel tanks? and another question: I have a mod that edits the sounds the jet engines make, but it also edits the thrust of some engines to match the real world counterparts. I have done a bit of testing and the only engines that really are affected are the Juno engine and the Goliath engine (their thrust is greatly increased, making my super-heavy planes actually able to fly). I plan on going extremely fast anyways, so I am still going to try and submit a craft. Most likely a plane. This is where my g
  6. Finally finished it! And exactly at 5 minutes! I could probs do better, but all of my VTOL attempts, short of the last one, failed. If I try hard enough, I might be able to do it with a plane. Actually, can I enter two ships? One VTOL and one plane? I'm already getting ideas for the plane. Also, I would like to know if the JetSounds mod will put me on the modded leaderboard. All of the parts I use are stock, but JetSounds changes the sound of the jet engines (which, imo, should be stock) and changes the thrust values of some engines to match the real world counterparts. From my test, the engin
  7. Looks like the perfect challenge to start the afternoon with! I planned on destroying the VAB anyways, even before I saw the bonus, so it's time to have some fun! I'll come back once I have it done
  8. I don't have pictures right now, but crash something into the ground and go to map view before it hits. you will see the crash animation in the map and, if you are at the ksc, will se part of the ksc in the map.it is repeatable and can be resettled by going out of map view
  9. I have done some crazy things in ksp. how about we all share what we did! I will start. and you don't need to number it, I just will. 1) land a rocket (I was able to do it with a 2.25 meter size rocket) using only air brakes 2)militarized the ksc 3)summon the kraken
  10. I have been trying to think of ways to make ksp a little more dangerous, so, I had an idea for a mod. a weather mod. I would make it my self, but I don't know how to code or anything. so I request that someone else do it. the mod would be completely theirs as long as they say I had the original idea. the mod could include weather like rain, snow, storms, ect. also, parts to attach to satalites to predict the weather, and anything else to make it better. I hope someone can do this because that can make ksp more chalenging.
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